Pura d’or Argan Oil Premium Organic Shampoo and Conditioner

Me and my impromptu wash days right.  I’m always planning to wash my hair at some point during the weekend but time with the family always prevails.  So here we are now Wednesday and I just finished washing my hair.  I wanted to give you guys a quick run through of some new wash day products I’m using while it’s still fresh in my head.  I’m here to give you beauties my 100% honest thoughts on the Pura d’or Shampoo and Conditioner that I”m trying for the first time today.

I actually came home from work and got straight to work on my hair.  We had leftovers from the previous few days so I was determined to empty that stuff out before cooking another meal.  I was able to film a video demonstrating how I maintain my hair under my protective styling units (aka wigs lol, don’t it just sound better if I say protective style units).  That video will be edited and uploaded shortly so I’ll link it here once it’s up.  It will take you through the steps I use to remove my braids as well as prep for my wash.  Stay tuned!!!Here we’re just focusing on the actual wash.


I started this Wednesday’s Wash using the Pura d’or Argan Oil Premium Organic Shampoo – Hair Loss Preventin Therapy.  I was interested in this particular shampoo to see if it would reduce some of the shedding I’ve been experiencing.  (Although I think that may have been caused by my hair missing my ApHoghee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor, which will be my next featured product in the Holy Grail Hair Care series.  Trust me my hair needs that stuff!!!).
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This Pura d’or shampoo line promotes hair loss prevention by creating thicker hair while adding body and volume.  On the bottle it states it’s for thinning hair, receding hair lines and excessive shedding.  That right there got me, the more hair I can keep in my head rather than down the drain the better.  The Pura d’or shampoo contains 12 Advance DHT Blockers to stop premature hair loss.  DHT also known as Dihydrotestosterone is a hormone that can build up around the hair root follicles and eventually cause the follicle to break off.

The shampoo is made without parabens and sulfates eliminating the harsh chemicals that can be damaging to the health of your hair.  If you take look at the ingredients below, you’ll an abundance of all natural products.  The fact that this is an organic product and good for any hair type, whether you’re natural, relaxed, color treated this shampoo could be of some benefit to you.


My Experience with the Pura d’or Argan Oil Premium Organic Shampoo Hair Loss Prevention Therapy

For starters I did get a little frustrated off the jump because the pump didn’t come up on my shampoo.  Even now as my hands are dry and not wet from the running shower water, I can not get this pump to pop up.  IT’s all good though, wasn’t stopping me from getting to the product.  I ended up unscrewing the pump itself and using the stick portion of the pump to get product into my hands.  I smelled the product immediately and it wasn’t a scent I can say I like.  It’s sort of medicinal but alot of organic hair care products end up having these type of smells coming from trees and stuff.

I can say with the Pura d’or shampoo a little goes a long way.  IT’s nice and thick, distributing very easily through my hair and lathered up greatly. It got my hair really clean which is a good concern of mine.  I’m not really a fan of doing two wash applications if its not necessary.  Even with me having oils in my hair, the Pura d’or  shampoo fully cleansed my hair in one application, definitely a plus in my book.

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Now of course with the good has to come a little bad.  If you have naturally oily hair this may not affect you the same but to my dry hair, I felt like while cleansing my hair it stripped my hair of its own natural oils making it feel deprived of moisture.  I felt it immediately after the wash.  I got scared for a minute butI’m a rider so let’s see this thing through.


So now on to the Pura d’or Argan Oil Premium Organic Conditioner.

Also free from any harsh chemicals, sulfates and parabens the Pura d’or conditioner is made from 99% vegetable ingredients.  The coconut and vegetable proteins hydrates, heals and repairs damaged hair.  It’s pH balanced so it adds moisture and shine to the hair while treating your damaged hair.  That’s a score!  The conditioner also claims to enhance shine, manageability and control.  It’s very gentle and can be used daily on any and all hair types.

My Experience with the Pura d’or Argan Oil Premium Organic Conditioner, Lavender Vanilla Hair Loss Prevention Therapy

I was happy to that the pump popped right up when I was ready to use the conditioner.  Being a conditioner I am glad they added Lavender Vanilla so your lasting scent would be a pleasant one.  The smell reminded me of lavender baby lotion products.  I counted out 20 pumps altogether that I used for this conditioning session.  I guess that’s why unlike the shampoo (which states on the bottle that the 16 oz is a three month supply) there is no amount of time that this bottle will last you.  You know we always run out of conditioner way before we run out of shampoo, no matter what brand it is.

Being that my hair was so thirsty and dehydrated from the wash, it soaked up this conditioner instantly.  So much so that with me running my fingers though my hair, no slip was provided.  When conditioning I like to feel my hair and a creamy conditioner running through my fingers.  This was not the case with the Pura d’or conditioner.  For that reason I chose not to detangle with this conditioner so I ended up following up with one of my regular conditioners from my product stash to detangle my hair under running water as the final step of this Wednesday’s wash.

Pura d’or has a large selection of organic hair and skin products and offers free shipping on all orders within the USA.  Check out their website here and see what they have to offer.  I’m actually eying that nail therapy treatment because my cuticles can use all the help they can get.  As a matter of fact I’ll use the pure Argan oil they sent me on my cuticles but we’ll save that for another post.

Until Next Time, Stay Blessed Beauties


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  • I ran into the same problem with the shampoo bottle! I thought I was the only one with bad luck lol. I had to use pliers to hold down the circle thing and then twist the pump to make it pop up because it kept turning with the pump. I really liked the conditioner too. Great review Kay! 🙂

    x Carol

    • Kay’s Ways

      Stop playing, I thought it was just me with that shampoo top. The conditioner is pretty awesome though, used it again today as a prepoo

  • Laura

    I’d be interested to try these as I do have very oily hair but it does need some nourishment! xxx

    • Kay’s Ways

      I think this may work great for your oily hair. They also provided Pure Argan Oil that you can add directly to your conditioner or to your hair. Thanks for reading!!!

  • Holly

    I was looking for new shampoo and conditioner to try. I just bought some new stuff yesterday. Next time I will look into this

    • Kay’s Ways

      Ooooh what’d you get?? I love new products lol

  • Great review. I love Argan Oil but I can’t do with it stripping my hair.

    • Kay’s Ways

      I feel you, the dryness is no bueno but they also sent me Pure Argan Oil that I can add either to the conditioner or directly to my hair.

  • Janeane Davis

    It was interesting to read your review of this product. I also like that the product has such beautiful packaging.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Yes the reflective packaging is quite nice to look at! Thanks for reading!

  • Oh my gosh! My pump didn’t come up either. I had to replace it with an old one I had

    • Kay’s Ways

      LOL seems to be a trend with their pumps. I watched one YT review on it and the girls was up, I told her I was jelly 🙂
      Thanks for reading!!!


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