New & Exciting News!!!


I know, I know the name I chose is way too long.  I don’t even want to tell people the site’s name is  It’s a mouthful and I realized it even more when I wrote it down for now of my coworkers.  But don’t worry I’m fixing this ASAP!!!

I am happy to announce is coming next month.  Right now I don’t have an official launch date but since November is my birthday month, I’m thinking I will be celebrating my latest (and greatest) endeavor around the same time.  

Besides my domestic duties as a mom of 3, most of my free time is being spent researching and implementing how I can bring you guys a better site.  Although my posts here may be limited, once the new site is launched next month I will have at least 2-3 posts per week for you guys.  Be sure to head over to and sign up to be the first to know all about the new site.  I am super excited to bring it to you and I hope you guys are excited to see it.  

I’d love to hear any suggestions you may have or requests for or even something you may want to see here definitely let me know!!!  

Be sure to stay up to date here as well as all my other social media outlets to be in the know for everything Kay’s Ways!


Sharing is Caring!!
  • Linda

    Love the page. May you suggest some good products for dry hair?

    • Kay’s Ways

      You want to make sure to get a good moisturizing deep conditioner. Theres a post in the hair section for my Holy Grail Moisturizer, the Elasta QP is the truth! Check it out


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