Music Monday #2

Since the first Music Monday I’ve honestly been listening to those same albums. I do like Keyshia Cole’s album “Point of No Return”  but for some reason I don’t gravitate to it as much as the others I spoke about before.  I already liked the 3 songs she had videos out for, “Rick James” featuring Juicy J, “N.L.U.” with 2 Chainz and “Love Letter” with Future.  Another one of my faves would be “Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away)”. 

Keyshia Cole Point of No Return

Keyshia Cole
Point of No Return

I tried 3 times to listen to Tinnashe;s Aquarius and I actually make it through the whole thing twice. For me there weren’t too many memorable songs, I may have to give it another chance before I rule it all the way out but for now I’m good.  I haven’t got a chance to get Mila J’s album but since she’s supposedly messing with my man Trey so I wasn’t in no rush. Wait, how I just checked, it’s only 5 songs so I guess it’s more of an EP. I didn’t know that, that’s doable. A quick $5 on Amazon, well really $4.55 I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Mila J Made inLA

Mila J
Made inLA

Tinashe Aquarius



Honestly when I’ve been cleaning or listening to music in the car the first thing I’m looking to play is the latest mixtape collaboration from two of our favorite R&B stars, Chris Brown and Trey Songz.  As you may know, they’re going on tour together so this mixtape is basically marking that territory and giving us a preview of what we can expect on stage.  Our boys have a mixtape out together entitled TRGA x BRZY based off of their nicknames; Trigga and Breezy of course.  The duo used 5 popular beats and remixed them for this mixtape, my 3 favorites being “24 hours” “Made Me” and “Tuesday”.  This mixtape is definitely one to check out.

Chris Brown and Trey Songz

Chris Brown and Trey Songz

Now what’s a Kay’s Ways Monday without a little Beyonce? Yes Queen Bey is bringing us Platinum Edition realness for Thanksgiving week. On the 24th, Mrs. Carter will be re-eleasing her latest classic album Beyonce as a Platinum Edition box set with 5 new tracks and remixes, a live performance DVD along with the original Beyonce CD and video DVD. The remixes will include “Flawless” with Nicki Minaj, “Drunk in Love” with Jay -Z and Kanye West, “Blow” with Pharrell Williams.  I even heard Rihanna is supposed to be on the album!  This is the perfect holiday set for any Beyhive lover.  Update:  Friday night (11/21/14) Beyonce dropped her latest video for one of the new tracks on the album entitled 7/11.  It’s such a fun video and Beyonce is on her fun, carefree Texas ish, check out the video here.

Beyonce Platinum Edition

Platinum Edition

Speaking of the Beyhive, I have to say Congratulations to Solange and her boo who got married over the weekend.  The wedding pictures that were floating around all over Instagram last night were just amazing!!!  Based of the Diana Ross movie, “Mahogany”, like Solange, the wedding photos were different, definitely not you’re average wedding pics.  The simplicity of standing in the warehouse was beautiful, chic and editorial.  The wedding party, including Beyonce and their mom, Tina Knowles was dressed in all white.  There were some pictures of Solange and her husband, riding all white bikes and she was wearing this to die for cream jumpsuit with her fluffy fro blowing in the wind.  Even cuter, Blue Ivy had a matching fluffy fro.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 5.57.59 AM

The Carters  Solange Wedding Party

The Carters
Solange Wedding Party

Solange and her husband

Solange and her husband

Now if you read the first Music Monday, y’all know how I feel about the current state of music. Although I always end up going back to some of my classic playlists of course I still keep up (or at least try to) with the new school music.  That good garbage we are forced to listen to these days is crazy but I can’t front, it’s catchy so we sing it because we have no choice. They force it on us, play it over and over until we like that’s my song! We put it on our playlists and twerk to it in our minds.

Like I stated before, I haven’t really been playing full albums but been listening to different mixtapes lately.  From those mixtapes, I usually just make a playlist out of the new music I’m digging.  Some of my favorite DJs I listen to are DJ Superstar Jay, DJ Whiteowl and DJ Amanda Blaze. If you’re one of my close friend’s you know I’ve been making my playlists forever and I used to burn CDs for people.  My playlists are famous with some of my friends.  We all have our favorite ones and the ones that bring back memories of good times from the past.  I figured since I don’t actually burn discs anymore I’d just share my current playlist with you guys.

Here’s pictures of my latest playlist Fall 2014  with the songs that I am loving these days. I’m also looking for songs to add to the playlist. You will mainly see R&B and Hip Hop genres but I am open to all types of music. I just haven’t been getting my Z100 and VH1 countdown on lately. Let me know what’s popping’ on your iTunes in the comments down below.

20141116_180132 20141116_180139

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  • Ericka Chatman

    Solange’s wedding was dope! I really haven’t been keeping up with music lately. Thanks for the selection!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Wasn’t it though!!! I loved all the pics and the video of her dancing with her son. Thanks for checking in Ericka, much appreciated!!! Xoxo


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