Advanced Climate Control Collection from Ouidad is right on time!

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NEW from Ouidad – Advanced Climate Control Collection

Ouidad says it themselves, “not all curls are created equal”.  This is why when we watch YouTube tutorials from our favorite hair gurus it may not always come out the way we anticipated.  You have to make the best out of your hair and learn to embrace what you’re working with.

Whether you loose, classic, tight or kinky curls, the curl experts Ouidad has you covered!  The NEW Advanced Climate Control line expands on their best-selling Climate Control Humidity Gel that I shared with you previously.




The Ouidad Advanced Climate Control is made for all hair types to help prevent frizz and flyaways while defining your curls.  As an affiliate for the brand, I got to test out their latest line and in this post I’ll share all the details of the line and even share a full on demo

What’s even better?  How about I’ve teamed up with Ouidad for one of you lucky readers of this post to win a set too!  So be sure to read all the way through for your chance to win.

Now let’s get to the good stuff!

The Ouidad Advanced Climate Control key ingredients includes an advanced blend of emollients (Shea Butter, Murumuru Butter) and Ceramides that helps to repair your hair’s cuticles and smooth the surface.

There’s also the Anti-Frizz Nano Technology that has a protein derived from silk that seals the cuticle to form a barrier to lock moisture into the shafts of your hair while locking out the humidity.  BOOM – no more poofy do’s

Lastly, Ouidad’s Advance Climate Control has dedicated UV filters that help to protect your strands against sun damage  from environmental aggressors.  With this warm weather coming through here in NYC, there was no better time than the present to put this line to the test.

Take a look at the demo and see how it all worked out!



Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo

With this being a sulfate free shampoo, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of lather Ouidad’s Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo produced.  It got my hair really clean in one wash (super important to me for my low porosity hair) without stripping it or drying it out.  To help prevent frizz even more, be sure to only shampoo your hair at the roots, when washing it out it will automatically cleanse the strands of your hair upon rinsing.
Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Condititoner

Now for conditioner, I do the total opposite.  Rather than like with the shampoo being focused mainly on the roots of my hair, I like to condition from the ends going up.  Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and need more TLC with that C being conditioning.

While this conditioner was nice, I wasn’t necessarily wowwed by it either.  I did notice that it glided through my hair pretty easily and for what it’s worth did live up to the claims for anti-frizz.  I can definitely see myself reaching for it when I play to rock these type of twistout/ braidout type of styles though because my hair can poof up in a hot second (get it LOL).

The Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Condititoner gave a decent amount of slip (especially since I’ve been running around with a prepoo in my hair for like 4 days prior and haven’t been detangling, combing or really doing anything to it but rocking it in a low bun).


Advanced Climate Control Detangling Heat Spray

The leave in spray of the line has added natural oil to help nourish and moisturize curls.  I’m talking all of our favorites y’all – Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Argan Oil & more!

I’ve been using the Advanced Climate Control Detangling Heat Spray every time I’ve refreshed my twists.  As you can see in the demo, I’m kind of heavy handed when it comes to applying my leave ins and thankfully this did not weigh my hair down.

*Ouidad Curl Expert Tip – Spray on hair at the beach or pool to moisturize and protect curls.

Advanced Climate Control Detangling Heat & Humidity Gel

In addition to the key ingredients I mentioned earlier in the post, the Advanced Climate Control Detangling Heat & Humidity Gel has “wheat protein and pliable styling polymers that form a weightless flexible lattice that expands as heat or hmidity rises to hold curl definition without frizz”. (Ouidad.com)

I can tell you for sure, this gel did not crust up my hair!  I can’t stand when gel flakes on me or just sounds (and feels) crunchy to the touch.  Whatever Ouidad does with this gel, I can truly see why this was their best seller because it does a great job at curl definition minus the frizz!


Ouidad type 4 hair

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Collection Got These Curls Poppin’

Even fresh out of my t shirt drying you could see the definition of my curls without adding the last two styling products and I really liked the overall outcome of it all.  I will most definitely be making great use of the Ouidad  Advanced Climate Control to beat the heat in these NYC streets!

For more information on the Advanced Climate Control collection visit Ouidad.com


Now it’s your turn for a chance to enter to win the Advanced Climate Control line for yourself.  Be sure to enter below and share it with your friends to increase your chances in getting your hands on this collection!

NEW from Ouidad – Advanced Climate Control Collection

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