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Straight Hair Don’t Care | The Right Way to Flat Iron Your Hair

Being 7 months post relaxer now has had me itching to get the creamy crack in my life.  Normally each time I stretch between relaxers I go for a little while longer each time.  I started from 3 month stretching, to 5 months stretching and would usually give in by the time half a year passes by.  Clearly I’m team straight hair, don’t care.

This time around, I vowed to push the limits again with no exact time frame to how long I will be stretching my relaxer; but definitely not until Spring.  For this reason, if you’ve been following over on the Kay’s Ways YouTube channel, I’ve been titling my videos more for transitioning now.  I may not be officially making any claims to be going team natural or anything but for now I’m just letting my hair chill.

But what happens when you do want straight hair???

Somewhere in the haircare bible there’s a saying, “thou shall not use heat” or something like that.  Get this though, you actually can use heat and keep your hair healthy at the same time when done correctly.  A couple of weeks back I felt the urge to feel my scalp again so what better time to test out the NuMe Silhouette flat iron.

Plus I could finally dig in to the Alikay Naturals products that I bought during my Black Friday haul that I showed you on Instagram.  (See you really should be following me here to stay up to date!).  I don’t put heat on my hair too often but when I do, I make sure to do it right.  I even shared a video of my full process over on the Kay’s Ways YouTube channel which I will include at the end of this post for you to watch,

By following these five simple tips you can learn the right way to flat iron  your hair.

Image of Flat Iron Black Hair

Always flat iron on freshly washed and conditioned hair.

If your hair is dirty and full of product buildup flat ironing it will only burn the product and in turn burn your hair.  The flat iron styling method should only be used after a fresh wash day.

Make sure your hair is fully dry before flat ironing.

Whether you choose to airdry your hair or use some kind of heat to dry your hair beforehand, make sure your hair is fully dry before flat ironing.  Wet hair will only singe the hair and cause heat damage or worst; burn it straight off.  Imagine you letting the clamps of the flat iron go and your hair going right along with it.  Need  I say more???

Apply a leave in conditioner and heat protectant before flat ironing your hair.

You want to make sure your hair is in its best condition to accept the heat.  Most leave in conditioners have a good balance of protein and moisture; applying one before your using your flat iron on your tresses makes sure the hair is in its best state to avoid damage.

Additionally you want to apply a heat protectant because it does just that; provides protection for your hair from the heat.  I prefer an oil based heat protectant because to me the liquid sprays just rewet your hair going against what I stated above, not flat ironing on wet hair.

Do not moisturize and add oils before flat ironing your hair.

I know we’re always so quick to moisturize and seal our hair but it’s not necessary before flat ironing your hair.  That will only weigh your hair down and could even possibly burn your hair.  We cleaned our hair for a reason right?  Feel free to add some moisture or shine with oils AFTER you finish your flat iron styling session.

Pay attention to the temperature of the flat iron.

You should set your flat iron no higher than 375 degrees.  Yeah most flat irons claim to go up to 450 degrees but just because the setting is there doesn’t mean you have to use it.  The key is to protect our hair so even if on a lower temperature; I like to stick around 350.  As long as you are flat ironing smaller sections of hair you won’t need to make so many passes over and over with the heated plates from the flat iron.


Image of Flat Iron Your Hair Tips

Enter the NuMe Silhouette Flat Iron

By following these five simple steps then using my NuMe Silhouette flat iron I was able style my healthy and bouncy hair and this one flat iron session lasted me a good 2.5 weeks.  Well I didn’t wear it out the full time, after the first week my bun was still real sleek tho!

Image of Sleek Bun For Black Hair

Sleek Low Bun, No Edge Control Needed!

There’s a reason there are 5 star reviews for the Silhouette on the NuMe Products website.  My old flat iron plates were very bulky and had a boxy edge which makes for those horrible lines and bent hair ends.  The NuMe Silhouette is sleek with 1 inch plates allowing you to get all up in the roots of your head; you can imagine with me being 7 months post relaxer that was the thickest area that needed to be straightened.

The NuMe Silhouette is 100% ceramic so it glided through my hair like butter.  I didn’t have to pass the iron over too many times to get my transitioning hair straightened.  The fact that the edges of the flat iron are curved also made it easy to curl my hair but of course you have the option of pin straight hair as well.  I love the versatility the NuMe Silhouette has to offer.


