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Hey beauties!  I thought it’d be fun to share with you some of my favorite items that I just love and why not start with the brand we all know and love, MAC Cosmetics.  Here you will find 5 of my holy grail MAC items.  I have either repurchased each of these items or just have multiples because they are just that good.  Read below to see which items made the cut.


MAC Prep + Prime Fix + (1oz/$10, 3.4oz/$22)

I am naming this one first since in my two year makeup journey I have gone through at least 6 bottles of this stuff.  Although there is a new design, MAC is still giving us the same great product.  Infused with healthy minerals to nourish your skin, Fix + is definitely a staple in my makeup collection.  I bought the small bottle once and it seems like a waste of money because for just about double the price you can get so much more product.   So if you’re going to purchase, go for the big guy (unless you want the cute little bottle).

Tip:  Fix + is a multipurpose product.  You can use it for hydrating your skin before and after makeup application, to wet your beauty blender sponges or makeup brushes as well as give your makeup a refresher through the day.


MAC Lip Pencils ($16)

My collection of MAC lip liners are growing slowly but surely.  I didn’t see no point in spending all this money on a damn lip liner.  That is, until I started using the MAC lip pencils.  They glide on really good and have great staying power (especially the Prolongwear ones).  Now I keep adding one lip liner at a time to my collection and so far I’ve only had one disappointing shade that just didn’t glide as well.  But I used the good ol’ old school trick (run the tip of the pencil over a lighter to warm up the product, it’ll help it glide on smoother.  P.s If you try this, LET IT COOL OFF BEFORE APPLYING, I don’t need y’all coming telling me you almost burned your lips off!)

Personal Favorite Colors: Nightmoth, Currant, Chestnut & Cherry

Tip: When applying make sure your pencil is sharpened for a more defined, crisp line.



MAC Pro Longwear Concealer ($20)

This concealer babyyyy!  It is the ultimate truth.  If you have a problem with concealers caking up and settling into your fine lines, look no more.  The ProLongwear Concealer is lightweight but packs serious coverage that lasts a good 8-10 hours (at least).  If you have discoloration that you’ve been trying to cover up this may be your answer, it’s definitely a must try!

Tip: A little goes a long way.  To avoid wasting product, use about a half of pump (yes, it comes with a pump, BONUS!!!)  Downer: The pump never lets you empty out the whole bottle but I take it Back 2 MAC with my other empties for a freebie so it’s win, win.


MAC Lipstick ($16)

Come on now, who doesn’t love a MAC lipstick?  From Matte (my personal fave) to Satin, Lusters and Amplified, MAC Cosmetics gives everyone the finish they are looking for.  The vanilla scented lipsticks are usually pretty easy to apply (damn you Talk That Talk from last year’s Rihanna Hearts MAC Holiday Collection).  One thing for sure, you can get lost in the display of so many beautiful color selections to choose from.  And if you’re a true #MacGirl you know these are the first items to sell out when any new collection drops.  The MAC lipsticks are on top of everybody’s list!

Personal Favorite Colors: Heroine, Flat Out Fabulous, Velvet Teddy & Riri Woo (Limited Edition)

Also check out my haul and swatches from Fall 2014’s The Matte Collection here.


 MAC Mineralized SkinFinish Natural ($32)

As you can see, I am currently hitting pan on 2 of these at the same damn time!  The MAC Mineralized SkinFinish in Dark is another holy grail status product for me!  I use the MSF to set my foundation or even on the days when I’m just wearing concealer and running out the door.  It really does have the finish of skin and barely looks or feels like you have anything on. You can see here how I don’t use such product yet I am still left with a flawless finish.  The powder is finely milled and blends like a dream becoming one with your skin.


You know I had to re-up on the MAC Mineralized SkinFinish Natural in Dark

Note:  They also have the Mineralized SkinFinishes that can be used as highlighters (ie Gold Deposit and a lot of saught after Limited Edition items; P.S. Dear God, can we please get a  re-release Whisper of Gilt.  Can I get an Amen?!)

Top 5 MAC Products

Top 5 MAC Products

MAC Cosmetics is such a diverse brand that appeals to the masses and us makeup junkies are all here for it!  I could have easily made this list longer and even struggled on some what to include over some of my other favorite MAC items.  I even thought about adding some honorable mentions but if you’ve followed me for a while over on the Kay’s Ways YouTube channel, you’ve see me haul and use a lot of things from them.  They have so much to offer i haven’t even begun to try everything I want from them.  What are some of your must have MAC Cosmetics products?  Leave all your faves in the comment section down below.

Until next time beauties, Stay Blessed!


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  • MzLovinlife Ray-Wallace

    Great review, I really wish I knew my color in the concealer and foundation(no mac store here).

    • If you know your shade in other foundations you can use to get your shade in MAC and other brands as well. Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping in

  • Great post!! Lots of eye candy 🙂

  • Seanell Walkes

    GREAT POST!! Love the lipsticks, studifix powders and Gold Deposit!!!!


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