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My Current Wishlist | Beauty & Technology 2016

Since the New Year I know a lot of makeup addicts have decided to take a break from buying any beauty related products (holy grail restocks are okay) in something we call a “No Buy”.  In one of the Facebook beauty groups that I’m a member of (hey #MM4WOC) we are motivating each other to stay strong lol.  I myself can’t make…

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NARS Contour Blush in Gienah

Earlier this year NARS released their line of contour blush duos that features one highlighting shade to illuminate and the other to contour and define or add depth to your face.  Three shade choices are available to give dimension to faces of all shade ranges; Olympia (the lightest), Paloma (middle shade range) and Gienah (the deepest shade).   You may remember…

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