#PlayBeautifully w ELF Cosmetics | Subscription Box Service + GRWM Video!!!

Don’t you just love a good subscription service??  I know I do so when I was offered the chance to review one from a cosmetics company that I have loved from the beginning of my makeup journey I was like oh, heck yeah!

ELF Cosmetics is known for premium products with an affordable price tag.  They’ve expanded their product line tremendously in the last few years and I’ve just loved discovering the latest they offer in makeup.  It’s hard to keep up with all the latest releases that ELF has to offer so why not get a variety delivered right to your door?
e.l.f. cosmetics

The Play Beautifully subscription box service from ELF Cosmetics is delivered every 8 weeks.  There’s no quizzes to take or choosing the items you prefer, ELF’s makeup experts have you covered!  According to what I received in my box (well it was actually more like an envelope) it really does look like they knew that I like lip products, since I received 2 of them that I couldn’t wait to use!

Image of elf Cosmetics #PlayBeautifully elf Beauty Squad Haul

Peep the contents of my #PlayBeautifully #ELFBeautyBundle

  • ELF Cosmetics Flawless Eyeshadow in Tantalizing Taupe
  • ELF Cosmetics Studio Perfect Finish HD Powder in Sheer
  • ELF Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick in Black ( I forgot to use this!)
  • Elf Studio Lip Balm SPF15 in Pink
  • ELF Studio Matte Lip Color in Wine

Be sure to keep scrolling to catch them in action in my latest Get Ready With Me | #PlayBeautifully edition video down below (or click here for the direct link to the video).

If you’re a lucky New Yorker like me, you’ll get to visit the ELF Studio locations   (Did you see the haul when I went nuts on their brushes while my girl BeautyWithMika was in town for IMATS??  No, check out that haul here )

Can’t make it in stores??   Be sure to sign up on ELF Cosmetics website because they always have great deals!  ELF Cosmetics can also be purchased at your local Target and CVS stores (You had to see my face when I saw the new display in my local CVS!)  With ELF offering such quality makeup at affordable prices how could you not go crazy for them?  I’m sure I’ll love my latest set of ELF items just the same and can’ t wait to get my next #PlayBeautifully box.  Make sure you subscribe here on KaysWays.com so you can see more of what’s to come from ELF’s beauty subscription box service.

Want a closer look at what I received?  Check out the photos below and catch them in action in my GRWM | #PlayBeautifully video!

Image of elf Cosmetics Eyeshadow Quad Tantalizing Taupe

Image of elf Cosmetics HD Powder Pressed

Image of elf Cosmetics #PlayBeautifully Lip balm and Eyeliner and Shadow Stick

What’s your favorite subscription box service?? Let chat down in the comments or as always….

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e.l.f. cosmetics

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  • Oh wow, that’s cool that they have their own subscription box. A great way to try out all the products. I guess they’ll have to keep coming up with new products though as you’d eventually own the whole line!

    • Kay’s Ways

      I like the idea of replenishing some of our favorites while also trying out their new products as well. Thanks for stopping by

  • Color Me So Crazy

    How did I not know about this? This is a box that I think would be a great deal. They always have such great products and it looks like they picked some good ones for you.

    • Kay’s Ways

      ELF is a great company to have this subscription service, It was real quiet during the release that why I had to share this info because it’s definitely a good deal!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Kara, how much is the elf subbie box? I had no idea they had one.

    • Kay’s Ways

      It’s $20 I believe but you get way more stuff than I did, this was more like a press sample I’m guessing because I saw an unboxing I was drooling lol

  • Laura

    I didnt know Elf had a subscription box! We cant get their products in the UK anymore, at least not at the moment xxx

    • Kay’s Ways

      Oh no that’s not nice! ELF should be available to everyone 😉 Hope you get access soon enough!

  • Oooh what a lot of goodies! I wish they shipped worldwide.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Hopefully with all the improvements they’ll further their product reach

  • iluv2globetrot

    These are great thanks for sharing! I’d totally think about signing up for a box if they shipped here to Oman.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Oh no, hope they step their shipping game up

  • outsidetheboxmom

    I think that subscription boxes are a great way to keep things fresh. It’s great that you get some help with picking out items that will work great for you.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Definitely, I like trying out some of the newer items while also mixing in some of the staples too.

  • Kayvona B.