Image of NuMe Silhouette Review

My NuMe Silhouette

The cord is super long so you should be able to have access to a plug and still have room for all the arm maneuvering you’re about to get into.  The on and off and temperature switch is located between the back handles of the flat iron.  When you first turn the straightener on you’ll see a red light that lets you know it’s warming up but in less than a minute it will switch to green and you know you are good to go!

You’re able to adjust the temperature by using the dial.  There are 3 temperatures listed through the dial; 140 degrees, 290 degrees and 410 degrees.  I usually like the idea of digital settings so you know exactly what it is on but I think I eyeballed it well enough and stuck around my 350 norm.

The NuMe Silhouette straightener is originally priced at $139 but for this weekend only (1/14 – 1/17/2016) you can score your own NuMe styling tool for $115 off regular price.  Thats right you can get the NuMe Silhouette for only $24!!!  Use the promo code NEWYEAR115 and save big on any styling tool available on the NuMe website.  I know the Silhouette straightener sells like hotcakes since there are only 3 out of the 5 colors left available.  Get yours now before your favorite color Pink, Turquoise or Black flat iron sells out.

So you wanna see how my hair turned out???

Wanna see me come back to team Straight Hair Don’t Care?  Press play to check out my process and see the full end results of my hair in the video below.

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  • Tia

    Thanks for sharing such awesome tips, my natural hair journey has been a challenge. Although i love my hair in its natural curly state, I like versatility and would love to wear it straight more often.

    • Kay’s Ways

      You’re very welcome, hope they come in handy for you!

  • Joyce Brewer

    I just did my second chop, so there’s no real style I can wear if I flat iron.
    But when I had longer hair I liked the flexibility of straightening my natural hair.
    Like you said, it must be done on freshly shampooed hair.

    • Kay’s Ways

      It’s so cool to be able to have that versatility. Congrats on your big chop, happy hair journey.

  • Holly

    I hate flat ironing my hair straight. I like to fix it with one when it already is straight. I def use to do some of these things back when. Like try and do it when it was wet…stupid, but I learned. Luckily I didn’t lose any hair. I have no patience though. I just have it blow dryed straight by someone else lol

    • Kay’s Ways

      I know the feeling but I just don’t trust no one with my hair so I gotta make it do what it do. Straight hair is so blah, bumping the ends give you LIFE!

  • Congrats on stretching you hair so long. That’s truly an accomplishment. I like to flat iron my hair or use heat just once a week to keep it healthy.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks Stacie! Girl, the struggle is real but I’m pushing through. You already know we gotta keep it healthy

  • Great tips, I’ve been wanting to go straight for a minute. My kink is tight somy hair never only gets straight-ish.

    • Kay’s Ways

      That’s what used to happen to the middle of my hair, it was never as straight as I wanted. My mind was blown at 7 months post the sleekness of my hair this time around

  • Antoinette Cain

    Very useful tips! Thanks for sharing. I am also very careful when applying heat to my hair. Gotta keep it healthy.

    • Kay’s Ways

      You know it! Thanks for rolling through

  • Jonna

    My greatest fear is flat ironing my hair. These are great tips, but I’m still scared though LOL

    • Kay’s Ways

      I know, I know “thou shall not use heat” LMBO!

  • Great tips, I am natural at present. My daughter use flat iron share with her. Awesome video!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks Patrice!

  • First loving the bold lip color. As a curly for 2 years straight I want to take the plunge and straighten my hair again…maybe but I am scared I will use my curl pattern. I am thinking about it but a heat protectant is super important!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks Kiwi, it’s one of my favorite ombre lips using the 2 purples from the NYX Liquid Suede line. After 2 years I just know your hair would be freaking gorgeous straightened!

  • Great tips! I think it’s so important to make sure your hair is fully dry and use a heat protector. I always use the lowest temperature setting, I think too many use higher temperatures when they really don’t need to!

    Molly and Stacie

    • Kay’s Ways

      Shoot if my hair straightens on the lowest setting I’d use it that way too! Better safe than sorry

  • Nice! I’ve been looking to purchase another flat iron recently, I’ll definitely be looking into this one!

    • Kay’s Ways

      NuMe always has awesome deals and I’m happy to have tried this one out. Looking forward to seeing what else they have to offer.

  • I agree with all of your tips for using a flat iron! Especially the one about making sure your hair is completely dry!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Whoop whoop!

