My Current Skincare Favorites Plus Sephora VIB Holiday 2016 Dates Announcements

You only get one face so skincare should be an important part of your daily routine.  Depending on your skin type you want to make sure your skincare regimen is geared towards what you are trying to achieve.  If you have dry skin of course you’d want something more hydrating and moisturizing.  If you have dull skin you may want to get products that have a brightening effect.

Now if you’re like me and have skin sensitivities you want to steer away from items with heavy fragrances as these would tend to give me an immediate reaction.  I actually have had really bad eczema in the past and though my dermatologist said I’d outgrow it, if I use something my skin doesn’t agree with it’ll definitely let me know by sending a friend or two to wave hello to the people from my face.


That’s why I’d love to share some items with you that has been keeping my skin in top shape.  Keep reading to get a look into my favorite skincare items that have been working for my skin.  I’m looking forward to the holiday season for the holiday beauty sales and if you are too make sure to stay tuned to the end of the post to find out the official dates of the Sephora VIB sales!

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FOREO - New! LUNA mini 2

FOREO Luna mini

If y’all recall from previous Skincare Sundays, my beloved Clarisonic Plus was always with me.  So you can imagine how sad I was when I went to turn it on one day to find it was dead.  I mean RIP type dead.  I tried to charge it, kept it there up to 2 day with hopes that it would come back to life but to no avail.  I needed a new alternative ASAP.   In the meantime I took to YouTube to watch reviews that compared the Clarisonic cleansing brushes to another facial cleasing tool I’ve been interested in.

With me being super upset that my Clarisonic cleansing tool hadn’t lasted a full 2 years, I figured I’d give in and try out the FOREO LUNA mini myself to see how it works out for me.  I paid $99 on Amazon (I live for Amazon Prime’s 2 day free shipping – try it free for 30 days!!).  It comes in a variety of colors as you can see in my affiliate banner above.  I ended up getting it in magenta before I knew it came in purple.  So obviously you see it featured here in my Skincare Favorites so let me just get to why.


Unlike my Clarisonic that had a bristle brush head that needed to be replaced every 3 months, the FOREO cleansers are made of a soft silicon “brush” material that never needs to be replaced.  The material never rusts or holds onto bacteria making it super hygienic for your skin.  It’s waterproof so I store it on my shower rack and I have yet to charge it, even out of the pack!  It does come with an USB plug so when the time comes you will be able to charge it but I’ve been using it since June and we’re still going strong.

Another plus I wanted to mention with the FOREO verses the Clarisonic is that my skin didn’t go through any weird purging stages when I started to use it.  I remember with the Clarisonic my skin took about a week to get used to using it before it accepted the brush which is pretty common with those brush type heads.  My skin broke out a little and I almost stopped using the Clarisonic but I did come to love it.  Fortunately I didn’t have that type of reaction with my FOREO LUNA mini.

The FOREO LUNA mini is very ergonomic and fits right in the palm of my hand.  I know FOREO carries many other versions of their facial cleansing systems but I think the LUNA Mini is perfect for both travel and home.  The material it’s made of is gentle enough for my sensitive skin but it’s meant to be good for all skin types.  The best part is I am still left feeling like I got a 1 minute deep cleansing when using it.


philosophy the microdelivery exfoliating facial wash

One of my favorite skin cleansers is purity from philosophy.  It’s so gentle and doesn’t break me out but still keeps my face feeling clean.  Well last month during ULTA Beauty’s 21 Days of Beauty sale they featured the 8 oz. micro delivery exfoliating facial wash for half price at $14.  It was a recommendation from YouTuber Emily Noel’s recommendation video so since I was currently in the market for a new facial wash I thought I’d give it a try and I am glad that I did.  The first time (and every time I use it) my skin feels so soft.  All it takes is 30 seconds of gentle cleansing with the micro delivery exfoliating wash and its like getting a mini facial peel.

The micro-beads in the thin gel like cleanser are enough to make sure I get a deep cleanse while exfoliating and removing the dead skin.  I use this only on the days (or nights) when I’m not using my FOREO cleansing brush.  I wouldn’t want to risk getting any of the exfoliating beads stuck within the grooves of my LUNA mini.

Benefit Cosmetics LLC


It’s Potent eye benefit cream

When someone asks the question how old does someone look, I always look towards the eyes.  The corners of the eyes show the first signs of aging,  With me turning 35 next month I definitely felt the need to step it up when it comes to eye creams.

