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Top of the year is when the new drugstore makeup gets stocked on the shelves of your favorite CVS, Walgreens, Ulta Beauty.  If you saw my 2016 End of Year Beauty Haul you know I definitely had to pick up a few goodies and today I’ll be sharing my picks from L’Oreal Paris. has all the new drugstore makeup in stock so I’ll be sure to leave links to each of the products (Full disclosure – yes, links are affiliate links; it helps support the blog.  For more on that feel free to check out my full disclosure policy).  But for now let’s take a look into the some of the new drugstore makeup from L’Oreal.




L’Oreal Brow Stylist Frame and Set 

L’Oreal has released their first creme brow pomade in 4 shades; Light Brunette, Warm Brunette, Blonde and Deep Brunette.  The pomade comes with the proper tool to apply your creme brow product with a dual ended brush.  One side has the spoolie so you can tame your brows during application and the other side is the actual brush you’ll use to apply the pomade.

My thoughts – Really creamy in consistency making it easy to apply the product to your brows.  The brush provided is pretty decent (not as thin or firm as my favorite brow brush, the MAC 226) and will come in handy for beginners or people who didn’t have the proper brow application tools.  It claims to have a 24 hour hold but I haven’t tried it long enough yet to prove it to be true or not.

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L’Oreal Infallible Paints Eyeliner

This felt tip eyeliner has a 0.1mm tip so you can get a precise liquid liner application.  Available in 6 shades with vibrant blues, greens and there’s even a white allowing your eyeliner designs bold.  For the simple gal like myself they also have Black Party.

My thoughts – I’m not usually a fan of felt tip eyeliners but I do like this product in particular because it made it super simple to hide my lash band.  [Tip – For a seemless false eyelash look, after you apply your lashes and let the glue dry you can line right above the eyelash band to camoflauge any signs of your bands.]  The precision the L’Oreal infallible Paints Eyeliner gives allows the user to create a super thin liner that won’t overpower your whole eye look.  I wouldn’t recommend this liner for a winged liner application though, it’s felt tip is pretty stiff and won’t make it easy for you AS IF we need any more pressure when doing winged liner, right?!


L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation

This lightweight foundation is available in 12 shades.  As you can tell from the name, it’s supposed to be long wearing and give a full coverage application to cover up dark spots, blemishes, scars and hyperpigmentation.

My thoughts – As you can see I said supposed to do what it claims.  I’ve discussed this particular item with a few other beauty influensters and fellow beauty addicts who have tried it.  I’ve now come to the conclusion that the undertone of the deeper shades for us women of color are just all the way wrong.  It’s either you want to be gray or you want to be orange.  No thank you

If you click the video link above you’ll see my full review of this product along with a full demonstration so you can see I’m not tripping.  Sadly this foundation will be going back to Ulta really soon but no worries, I’ve heard great things about the two previous Infallible foundations and look forward to picking those up soon.

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L’Oreal Infallible Blend Artist Contour Blender

The design of L’Oreal’s contour blending sponge is what drove me to this item.  It’s flat, slanted sides allows for a defined and sculpted application.  Made to target the contours of the face like your jawbone and cheeks, this sponge blends your powder and cream contour products pretty evenly.  They actually released 2 other blending sponges; one specifically for under eye concealer and the other is a face sponge.

My thoughts – I’m used to blending sponges so as usual I wet the sponge prior to application which made it pretty much double in size.  With that being said I felt the sponge was too big to fit into the contouring areas so I used this sponge to blend out my concealer underneath my eyes.  It has a good density and texture plus I didn’t feel like it soaked up too much of my product.  If I didn’t already have the Morphe Brushes blending sponge that has the same shape I wouldv’e opted for the face sponge so i think that would be the best bet to choose.

Have you tried any of the new drugstore makeup from Loreal or any other brand?  Let me know down in the comments and as always….

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  • SJP

    I tried the Total Cover foundation. Yeah it was oranger than I’d hoped. It also did not cover all that well. I will try it one more time using more product to see if that makes any difference. Even if it does I don’t like the fact that I need to use three or more layers of a foundation that claims it is full coverage. It should have just said that it covers blotchiness because that is true.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Yeah here’s hoping for better results from the next go round lol

  • Hey boo I wanted to stop by and show my support!! I am such a big fan of the Infalliable Pro matte, which has a very red undertone, but works perfect for my skintone. I also the Pro glow. It really leaves you with a glow, but since I have oily skin I set it with a powder OR I mix it with the Pro Matte.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Hey luv, thanks for coming through! I still haven’t picked up the original ones; I really need to use up some of the foundations I have already before I buy anymore lol


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