Techie Tuesday

If you are subscribed to me over on the Kay’s Ways YouTube channel you may have seen that I started a new Techie Tuesday series. I was always pretty tech savvy, going back to the dial up days of Prodigy and AOL internet connections (am I dating myself here???). In my household growing up I’ve always been the go to person to make sure everything was connected correctly from the stereo to dvd players and computers, I got the job done. So I figured it’s only right in this day and age where technology is so prevalent I would share some of what I know with you guys.


Last week I showcased an Unboxing video of my new camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T5. I’m not sure if you’ve notice a lot of my pictures have been much better quality thanks to this camera (not these pictures though, I am literally at my desk at work typing up this post, shhh don’t tell nobody lol) . And let’s not talk about the video recording features, it looks pretty darn amazing if you ask me. Don’t believe me? Feel free to check out some of my latest videos to experience it for yourself here. I can’t wait to get more accessories for the camera like the remote, ring light and more lenses for maximum enjoyment.


This week’s Techie Tuesday features my new love of my life, my iPhone 6 Plus. I give a full review of the features of the latest Apple smartphone device. Prior to this phone I was using the Samsung Galaxy S4 but since it broke I decided to go with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus since I have other Apple devices like my iPad, Apple TV, iMac and MacBook Air. I was actually going back and forth with the idea of getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that was recently released but It only made sense for me to get the Apple iPhone 6 Plus just based off the syncing abilities alone. It has made life so much easier!!! For the full details of the phone’s features as well as my review of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus be sure to click here and find out all the tea!


As an added bonus I have teamed up with the Etsy store Simply Monogram to offer all of my lovely viewers a 10% coupon code “KAYSWAYS10OFF” on their purchase of a customized iPhone or iPad so be sure to check out Simply Monogram to take full advantage of this offer.

I will be following up shortly with a “What’s on My iPhone” video that will go into detail of the apps that I have downloaded to my phone that keep me glued to my device. Once it’s posted, I’ll definitely update with the link to that video here as well.

Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned over on the Kay’s Ways YouTube channel for all to come this year with Techie Tuesday’s as well as beauty & skincare product review and demo videos. If you have suggestions or requests for future videos I’d be happy to hear them. I plan to be super consistent this year with everything Kay’s Ways from the blog and the YT channel so your insight of what you’d like to see would ensure you are entertained.

Until next time, Stay Blessed Beauties!!!

Sharing is Caring!!
  • That is awesome Kay! I am hoping to get a Canon Rebel T5i for my birthday next week. I would love to see you share how you are learning your new camera. I am not an Apple person but I am wondering if I will be forced to make the switch soon! I know they have amazing products!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Apple always pulls me back in. I will definitely be sharing more photography tips, these cameras have so many features so I’m learning how to make the best of it.


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