My Texlaxed Hair Journey {UPDATED with more pictures}

Image of My Texlaxed Hair Journey
Like most girls from the pjs, we grew up with our mama doing our hair with the old school hot comb straight off the fire from the stove.  My hair was long and super thick so after a while it was just too much to handle.  At about the age of 8 or 9, I can remember seeing these little pretty black girls with their smooth and shiny curly pigtails singing “Just For Meeeee” in the commercial.  Yes please believe it’s been on and popping with the creamy crack ever since.

From Creme of Nature, Dark & Lovely, African Pride to Motions, Optimum and Affirm, I‘ve used them all.  What?!?  Nobody could say nothing when you came out the salon with that bone straight freshly relaxed hair.  Unfortunately, along with that can come burnt scalps and damaged hair if you do not take care of your hair correctly.
I was getting like 4 or 5 tracks sewn into my hair once a month.  And even though I would go in between biweekly for washes & styling, while I was home I wasn’t taking care of my hair.  With no moisture or maintenance and the pulling of relaxed hair always being braided so tight by my hair stylist what do you think happened.  I’ll never forget how mad I was when she pointed out a good section of hair in the middle that was broken off.  The last thing I remember her telling me was to use castor oil to treat that part of my hair.  But during maternity leave  I removed the tracks, let my hair breathe and began researching how to restore my hair.  Shoot if I could do my neighbor’s hair back in the days, I figured I should be able to do my own too.  With me being on leave from work it was a good way to save some coins too.
It wasn’t until September 2012 that I began my healthy hair journey.  Since then I went from being relaxed to texlaxed.   Texlaxed is basically being relaxed but maintaining some of your texture.  In my case that means adding conditioner or oils to my relaxer to purposely underprocess my hair and allow my hair to keep a more manageable texture but not bone straight, overprocessed hair.  Also my frequency has increased from that myth of having to relax every 8 weeks. I’m in stretching mode so I’m a little over 6 months post relaxer; I haven’t texlaxed since right before my birthday in November.
Image of My Texlaxed Hair Journey Braidout
With this I’ve seen change in not only the length of my hair but the overall health of my hair as well.  Now I have the nice thick hair follicles almost like back in the day minus the struggle of combing it.  I love the waves of my hair when it’s bunned up in one of my protective styles or how thick it is when I’m braiding it up to go up under my wigs.  With these protective styles and actually caring for my hair I was able to grow out most of my damaged relaxed hair while sprouting some new thick and fabulous tresses.

I’ve been complaining about maintaining my hair since so much time has passed since I have chemically processed my hair.  Today I did my first twist out at the suggestion of my homegirl Nyjae. I’m glad I did it and definitely am feeling the results.   My only issue is after I post this I have to go retwist it!!!  I’m too lazy to maintain it.  I’ve been complaining about maintaining my hairsince so much time has passed since I have chemically processed my hair.  This is a judgment free zone so much respect to you natural girls but my hair sweats and it would just be a problem inside there and I’m not prepared for that as of yet.  With the summer coming there’s no way I can take these roots so I will be relaxing most likely this upcoming weekend.  I’m actually thinking of going to the salon due to the amount of new growth that there is (Pray for me!!).  I will take it from there and continue to maintain and care for my hair on my own.  Next order of business is to get rid of these damaged relaxed ends, about 1.5-2 inches of hair to make room for thick healthy hair that I will be growing in.  I am loving seeing the progress my hair has made and I am so excited to start the next phase!!! If you are going through a hair journey, no matter if you are natural or relaxed feel free to let me know what you are either currently doing or plan on doing to change up your summer regime?

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