My New Vlogging Camera | Samsung NX3300 Review

I did it!  I made the deadline for #TechTuesday.  Well not really though since I’ve been meaning to share my new vlogging camera with you guys for like 2 months now.  Remember when I went to IMATS here in NYC back in April?  Well before I even was scheduled to work the weekend with LA Splash I already had my Pro Night ticket set for Friday.  I knew I wanted to try my hand at vlogging but I also knew I wasn’t carrying my big old Canon T5 to do it.  Enter the Samsung NX3300.

By the way if you missed the IMATS recap & what else has been going on, check out that post HERE.

The quality of the photos and video is just something I can’t achieve with my iPhone 6 Plus.  Hell as a matter of fact my back camera doesn’t even work anymore but I was so done even trying so I had step my game up to this Samsung NX3300.


Now that I’ve had it for these months, I can tell you my thoughts on it and most of all was it worth the $400+ I shelled out for it.  My answer ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY!  I love her; ain’t she pretty?


Oh just admiring my Samsung NX3300

I chose the white one but I can tell you with me and makeup swatching self that was a bad move.  So of course I took to amazon to get me a case.  I love the pop of color that it brings to the camera!

In comparison to the Canon DSLR that I use to film my YouTube videos (you can see that huge thing in the flip up screen in the picture above) the Samsung NX3300 is way more portable.  They do have the similarities that you can actually change the lens so if you’re a professional photographer you can achieve quality photos using either of the two, but buying the NX3300 will sure save you a hell of a lot of money.  Plus I’m not about to be lugging that thing around so I’m glad the Samsung camera has manual and auto settings plus most importantly also take gorgeous photos.

Check out some of my latest Instagram posts, you can clearly see the difference in the photos that I’ve taken with the Samsung NX3300.  Feel free to follow me there if you like what you see 😊







They call this type of camera a mirrorless camera and I originally thought they called it that because it has the selfie screen (YAASSSSS for the selfie screen – we’ll get to that in a second).  Come to find out while researching this post, this is the true meaning why they call it a mirrorless camera “An arrangement of mirrors inside the camera reflect the image passing through the lens and bounce it up to the viewfinder”.  These mirrors are what makes a DSLR camera big, bulky and just heavy so they’re removed to allow the camera to be more compact but still offer amazing quality.  See you learn something new everyday right?!


Now back to that selfie screen, Samsung’s flip up 3 inch display makes life so much better.  It gives you the ability to snap the flick for you just by you smiling or winking at the screen.  C’mon is that not GENIUS!


You see the way my coordination is set up, I can’t be extending my arm to stay in frame while pressing the button AND posing?!  Y’all Instagram baddies out there, I give it to you.  The Samsung NX3300 is the answer to your calling for better posts, I promise if you’re considering buying this camera do it.  I don’t have the patience (or time) to use editing apps on my phone but the Samsung NX3300 has a beauty face mode on it that gives you 15 options in order to soften blemishes and quick edits right on the camera.


I am saving the best part (well at least to me) for last.  The Samsung NX3300 has wifi capabilities so all you have to do is download the corresponding  Samsung SMART CAMERA application for the photos to transfer to your phone or tablet while you’re taking the picture.  Really, how is cool is that?  You can also use the app as a remote view finder to control the camera to shoot or edit the settings so you can have the camera set up on a tripod and take your photos from a distance.


Transfer your pictures to your phone for those quick IG posts via built in Wi-Fi

The Samsung NX3300 has a massive amount of settings including

  • Best Face
  • Continuous Shot
  • Landscape
  • Kids Shot
  • Food
  • Landscape
  • Action Freeze
  • Panorama
  • Silhouette
  • Night

And that’s just to name a few.  If you don’t want to get that deep til you learn the ropes with the camera, there’s always Smart Mode too.  To top it off the Samsung NX3300 has full 1080p HD video recording and also comes with a cute little shotgun flash attachment.  For the full technical details check out Samsung’s website HERE for all the specs.

I’m super happy to have this camera and as you can see this review had no cons, at least not that I have come across as of yet.  There is also another model of this camera that had touch screen capabilities but for the extra $100 or so, rotating the button wasn’t that bad in my opinion.

It also makes a little meow noise and I honestly don’t know if it relates to a certain setting or what but I do get a kick out of it when I hear it.  If you’re thinking about getting a new vlogging camera, I highly recommend the Samsung NX3300 and if you’re a Amazon addict like myself, I found a black one HERE for less than $300!  If you ask me that’s a score, so you should totally get it!

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  • The quality looks great and it sounds amazing. I have been looking for a replacement camera with the flip top.

  • This camera is a beauty! I’ve been looking for a good portable one so I can leave m y clunky DSLR at home..this may work!

  • Kemkem

    It’s a pretty nifty mirrorless camera. I have had many thoughts about ditching the DSLR but change my mind every time 🙂 . This one and the Sony were two l seriously considered. You chose well, and looks good.

  • Eva

    I love it! Someone should get me this… I need to start dropping hints around the house 🙂

    • I was just thinking the very same thing! lol… I bought one to use instead of my DSLR and its been in my purse since i bought it. It’s a cannon and while it is supposed to be easy to transfer photos from the camera to the phone but it wasn’t last i tried. maybe it’ll be better on my iphone.

      • Eva

        Transferring to my phone for instagram is the hardest. Well not as hard as it could be, but it involves downloading… uploading… emailing… downloading…. LOL!

        • all of that and i be like “forget it!” lol

  • Looks like a really nice camera. I don’t think I’ll ever leave my dslr but I’d consider this.

  • Looks great and very compact too!

  • This looks great. All my other productside are Samsung (tv, cellphone) might as well add new camera. I’m in the #cellphotoministry currently.

  • Tia @ financiallyfitandfab

    Awesome camera! Your ig posts look so crisp.

  • Holly

    Very nice I love cameras. My blogging camera has a flip selfie screen too.

  • I have heard a lot about this camera. I have a smaller one that I don’t really use so I’m thinking of trading it in for something more like this. The DSLR is definitely a chore to carry around.

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Wow, I can see why you bought the white version. It’s gorgeous! Very impressive pix. I need to invest in a real camera, but I’m stumped because there are so many choices. Frankly, I hadn’t considered a Samsung because I hadn’t associated the brand with cameras. Now I will. I love that there is software built-in for quick edits and a ‘beauty’ mode, nice

  • I’ve been doing a bit more video these days but I’ve been using my phone. This might be the answer for me. I’m headed to Essence in a couple of weeks and I feel like I need a legit camera for video. I have a great camera for photos but using it for video kills the battery so fast.

  • Charlene Chinn

    This is good information! I have been looking into getting a new camera so this helps

  • this camera is so cute I love the color. I use my DSLR but I would like a camera like this small for travel purposes because it will be easier.

  • This look really nice, i like the flip out screen. xxx

  • Girl, I am such an amazon addict that I have that thing called a prime membership. And now that prime day is coming, I don’t even know if I should cut my credit cards. LOL! Thank you so much for this wonderful review. Don’t be shocked if you see me with one of these one day, but I have to work over time for it. Big hugs!


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