  • Color Me So Crazy

    I love your lippy, ps.. Also my friend picked up one of their wands during their black friday sale and I love it. For the price, it was such a great buy. I love the tips and I totally agree that you should never go bare on your hair without protection…lol

    • Kay’s Ways

      Oooh thanks, it’s one of my favorites combinations from the NYX Liquid Suede lines (I mix the 2 purples and bam this is what I get). That’s right don’t dry and fry (corny I know LOL)

  • I’ve been natural for so long I don’t even remember how long and I have never applied heat to it since going natural. Thanks for the tips.

    • Kay’s Ways

      One day if you’re itching for a straightening, remember these tips 😉

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Love your low bun look, so sophisticated! I need to listen to your tips. I have been guilty of flat ironing when my hair wasn’t completely dry – what was I thinking? I could hear it sizzle. Also I ust John Frieda 3 Days Straight, and I’m not sure if that is just an anti-frizz product or if it has heat protecting properties. I’ve gotta look. I just hate to put too much in my hair coz I only wash my color-treated hair every 4-5 days.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks Allison. A serum like the John Frieda is also good to put onto your hair, just definitely make sure it’s dry before using your tool. Let’s keep all that gorgeous red hair on your head (or at least as much of it as possible).

  • I haven’t flat ironed my hair in about a year. I know it’s gotta be time for a new flat iron. I’ve been itching to straighten my natural hair. I usually just blow dry. I once was afraid to use heat, but my blow drier is bae when it comes to my thick hair.

    • Kay’s Ways

      True, now that’s I’m further along I’m reaching for heating tools more and more; one of the reasons I had to put up this post. I love the look of freshly straightened hair!

  • Tori Kaylaa

    I’m actually int he market for a new flat iron so this is perfect! Hopefully it’s straighten my curls. Your hair looks lovely, by the way. xoxo

    The Budget Divaa │ http://www.thebudgetdivaa.com

    • Kay’s Ways

      As thick as the middle of my head was, if it can glide through that I’m sure you’ll be fine lol. Thanks for the compliment & stopping by!

  • Outdoorsy Diva

    Your results look great. I’m team loc’d and loving it right now so I just gave away my flat irons!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thank you! Pass the post on to who you gave the flat irons too 😉 LOL

  • What a great, informative post! My hair is naturally straight so I don’t own a flat iron (I know, don’t hate haha), but these tips could also be really useful for curling! I hear nothing but amazing things about NuMe. They offer such great discounts all the time, too!

    • Kay’s Ways

      LMBO lucky lucky. NuMe stays with amazing deals and these tips can definitely help with any heat styling techniques.

  • Ursula Ball

    I enjoyed reading your hair review and info on this flat iron! I had my hair relaxed on Nov. 5 and now I will have a touch up on Feb 5 at the salon school! I need to start playing with my curling irons again! I like the info on this brand of flat iron!



    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks Ursula! These tips will definitely come in handy for any methods of heat styling. Can’t wait to see your results!

  • Wow such an great and informative post. Your results look great. I’m so boring with my hair, I wish I had the will to do my hair… Thanks for a great post xo

    • Kay’s Ways

      LOL I know that struggle too, trust me but you’re hair is gorgeous, low maintenance is always good. Thanks so much for checking it out!

  • Tyra

    Such great tips! I am always worried about singing my hair so I need to take these tips into consideration.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks Tyra! They’re definitely important steps to prevent damage, hope they come in handy for you.

  • Great Tips!! I’ve been natural for 8 years but still love wearing my hair straight..thanks for giving me a few new ways to do it the right way! #BLMGirl

    • Kay’s Ways

      Awe cool, hope it helps! Thanks for stopping by Tiffany

  • As a cosmetology student I’ve seen what can happen when other students didn’t shampoo and condition the hair before flat ironing or they had the heat up to high. I’ve also been trying to talk one girl into going natural as the last time she relaxed her hair she didn’t rinse it out correctly and her hair started snapping off!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Oh no, that’s definitely something I worry about. I wash my hair like 3-4 times after a relaxer just to be sure it’s all out. As a cosmetology student you already know the deal proper haircare is important.

  • Shaakira Nobles

    I wish I would of read this during my flat iron days. My hair was a mess from breaking off and perming it eventually wore my hair out. Hopefully, when I decide to go natural I will keep this flat iron in mind.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Flat ironing the proper way is important, trust me I know the struggle of breakage. I’m trying to save as many strands as possible LOL.


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