Protective Styling

I’m surprised to say we are 2 weeks into the New Year and I’ve still be rocking my 4 weeks post texlaxed hair. I don’t know why but I felt some type of way but I needed to come into the New Year with my own hair. Maybe this will give me the incentive to enjoy my own hair that grows from my head. (Don’t get it twisted though, my unit will be back on this weekend!!!).

Protective styling is a term we hairnistas use to describe protecting the ends of our hair to retain length and promote growth of our hair. That in addition to the products we use to treat and maintain our hair helps in our hair journey.

My protective styling measures are pretty limited. I tend to do twist outs more in the warmer months since my hair can be a little damp when I take the twists out. It’s also the time of year where I am doing more cowashing or wash and gos.



For the last two weeks, I’ve done a series of buns. I’ve heard too much bunning is not good so I still take preventative measures when doing this choice of styling. I hardly ever use pins to secure my buns, I’ll usually just wrap my hair underneath and tuck it under the bun. From my high bun to my low bun , I would usually refresh it in the morning using my finger combing method, applied my Jamacian Black Castor Oil to my roots and then proceeded with my LOC Method (more to come on that in a future post but if you’re interested in knowing what I use for this check out this video here for more details).


My other choice of protective styling is braids. More often than not my hair is braided up underneath my units but since I haven’t rocked one yet this year I chose to braid it up in my favorite style. I love the look of Goddess Braids!!! Even better, I can actually maintain this style for about 2-3 days before needed to refresh the look.


Since I’ve begun doing my own hair over two years ago (find out why here) I’m learning my hair more and am looking forward to experimenting with my styles to rock when I’m letting my hair breathe from the braids, buns and units. Do you have any ideas for a style? How do you normally rock your tresses? Give me some ideas down below.

Until next time, Stay Blessed Beauties

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.50.54 PM

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  • Simone S Gray

    I really like your protective styles. I can relate with your hair choice for warmer weather because I’m the same. As of right now, I’m rocking (and in love with ) crochet braids. I’ll probably continue to rock them all winter. That is something you can look into. Very easy to install thanks to You Tube, easy to maintain and very easy to still care for my hair.

    • Kay’s Ways

      I’ve seen a few Youtube tutorials on the crochet braids, I love that look!

  • I would always do look number two when my hair was longer! Gorgeous.

    • Kay’s Ways

      It’s a great go to hairstyle. Thanks Melody

  • RattlesandHeels

    I love the Greek braids, that’s one of my favorite styles. Fabulous 🙂

    • Kay’s Ways

      Me tooo!!! I love that look. Thanks lady!

  • the braids the braids!! more braids! lol. love this! and i love how you’re giving face in every! yasss!!! #bboyt

    • Kay’s Ways

      LOL Lisa good hair makes you feel yourself, I know you know all about that. Thanks boo xoxo

  • My hair is normally in a bun or two braids. Love the blue eyeshadow 🙂

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks Kim, I was feeling myself that day lol. You’re a woman after my own heart with those two styles 😉

  • Starkey

    My hair is normally twisted out! I usually don’t try a lot of different styles to my hair. I’m a plain jane type of woman.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Sometimes it’s best to stick with what you know. I totally believe in low manipulation styling. I’m just now starting to play with different styles since my hair is now longer and thicker I want to enjoy it.

  • MJ

    I just did my first bantu knots on my transitioning hair today! Hoping they come out great tomorrow. The bun and a regular old ponytail are my go to but I am over them both.

    • Kay’s Ways

      I know it’s so easy to just do a pony or bun but I feel you it gets old after a while. Hope your bantu knots came out to your liking. I love that curly look too

  • My hair is usually in twists that I keep pinned up during the weekend and “twisted out” on the weekend. I love the braids on you!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks girl! I’ve done twist outs in the past, they look great! Your hair in your avi looks great too, nice & full

  • Now that I have locs, I keep forgetting about this part of the hair journey lol. Loving that bold lip!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Hi Erin!!! I love your locs, they fit you perfectly. Thanks so much for the compliment & checking out my blog!

  • Kasi Perkins

    Pretty! I love both looks. I haven’t taken the time to learn how to do goddess braids yet, but this reminds me that I should! They look really good!


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