Time to Texlax |My 6 Month Relaxer Stretch is Over

After a 6 month relaxer stretch it was time for me to go ahead and do another texlaxing process in my hair in preparation for my new install coming up.  Since I had such a successful process with the Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Relaxer System during my last texlax, I went ahead and used that again.  I trusted this relaxer so much so that I did not even add additional oils as I normally do when texlaxing.  I actually did a few things differently from my last Texlax Day process this time around.  I’ll explain my reasons why a little later in the post.  

If you follow me on Instagram you see this week I basically have been wearing my hair in a bun.  I don’t mind putting products in my hair when I’m about to use a relaxer because that gives it more dirt and stuff to eat through.  In order to achieve my bun I applied my Jamaican Black Castor Oil to my roots and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to the strands of my hair.  Then I go in with my Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter moisturizer, a little ECO Styler Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel.  Last but not least my new favorite edge control from Design Essentials (catch my rave about it here).

Image of 6 months post Relaxer Stretch


Now on to Texlaxing

This evening I came home and got to work, so after removing my bun I applied more coconut oil on my strands to make it easier to detangle my hair as well as coat the hair to prevent overprocessing hair that I’ve texlaxed in the past.  I did use a Denman style brush in order to remove the tangles prior to relaxing.

Image of Creme of Nature Straight From Eden Relaxer Day on 6 Months Post Relaxer Stretch

I then sectioned my hair into quadrants and proceeded to apply petroleum jelly around the perimeter of my hair, nape and edges.  I also went in between with the skinny tailed end of my comb through each quadrant and greased my scalp with the petroleum jelly for added protection.

Image of Self Relaxer Process on 6 Months Post Relaxer stretch

Now it was time to go in and apply the relaxer.  This time around since I was not filming (check out my the last Relaxer Day Playlist here to see the whole process in action) I noticed the strong scent of the relaxer.  Although the Creme of Nature Straight From Eden doesn’t contain No Lye, No Sulfates or Parabens nor Proplene Glycol for some reason it smelled chemically (for full details see my initial review). Still ultimaltely I am satisfied just the same this time around as far as how gentle but effective that this relaxer is.

Perfume Subscription Service


This time around I applied the relaxer to the front two sections of hair first only.  The directions said the total time the relaxer should be in your head was 20 minutes but I set my stopwatch for 12 since I was only doing 2 parts at a time.  My timing was perfect!  I finished the first 2 sections with about 2 minutes and 40 seconds to spare so I used the rest of the time for smoothing then went to rinse with the Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Plant- Derived Hydrating Shampoo that came in the box.  I did not waste as much of it this time around since I know how thick it is and that a little goes a long way.  It’s a really good shampoo so I didn’t even follow up with my normal neutralizing shampoo.   I even have some left over this time and I made sure to get the relaxer out throroughly with 3 full washes before moving on to conditioning.

Image of Self Telax Process on 6 Months Post Relaxer stretch

The back 2 sections of my hair was covered with a shower cap and was able to stay dry so after rinsing the front 2 sections of my hair I clipped it up and started with the back 2 sections immediately.  Setting the alarm again for another 12 minutes worked but I only had about 13 seconds left for smoothing for the back which is where it’s a little thicker.  After completely rinsing the relaxer from the back 2 sections of my hair, I went ahead and shampooed my hair the last 2 more times then rinsed thoroughly to make sure all of the relaxer and shampoo was out of my hair.

Image of Creme of Nature Straight From Eden Conditioner

Of course I went in with the Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Plant Derived Conditioning Treatment which I was so glad I have a full bottle of. They don’t give enough conditioner in that packet for my thick hair.  Last time I mixed it with other oils and conditioner but the theme of this relaxer day again was to stick with just the products from the box.  Having the full size of this conditioner was a perfect because I was able to drench all my hair (especially focusing on my dryer ends) and let it just marinate in my hair for about an hour under a shower cap while I did some straightening up around the house.

Image of T Shirt Drying for Hair

As I am writing this post I have already rinsed and am giving it time to t shirt dry.  I may not have touched on my t shirt drying here on the blog as of yet but if you follow me over on my YouTube channel, there’s many of times you’ve seen me with a t shirt wrapped around my head.  It basically isn’t as rough on your hair as a towel and absorbs a lot of the liquid faster.  I’m hoping by the time I finish this post it’s at least 65% dry so I can run my blow dryer through it on cool to finish it off.  I do plan on flat ironing tonight (I only use heat during relaxer days, I usually air dry and since y’all know I rock units, no need for straight hair when I’m going to just braid it up anyway).


Until next time,

Stay Blessed Beauties!!!

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  • Tomes Edition

    Looks like you had a great relaxer day. Looking forward to your length check

    • Yes it was successful as I’d hoped. I don’t know why I get nervous each time I do it. Thanks Tomes

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks Tome! Me too, I keep trimming these relaxed ends little by little. I will flat iron and doing a length check sooner or later

  • You know, I think I might be interested in texlaxing or possibly stretching my relaxer. I’m curious on how it all works. Thanks for sharing! #BLMgirls

    • I started with stretching now the combination of the two has my hair nice & healthy like I wanted. Are you currently relaxed?

    • Kay’s Ways

      Yesss texlaxing and stretching has both done wonders for my hair. You can try stretching first if you relax every 8 weeks, try every 10 – 12. Let me know if you try any of the methods!

  • Emerald112

    I can’t wait to see the big reveal! You have a head full or pretty hair! xx!

  • Emerald112


  • Tendai Ngorima

    Very informative. I’m currently trying to stretch out my relaxers too and very worried about the process when I decide to texlax again. I’m hoping that the results will turn out just the way I want them. There r so many ways to texlax it sometime gets confusing, so really great to read other people’s experiences.
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