The Amazing Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

There are tons of health benefits when using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.  From skin to hair and overall healthy living EVCO is a go to natural oil.  It is known to be naturally antibacterial and anti fungal.  A new trend I have been seeing is oil pulling where you swish the oil around your mouth for about 20 minutes for whiter and cleaner teeth (I have yet to try this but would like to at some point).  Some people even cook with the oil since it is known to regulate blood sugar, fight heart disease and accelerate weight loss.  As for the hair, it is said to increase the strength of your hair and reduce split ends and damage. In addition when using EVCO your hair is supposed to have increased vitality, be more resistant to breakage and overall softer to the touch.  In this post I will share with you how I use the amazing all natural Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.
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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil aids in the treatment of skin conditions such as acne as well as eczema which is a disorder I have battled with throughout my entire life.  I have started using EVCO to moisturize my skin, especially my face since it is known to prevent wrinkles without clogging up my pores or causing any negative reactions to my face.  EVCO absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave any thick residue behind.  I like to use this on my face especially at night after removing all my makeup and cleaning my face.  When I wake up I swear my skin is as soft as a baby’s bottom.     
When it comes to my hair, I use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in so many processes throughout my hair care regimine.  I like to prepare my hair for a wash so it won’t be dried out by shampoo by prepaying which is basically deep conditioning on dry hair.  When Prepooing I’ll either add the EVCO to a conditioner or use it straight to coat my hair and let sit under a plastic shower cap to allow penetration to my hair prior to washing my hair.  I like to focus the oil on my ends (which is the oldest part of the hair therefore the most damaged) as well as any new growth (which is freshly growing in so its the roughest part).  
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can also be used as a leave in conditioner, moisturizer and sealer all in one.  After a fresh wash I do like to add my cream moisturizer then use the EVCO to lock that moisture in.  I mainly only follow up with the coconut oil to maintain its moisture throughout the week without weighing it down with heavy creams.  So far I have definitely noticed softer tresses since i have begun using the EVCO and a visible increased shine to my hair. 
At 4 weeks post relaxer (or texlaxed I should say), I truly believe it is allowing my hair to straight for a longer period of time.  Even my new growth is not as coming in as rough as it normally would which is great because my last stretch was 7 months.  I am excited to see how the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil will help me maintain my hair in a more manageable way while avoiding chemically treating my hair. 
You may remember a few posts back I did a healthy hair haul but unfortunately that jar had a mishap with my 2 year old (lets just say cleanup on aisle 2).  The Extra Virgin Coconut Oil I purchased from Swanson Health Products can be found here and if you sign up with them, they are always discount codes sent to your inbox, the current one being  15OFFJULY (ends 7/25/2014).  You can also find Extra Virgin Olive Oil locally at any vitamin and health foods store.  I actually purchased my most recent container from BJs.  Keep in mind now that it is hot outside it will be in liquid form but as the temperature gets cooler, it solidifies.

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  • Hi Kay!

    I’m also a big fan of evco.. and sometimes I’m using it in my skin before lotion or just letting the oil alone. I’ve been praising it a lot in most of my blog post lol..
    It’s truly a God sent! 🙂


    • Kay’s Ways

      Yes it’s great for you akin! Good idea, I may add it back now that’s it cold! Thanks for stopping in!


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