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Private Label Extensions Lashes + How to Apply Your Falsies


I’m truly in love with the mink lashes that I was gifted from Private Label Extensions!  I love the fullness of the lash without the weight closing my already hooded eyes.  If you saw my recent PR Haul you may have already got an exclusive look on these babies.  I even posted them in this Instagram post but in case you missed it here’s a close up.

Aren’t they lovely?


Private Label Extensions 3D Mink Lashes

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Done?  Ok good now you can keep reading to hear all about the Private Label Extensions lashes PLUS I share some tips I’ve picked up along the way that’ll help you apply your falsies like a pro in no time!

Now y’all know I was super excited to get the opportunity to try out these beauties from Private Label Extensions!  As you can see I chose 2 different styles; Violet & Claire.   I love more natural looking lashes (if you can call it that) where the length of the hairs are different just like most of our natural lashes.  I can not stand the Snuffaluffagus look so I was happy to see an array of styles that would look great on many eye shapes.

Be sure to visit the Private Label Extensions Lashes website to check out the full selection. They even offer same day shipping!  Also be sure to follow Private Label Extensions on Instagram, Twitter  & Facebook to keep up with the latest promotions, giveaways and more!

My Experience With Private Label Extensions Lashes

private label extensions mink lashes

Sadly, I took the outer packaging off before I could label which was which but I’m not mad because I love them both!

I’m here to tell you the hairs are so soft and lightweight I am definitely a fan.  They look so pretty on the eyes and will change a simple eye look to full on glam.

The length of the hairs can make them brush up against my upper eye area but it happens with a lot of lashes since I have hooded eyes.  The difference with the Private Label Extensions lashes is the mink hair on them are super soft as opposed to some synthetics that can almost feel scratchy against my skin.

I was also a bit worried about them having a thicker band but they were super easy to apply with no issues!

Now I know not everyone knows how to apply false lashes (hell sometimes I still struggle) but today I wanted to share a few tips that should have you applying your own strip lashes in no time.

how to apply false lashes | Private Label Extensions Lashes

Tips to Help You Apply False Lashes

1 – Trim the lashes to fit your eye shape

Lashes are not one size fits all.   There’s nothing worst than applying a pair of falsies and having the bands stab you in your inner corner.  Make sure to size them right out of the package so when you go to apply them you are good to go.

2 – Apply your liner first 

Applying your eyeliner before your lashes gives you a guide to where your lash should be.  Whether you choose to wing it out or just line your lashes this step will definitely help.  Of course you want to try to get it as close as possible but if you don’t at least the band can blend in with your liner.  (Bonus tip – Go over the line again after the lashes are applied to help blend them even more)

3 – Invest in a good lash glue

Ain’t nobody got time for lash glue to be drying.  Most eyelash adhesives require that you let it dry for some time before it gets tacky enough to stick to your lash line.  My favorite lash seems to have been discontinued and now the price is bumped up a bit on Amazon but trust me it’s worth it!  (I couldn’t even apply lashes before I got ahold of this one)

4 – Look down while applying your lashes

So you’ve drawn your liner but how would you see it if you’re looking straight ahead?  This is why I suggest getting a little mirror (use one of your eyeshadow palettes that has one) and place it flat down on your workstation (your vanity table, the floor or even your lap!).  This will help you see the line clearly and know exactly where to place your lashes.

I literally do this to every pair of lashes I get and it’s honestly saved lot of time and energy that I used to take up just to get lashes on.  It’s a given that practice makes perfect but if you use these 4 tips I promise you will get there sooner than later.

Do you have any tips or techniques to make applying your falsies easier?  The Kay’s Ways community would love to know so share them down below.

Don’t rock false lashes yet?  If not, hopefully these tips will help you take your eye looks to the next level.

Private Label Extensions Lashes will step your whole eye game up too so don’t forget to check them out!

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How to Apply False Lashes & Private Label Extensions 3D Mink Lashes

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  • Tisha Miltiades

    Beautiful lashes!!! Thank you so much for sharing- will have to get me a pair!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks, they’re super comfortable

  • Miaira Jennings

    Awesome tips! It was so hard for me to get them on at first lol. This will definitely be helpful to many people

    • Kay’s Ways

      I know the struggle, practice definitely helps lol

  • These lashes are gorgeous, Kara! And thank you for sharing these tips! Do you suggest using a liquid liner or a regular pencil liner before applying your lashes?

    • Kay’s Ways

      Sorry for the delayed response Dre. I prefer a liquid liner but it’s really up to whatever you’re comfortable with. A pencil will definitely work too!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Those mink lashes sound heavenly. I need to try again. I was sent a number of lashes from another brand, and I tried at least one or two pairs. I’m struggling. I have to trim every pair and they seem like the lashes themselves are too long for my eyes lol. I will try your tip about putting the mirror flat on my vanity. Something’s gotta work!

    • Kay’s Ways

      I have hooded eyes so I know that struggle, occasionally these will brush against my skin but not nearly as much as some other lashes have. Keep trying Allison, practice makes perfect!


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