Scentbird – A new Designer Fragrance Every Month

Need a new scent for the Spring and not sure which one to buy?  Or if you’re like me and just love trying out new fragrances but don’t want to go broke doing it???  How’d you like to get an authentic  new designer fragrance from Prada, Burberry or Chanel once a month for less than $20???  Well you can with Scentbird!!!  Keep reading and I’ll tell you how.

What is Scentbird?

Scentbird is the a monthly subscription service that offers a selection of over 350 designer  fragrances .  For only $14.95 a month, you get your choice of a new designer perfume once a month that you can select from their wide selection of fragrances.  You can also pay ahead of time and get a discount which would be perfect to give as a gift.  A 3 month subscription will cost you $14.50 a month, a 6 month plan would be $14 a month and a yearly plan would knock it down to $13.50 a month.

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How to Sign Up

Head over to the Scentbird website here.  For starters you take a quiz so they can get a sense of the types of fragrances you like.  You know some people prefer musky scents like the Burberry Body fragrance, a floral scent like Clinique Happy or are like me and you can get a fresher scent like Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue.  Scentbird will analyze what scents you prefer to assist in your selection but you are free to choose whichever scent you’d like for the next month.  You can even set up a full year of fragrances to be shipped to you throughout the year.



What I got from Scentbird March 2015

I’ve been hearing so much about the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume but at $159 I just was not about that life. Yall know I have three kids so the luxuries that I used to buy often I can’t indulge so much anymore.  That’s why Scentbird is the perfect subscription service for us moms and all women alike.  We can get a designer fragrance like Chloe, Jimmy Choo or Cartier once a month without breaking the bank.


Twist and Mist

When you receive your first month’s package enclosed you will find a velvet pouch that you can use to take your perfume to go, your atomizer; a luxurious black case for your scent and of course the scent itself.  With the atomizer you just twist and mist your scent!  It’s super easy

Every month after that you will only receive the 8 ml refill portion for the scent you have selected.  If you are unsure of which scent you’d like for that month you can opt to receive their featured fragrance of the month.  They always enclose a card showing you the scent of the upcoming month and you may receive additional promotional cards as well.


My thoughts

I’m glad I got to try the Flowerbomb perfume this way rather than shelling out the bucks for a full bottle of it from Sephora.  I know they give samples but for some reason I always forget to try it out in stores. My first Scentbird package came with this perfume and while it definitely does smell good, I don’t think it is a good match for my body chemistry. It doesn’t smell bad but I wore it twice this week to work and nobody complimented it which is unusual.  You know us girl want to know what each other are wearing.  It’s all good though, not every scent is for everybody.  Flowerbomb just didn’t wow me like everyone hyped it up to be, but I’m glad with Scentbird I at least got to try it and trust me I’ll still wear it.  But I’m already excited about receiving another selection.

Perfume Subscription Service


Sharing is Caring!

And don’t keep the secret to yourself!  As an active subscriber with Scentbird, refer your friends and for every 3 people who who signs up to Scentbird through you, you earn a month’s supply FREE!!!  Since I’m the one to put you on be sure to start your Scentbird subscription today here and help me get my next new fragrance too.  I got my eye on that Tom Ford Velvet Orchid next!!!  I look forward to continuing this subscription service and trying out a whole bunch of new fragrances.

Follow Scentbird on their other social media accounts to stay up to date on their upcoming contests and promotional specials.  Don’t worry in the words of my boo Drake, you can Thank me later!

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I was sent this product for review but as always all opinions expressed are of my own, I don’t call the site Kay’s Ways for nothing 😉

Until next time, Stay Blessed Beauties!!!

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Perfume Subscription Service

Sharing is Caring!!
  • This is an interesting concept Kay. I love fragrances but unfortunately I have a sinusitis issue and can’t use fragrances too often.

    • Kay’s Ways

      I know the feeling, allergy season for me is he worst sometimes. It’s also a great subscription to give as a gift

  • Laura

    I love trying out new perfumes so this sounds great. I actually prefer a different service at sephora where you buy a pack and get lots of samples of perfume and then a voucher to buy the rollerball of your fave one, I really like that idea! xxx

    • Kay’s Ways

      Yes!! The Sephora favorites sets are the bomb too. I usually buy it and cash in my voucher at the same time lol. I love fragrances so I’ll definitely continue to do both

  • Holly

    That is pretty awesome! I think I may have to take a peek at this. Maybe you were around the wrong people for Flowerbomb haha. Maybe you should go to sephora and sniff around and then choose what you want that way.

    • Kay’s Ways

      LOL My girls at work, we always notice. I will begin to get fragrances that I know I want instead of just wanting to try because everyone else said so. I’m excited for more though!

  • Oooh! I love Flowerbomb, it smells amazing. I’ve been seeing Scentbird reviews circulating in the beauty blogosphere and I am so tempted to give it a try too. Thanks for sharing <3

    xo Brigette from

    • Kay’s Ways

      Scentbird is definitely making a name for themselves and I can see why. I’m feeling their subscription service remix lol

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Flowerbomb is a beautiful scent. I wish it smelled good on me, lol. I adore Scentbird! I just got Oriental Lace by Oscar de la Renta

    • Kay’s Ways

      I never heard of that one but from de la Renta I’m sure it’s fab. Can’t wait for more to come from Scentbird!

  • $159?! Holy moly, that is pricey! It’s awesome how you got to try it out through this subscription! I’m super tempted to try out this sub but I have so many perfumes I need to finish up first!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Right!?! I’ve been doing good in cleaning out my perfumes in the last year now. Glad with Scentbird I can keep more coming in

  • This is a great idea for the scent lover. I’ve never been into perfume, not sure why but I love smell goods on the Mister.

  • This is such a cool concept. I’m a one fragrance person but I know a lot of people who love to hoard perfumes. So this would be a great option for them. I will have to share this with them.

  • T. Espi

    I do love a subscription box but I’m so picky about fragrances I dunno that this one would be worth it for me. I tend to find a few that I love and just alternate between them.

  • subscription boxes are such a great idea! thanks for sharing!

  • I love scentbird. The subscription isn’t expensive, which is a plus.

  • I recently reviewed a product called Scent Trunk that does the exact same thing. There are so many duplicate services out there. We need to start our own service of some kind.


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