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Are you ready for a Switch? | Nintendo NYC Event Recap

Not only did my Jreu turn 5 last week, but he got to have a very memorable birthday attending a Nintendo NYC event.  Our family of 5 is a gaming household so it was awesome to see first hand the awesomeness that Nintendo will be bringing to their latest console, the Nintendo Switch.

We got exclusive access to a few new exciting games that are set to be released on the Nintendo Switch for Summer 2017.  Today I wanted to share it with you guys!  Are you ready for a switch???

Nintendo Switch ARMS

Here’s a look at the Summer 2017 Nintendo Switch game releases

ARMS by Nintendo

ARMS by Nintendo (Released June 16, 2017)

ARMS is a 2 player fighting game that offers vibrant visuals and puts you right into the arena.  Choose your character that’s equipped with extendable arms that will reach your opponent.  In this game you use the detachable  joysticks to control your fighters moves, blocks and punches using your own body motions.  There’s plenty of characters, upgraded arms and arenas to keep your gameplay fresh.


Pokken Tournament DX

Pokken Tournament DX (Releasing September 22, 2017)

As an 80’s baby, I’m super familiar with the Pokemon franchise.  Their latest game, Pokken Tournament DX is a more traditional fighting game.  Take your pick of over 20 esteemed Pokemon fighters and battle for the title of Pokken Tournament DX champion!

Sibling Rivalry With Nintendo Switch

This may have been my favorite game of the 4 we experienced that day.  Pokken Tournament DX was definitely a hit with the kids, even though Daejon didn’t show any mercy to Jreu.  Them pre-teens!

Check out this quick vlog footage I took on my iPhone while they were playing the games.

Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 2 (Release Date July 21, 2017)

Since we’re talking faves, I thought it’s only fitting I follow up with Splatoon 2.  Grab your crew and get ready to claim your turf!

Splatoon 2 has the option to connect with up to 8 players so you can either play online or connect locally to represent your color and take over.

Ran out of ink?  You get to turn into a squid and soak some up to recharge your ink.

The animations and graphics makes this game a must have.  There’s new and improved weapons, characters and fashions upgrades.  You can customize your Inkling for a boost during battle.

This one is super cool and even Khloe loved it!  (By the way, If you watched my vlog and saw her gameplay, you rock!)

FIFA 18 Nintendo Switch

FIFA 18 (Release Date September 29, 2017)

EA Sports always does gaming right so if you’re familiar with the FIFA franchise, I’m sure it’ll be everything you want.  Unfortunately i missed the gameplay with the boys (me and Khloe were too consumed with Splatoon 2) but they said it was hard.  Don’t take their word for it though, we are not soccer people.  Now if it was NBA 2K18 or even Madden, they probably would’ve been hyped.

Family Fun with Nintendo Switch

With all the upcoming releases, be sure to stay up to date with Nintendo on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel for trailers, gameplay, promotions and more!

This was actually our first experience with the Nintendo Switch but most likely not the last.  Being a mom of the 3, with Daejon being the oldest at 11 I find that Nintendo always caters to more family fun games where we all can be a part of the action.

We’re still rocking with the Wii U at our house for now but checking out the latest console from Nintendo last week has us thinking a Switch may be needed. (pun intended of course)

About Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was released on March 3, 2017.  Priced at $299.99,

Free online play until 2018 when Nintendo launches their full online subscription service.

Nintendo Switch can be played on your tv at home or outdoors as I originally thought the Wii U would allow.  This time around, you can leave the house for hours of fun on the go.  This makes it perfect to go to your friend’s house and connect locally to play together.

Local multiplayer gaming is also available for up to 8 consoles being connected.  Also unlike the Wii U, when you’re using the touch screen display, you can detach the side controllers and play a 2 player game right on the display.

As a huge fan of the Nintendo franchise since I was my little one’s ages, I’m definitely looking forward to see what more Nintendo Switch will be bringing.  Of course they have our favorite characters like Zelda, Mario and the gang but I’m hoping to see more of the fitness, golf and tennis games so I can bust Bee’s behind like we used to do on the first Wii system.  Do y’all remember the Wii Fit board and stuff, now that was my jam.  I can see us getting it for the kids, but us adults need some fun too right?!

What type of games are your favorite?  Let me know down in the comments and as always!

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The Nintendo Switch

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