    OMG I did not know they had a subscription box!! I really don’t need to spend any money but this might have to be my next buy!!!!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Yes girl, and if you saw the entire box your mouth will drop. This was only a press sample but I saw a video of a full unboxing and my mouth was wide open lol.

  • Holly

    I like ELF, didn’t know they had a brick and mortar location much less a subscription box. I ordered a bunch of stuff from them once.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Yup, I believe they actually have 2 of the studios here in NYC. That’s why I like elf you can go ham on an order and it last for a good while!

  • I’ve not used ELF makeup in a long time but I use their brushes daily. That ELF Cosmetics Flawless Eyeshadow in Tantalizing Taupe is the perfect one for me.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Mimi I was so surprised at how pigmented those shadows were. I got another palette from them this month and I’m excited to try that one out next. The brushes are always a good look too!

  • I am yet to join the subscription box bandwagon. I am familar with ELF products though.

    • Kay’s Ways

      This might be a good subscription service to start with. You get like double the value in the full sized box and with e.l.f. that would be a good amount of items.

  • Tomes Edition

    I had no idea they have sub boxes now and you got some nice stuff. I own so much Elf products

    • Kay’s Ways

      e.l.f. is always a good look. I was happy to hear about this service.

  • Kasi Perkins

    I love ELF products, and didn’t know they had a subscription box! I used to subscribe to Birchbox, but stopped when they started getting kind of wack. I may have to look into the ELFone! Loved your getting ready vid, your makeup looked gorgeous!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks Kasi! I like that e.l.f. can make your money stretch real good and come off with a lot of goodies I think this would definitely be a good one to subscribe to.

  • JoAnna Niles

    I love ELF, especially the foundation. OMG I sure don’t need another beauty box. This is tempting…

    • Kay’s Ways

      I know right, my love for subscription boxes are returning big time! I’ve never tried the foundations from them but I’ve heard good things.

  • I love ELF products. I haven’t bought any in a while and it’s great to see that they have expanded their product line.

    • Kay’s Ways

      e.l.f. is definitely taking their brand to the next level. Even if you don’t subscribe to the box, RUN to your nearest CVS or Target and pick up their blush palette in dark. It’s soooo good!

  • Wow, I didn’t know that Elf had a subscription box! Seems like everyone is doing this now.

    • Kay’s Ways

      I know today I saw an ad for one from Macy’s and I’m like really now?! This e.l.f. one is a good look though, I’m really liking this service a lot, I’ve already got my 2nd package and I’m excited to use the products!

  • This is the first time I’ve heard of ELF and I love the looks of the products!

    • Kay’s Ways

      OMG really? Glad I introduced you to e.l.f.. If you have a Target or even a local drugstore you should check out their display and play around with a few things. I’m sure you’ll find something you’d love.

  • Kirsten Heath Mua

    I’ve actually been thinking of doing this one. I’m subscribes to ipsy and for now I like it, but we’ll see how long that lasts lol. I heard boxy charm is also a good one. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kay’s Ways

      I used to have tipsy but it was just too random for me and more misses than hits. I was pretty thoroughly satisfied with this batch and I’m excited to dig into the 2nd round.

  • LaQuisha Hall

    I have some ELF products that I love! Love your posts–thank you!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thank you LaQuisha, I appreciate that.
      e.l.f is definitely bomb dot com!

  • Sharon Beauty

    I’ve some of elf products and love the affordable price. Didn’t know they have subscription box. I’m curious to know how much is the sub.

    • Kay’s Ways

      It’s $20 but you really get twice the value in the actual box. This is more of a press sample, i saw an unboxing I was like whoa! You know how reasonable they are so imagine how many goodies you can really get for that price

  • Rose Mont

    Lol, does upstate NY’er count? I just ordered some cosmetics from them for the first time. I didn’t not trying out the box but looked at the choices. They did have a lot of good reviews in regards to full size products and nice shades. I would love to score a review of a box to build up my makeup and I make a slow journey into the beauty world!

    • Kay’s Ways

      For these prices you can’t go wrong with elf. You should be able to find them in the stores in upstate NY as well 😉

  • Ursula Ball

    Let’s see favorite beauty subscription of all time…Birchbox 🙂 Now that I am rebuilding my eye makeup, I want to try a few of ELF products esp that rich chocolate brown eye powder!!



    • Kay’s Ways

      Yasss, your Birchbox reviews always get me tempted. I was turned off my beauty boxes after a few bad experiences in the past but this year I’m definitely all in for it! That brown was everything wasn’t it?!


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