Since I’ve been using benefit cosmetics It’s Potent eye cream I feel like my under eye dark circles has brightened up.  It’s hydrating but still absorbs into the skin perfectly to be used with my daily routine of concealer and powder.  It provides a smooth moisturized canvas that helps my makeup not to crease into fine lines.  If I forget this step in the morning my skin and makeup will show the difference.  Right now I’ve been working on this deluxe sample for months but I would absolutely purchase this product in its full size; it’s really that good (hence being a part of my skincare favorites =).

Benefit Cosmetics LLC


Embryolisse Lait – Creme Concentrre

This Embryolisse moisturizer is preferred by your favorite makeup artists and I can see why.  It’s dermatologist tested and formulated for all skin types.  Not only is it a great moisturizer but also acts as a primer so I don’t feel no type of way if I forget to prime before applying makeup when using my Embryolisse moisturizer.  It can also be used as a cleansing balm after makeup, after shave and its also gentle enough for children.

LANCOME Bienfait UV 50+ Super Fluid Facial Sunscreen

I’ve been using this sunscreen since the haul a few months back.  This has been my go to add in to my moisturizer on a daily basis for protection from the sun.

Now that we’re going into Fall (plus as you can see in my Embryolisse moisturizer,that’s about a wrap I’m planning on getting a moisturizer that has the spf properties already in it since the sun is not as strong as it is in the Summer.  With the LANCOME sunscreen having an expiration of 12 months, it’ll be perfect to use come next Spring again!  Do you have any suggestions for a great moisturizer with spf that’s great for sensitive or all skin types?  Or any other things that your skin just loves.  Let me know down in the comments below!

Sephora VIB Holiday Event for Holiday 2016

Got your carts ready???

Save 20% during Sephora’s VIB

VIB Rouge members Use Code “20ROUGE” from 11/4 – 11/7/16

VIB members Use Code “20VIB” from 11/11-11/14/2016

I actually have tons of skincare items ready to be purchased over the next few weeks with the holiday beauty sales coming up.  It’s not often that you get 20% at Sephora so us beauty junkies anticipate these deals when they are on its way.  If I told you how many items is on my loves list and how I’ve been adding and removing things in my cart you’d think I was crazy.  Luckily, I’ll get to break up my order thanks to my YT sista BeautyWithMika so I’ll be shopping the Friends and Family sale soon and I’ll be checking out some items from Caudalie, Tatcha and restocking on a few favorites from Josie Maran and Ole Henriksen!

The highly popular Trendmood1 on Instagram has announced the official Sephora VIB shopping event sale dates for the season.  If you need a full breakdown of how to become VIB or VIB Rouge Status check out my initial post that I did a few years back.  Same rules apply just different dates as shown above.  Be sure to click the link to Tweet so you can share the news about the sale with your friends!

Make sure you subscribe here because I’m sure I’ll be back in no time soon sharing some more Skincare Favorite with you guys after the sales are all said and done!  Did you know I was having a Fabulous Fall Hair giveaway?  Click the link down below to see what it’s all about and get your chance to win.  Until next time boos,

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  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Thanks for the Sephora sale event dates! I was wondering about when they were just today. Usually Ulta’s 20% off coupon is around the same time. Yay. I enjoy reading about skincare faves. Does the Lancome Bienfait spf 50 have a floral scent like most of the other Lancome products?

  • Thanks for sharing the details! I enjoyed reading the post. I need to take a trip to sephora soon

  • carlana

    I used to love walking into Sephora and buying a ton of product. These days I find that less is more for my skin and I’m making my own skin care products and I stopped wearing make up except for lip color.

  • Joyce Brewer

    I’ve been a Lancome fan since way back. When I was a TV news anchor I wore their makeup and sunscreen on air.

  • I am still using my Foreo. I love it. The embryolisse is always in my kit.

  • Raquel

    I might have stopped using the Clarisonic if I had begun to breakout. I’m glad you didn’t!

  • Anitra Durand Allen

    I love Philosophy! They have a night cream and a day cream that evens your skin tone wonderfully. The silicone brush seems like something to try. I have a few blemishes I’d love to clear up.

  • Kalilah Wright

    U just inspired me to get my life right! I’ve been breaking out rand avoiding doing any real regiments to care for my skin. Thanks for the tips. Going to buy this today!

  • everythingcurvyandchic

    i need to try some of these

  • M Harmon Malone

    Such great tips! I need to make a trip to Sephora or Ulta to get them to show me how to use all these great skincare products. I like the Fresh Soy line, but as I age, I need something for dark circles. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Kasi Perkins

    These look like some great products, thanks for sharing! Since I turned 30 in August, I feel like it’s time to step up my skincare routine! I’m interested in trying the philosophy cleanser (when I get get it 50% off like you did, lol), and the eye cream!

  • Jennifer

    Sounds like great products. I’d love to try the microdelivery exfoliating wash. I need a good cleanser.


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