Music Monday – December 2014

I can’t front, this month music has been good to me.  It seems like I don’t know what to play since there is so much that I’ve been listening to.  Besides my playlist, there are a few albums that I’ve been listening to lately.


K Michelle Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart

K Michelle
Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart

For starters, K Michelle is back with her second album entitled, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart.  Coming from someone who still has Rebellious Soul in rotation, this album was a nice surprise.  This is another album that you can just let play and not really need to skip too many tracks.  By now I’m sure you’ve heard her two lead singles which she has videos to “Maybe I Should Call” which actually premiered right after one of her reality show episodes I believe and “Love Em All” (am I the only one who doesn’t like the choreography in this video LOL, but her body looks great!).  A few other tracks you should listen out for are “Going Under”, “Cry” and “Hard To Do”.  The song “Something About the Night” might be my favorite (this week) where she is giving us a little Anita Baker realness and let’s not forget where I get my Whitney Houston flashback when listening to “Build A Man” (I don’t know why but it kind of reminds me of I’m Your Baby Tonight).  K Michelle gave us another great album, if you like real R&B this is definitely one to check out.

Omarion Sex Playlist

Sex Playlist

Another VH1 alumni has released a new album, Mr. Maybach O himself.  Yes Omarion has dropped “Sex Playlist” which I have definitely had in rotation over the last week or so.  At first I didn’t know what to expect as he signed with Maybach Music but I think they did a good job at keeping Omarion on his R&B ish.  The first track (which has the same title of the album) gives you the overall feel of the album.  During the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood season they kept teasing us with the “Post To Be” song that features Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko, which is my song!  More so a lot of the slower tracks are also hot from this album like “Show Me” with Jeremiah, “Inside” “The Only One””Work” and “Deeper”.  This “Sex Playlist” is one definitely worth checking out as well.

Beyonce' More Only

More Only

I did end up purchasing the Beyonce’ (More Only) part from iTunes and it’s too bad I can’t get my money back on this one.  First off I’m never listening to Wendy Williams anymore because she mentioned that Rihanna would be on this album and she’s nowhere to be found on the album.  Of course “7/11” gets me hype but after I’m not too excited about any of the remixes that were released.  The “Drunk in Love” with Kanye West is mad old, the “Blow” remix with Pharrell is ehhh, Let’s just say I prefer the original track.  Never mind the fact that I’ve only watched this videos once as opposed to the original Beyonce album where there was a time you couldn’t walk in my house and those videos not be playing.  The second new track on the album, “Ring Off” throws some shade at Mr Matthew Knowles where Beyonce is basically telling her mom how she now understands why she chose to divorce her dad.  From the sleepless nights, to putting a smile on to save face for the mistreatment from Mr Knowles and now that she went and took her ring off she can get her love back on top.  I like the concept but it’s not something I play on the regular.

FullSizeRender 3

What I’ve been waiting  and most excited for is not an R&B album.  I love me some Nicki Minaj so I was dyyyyinggg for “The PinkPrint” to drop and it finally came out last week.  Since then, I’ve been listening to it non stop.  I don’t even work far from my job but I’ve been putting my headphones in just to get a song or two in.  I see Ms Onika has been getting her vocal skills on since besides her spitting she is definitely letting us know she’s not a one show pony.  “I Lied” is my song!  It’s actually the second track on the album but I usually start my listening from that point.  I just love the beat, her voice, the song is just fire.  I have the Deluxe Version which has 21 tracks on it so once we get to the pop tracks I tune out a bit but all in all I keep playing the same songs over and over like “Want Some More”, “Get on Your Knees” with Arianna Grande, “Feeling Myself” which is like the Flawless remix Part 2 featuring the one and only Queen Bey and “Buy A Heart” featuring Meek Mills.  By the way, why is there two songs with him on the album???  Either way, Nicki did her thang on her third album, I actually like this one better than the second one.  Be sure you cop the PinkPrint if you don’t get it in your stocking this year!

If you missed my last few Music Monday’s be sure to check them out for some ideas on what you may have missed and may need to check out.  Music this year had it’s ups and down but I’m glad it ended the year off strong.  I’m excited to see what music has in store for us in 2015!

Until next time, Stay Blessed Beauties!!!


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  • Deidre Harris McMillan

    Thanks for this Great list you put together. Can’t wait to take a moment and listen to them all!

    • Thanks! Definitely check out at least 1 or 2, there’s a lot of good music out now hard to believe since I was so disappointed in the new music that has been coming out.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks Deidra!

  • RattlesandHeels

    Interesting breakdown! I’ve heard that K. Michelle is actually really talented outside of all of her reality TV antics but I haven’t taken the time to listen to her music. I’m really exited about the new J. Cole album. Can’t wait to hear it!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Yes, I’m sure the J Cole album will be featured in the next Music Monday, I’m dying to hear that one too! K Michelle is the truth, I love both albums, besides all the crazy shenanigans (she’s working on it lol) she’s really talented. You should listen to this album, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed

  • MJ

    So this K Michelle is an actual artist? My gosh. I had no idea. I am really clueless when it comes to new music. Her reputation from what I know isn’t great so wouldn’t have thought good music. Maybe I will take a listen on one of the free sites.
    As for Nicki, I do like her. I see she is cleaning up her image so I can probably dig this album so long as it’s the clean version.
    I feel too old for Omarion and King Bee can only get my coins for a brand new album or a greatest hits. I love her but I’m not a stan so thanks for the heads up.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Nooo don’t say that, K Michelle is recovering from her cray cray lol. Check it out you won’t be disappointed. Now for Nikki with her Anaconda out I don’t know about cleaning up her image but she sure makes some good music and is gorgeous while she does it. I’m waiting on some new Bey music because that more crap wasn’t cutting it for me

  • I need to get The Pink Print soon, Ive been putting it off and I obsessed with K.Michelles cover! Great reviews.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks Nickira! Ain’t her cover everything!!! Loving Nikki’s album, I think it’s her best yet.

  • This was a GREAT review. I definitely will be getting the Pink Print.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thank you!!! I love the Pink Print, it’s on constant rotation for me!

  • Bree L

    I definitely love K. Michelle. That album cover though! Happy holidays! I would love to follow each other #blmgirls


    • Kay’s Ways

      yaassss she did that album cover, I ain’t mad at her at all. I’m gonna check your site out now, definitely down to share the love!

  • I like kmichelle album from 1-8 after that its like ok you just saying the same thing

    • Kay’s Ways

      Nah it grew on me more now, I’m digging the last few songs too now


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