PUR Cosmetics x Trolls Palette is Back in Stock!!! + Swatches on Brown Skin

The PUR x Dreamworks Trolls Palette is Back!!

The PUR Cosmetics x Dreamworks Trolls palette is made up of 16 gorgeous eyeshadows with the perfect combination of neutral shades and pops of color.  At only $29 I think it’s best you get the Trolls palette sooner than later before it sells out again!

DreamWorks Trolls Palette

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If I said Khloe absolutely loves the Dreamworks Trolls movie it’d be an understatement.  We know all the songs, all the words and key moments of the movie; of course she made me love it too.

That’s why I was so excited to get my hands on this Trolls palette (thank you #PURCosmetics!) and when Ms. Khloe saw it, you can imagine she was just as excited to get her hands on it as well.  All of the shade names in the palette represent one of the different Trolls in the movie and we was so here for it!

Check out my 4 year old Khloe making her swatching debut featuring the PUR Cosmetics X Dreamworks Trolls palette in the video below.  I used an eyeshadow brush for her swatches but in the photos below my swatches are done with my finger so be sure to keep scrolling down (after you watch my Koko of course).  Plus you’ll get to see photos on how it turned out when Khloe did my makeup.



Even on Khloe’s eyes with no primer, the shadow colors popped and lasted a decent amount of time during the day.  Besides playing with it in the house, I have yet to put a true look together (I’m talking beat face lol) with these shadows but now that Spring is here, it’s the perfect time to use all these gorgeous shades!  The PUR Dreamworks Trolls palette has the perfect balance of neutral shades and pops of color so you can get so many different looks from this palette.

Fun with the Trolls palette

My 4 Year old MUA – Khloe Did My Makeup

I had no trouble blending the shades, the pigment came off really great on the both of us.  One thing I can say there’s a lot of fall out so I’d suggest doing your eye makeup before your face makeup.  Or you can apply a heavy amount of translucent powder under your eyes so you can sweep all the powder away once you’re done.

PUR Cosmetics

Prior to this I hadn’t used anything from the PUR brand but if you saw my skincare video last week you’ll see I’ve been experimenting more with the brand.  I am truly honored to have been blessed with so many goodies from PUR Cosmetics!  Have you seen my unboxing?   Check out all the awesomeness that PUR has in store for us beauty addicts.  It’s also great knowing PUR Cosmetics is a 100% cruelty free brand and have many gluten free options as well.

Now that it’s back in stock on their website now is the time to get your hands on it too.  The price is right at only $29 for a great mixture of neutral and colorful eyeshadows now is the time for you add the PUR Cosmetics x Dreaworks Trolls palette to your collection!

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PUR Cosmetics X Dreamworks TROLLS PALETTE | Swatches on Brown Skin

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  • Wow!! This looks like such a great pallette. I love that it has a mix of subtle tones and more bold ones as well . . .

    • Kay’s Ways

      Seriously, the best of both worlds!

  • Aww the colors are so pretty! My daughter and I would have a field day with this palette lol.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Oh yes for sure! It’s so fun


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