7 albums for 2017 music monday

Music Monday | 7 Albums I’ve Been Listening To So Far For 2017

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a Music Monday post.  What better way to return that a recap of what I’ve been listening to so far for 2017?! So here we have it, Music Monday is in full effect.

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A lot has been going in the music industry these days.  Being a Bronxite, I was #TeamRemyMa, that is until she dropped that second diss track.   I mean we all love Nicki Minaj but after a while that bubble gum pop stuff wasn’t getting any play from me, no matter how much Daejon has a crush on her.  (I’m not even gonna touch on Foxy Brown sticking her nose into it trying to be relevant again).



I’m not here for all that but what I am here for is the collaborative album from Bronx’s own Fat Joe & Remy Ma.  I’ll be honest, I’ve never listened to a full album from neither one of the artists prior to this one but Plata o Plamo definitely knocks hard.  (And yes I was listening to it BEFORE the aforementioned drama).  It’s rare that I’ll listen to an album with minimal skips but I recommend you give this album a full listen to.  Remy is spitting and compliments Joey the Don perfectly!

Key Tracks: Swear To GOd, How Can I Forget, How Long & Money Showers



Mr Classic Man Jidenna himself has finally released his long awaited debut album, The Chief.   Hard to believe that track first hit the streets back in 2015 but Jidenna finally dropping his first solo album is a breath of fresh air.  Dressed in his 3 piece suits with cufflinks, equipped with his cane & grown man swag I hoped Jidenna wasn’t a one hit wonder.

This album was damn sure worth the wait.  I love how he mixes his African roots into popular dance and hip hop style music.  I also love how he not only sings but he spitting a little something something through the entire album.

Key Tracks: Chief Don’t Run, Trampoline, Helicopters, The Let Out & Safari



No matter how much we make fun of not being able to understand some of the words in this new age of Trap Music, I still love to bounce.  A good beat will just do it to you.   Culture from Migos is a prime example of this.

As girls I know we all have our Bad and Boujee moments

(FYI – my girl Ny HATES that they mispell the word LOL.  She says you aren’t really bourgeois if you can’t spell the word correctly)

Migo’s has been out for a while now but this is the first album that I’ve personally been rocking from them and I’m honestly not mad at it.  With features from Gucci Mane & 2 Chainz, it’s definitely listenable (trust me I’ll tune out real quick).  The  beats alone will suck you right in!

Key Tracks: T-Shirt, Get Right Witcha, Slippery, Big on Big, All Ass & Deadz



Just recently in the last week I started listening to Kehlani’s album, SweetSexySavage and I can say I’m digging it.  To me it just seems like Kehlani came out of no where with her single Crzy but apparently she’s been grinding in this music industry for a while now.

Originally Kehlani was part of a group that appeared on America’s Got Talent.  The show’s host Nick Cannon saw potential in her as an artist and helped her get a place to live and studio time.  Since then she’s released a few mixtapes as a solo artist and became a Grammy nominated artist even before her debut album was released earlier this year.

Key Tracks: Distraction, 



Big Sean is one of the nicest lyricist out today and his album I Decided may just prove that.  Granted when I first listened to it, i told babe that I didn’t like the fact that all of the tracks are like the same mid/slow tempo (Hello Migos is on this list so you know I love a good bounce LOL)

Besides that the album is dope, I still find myself going back to listening to it regardless.  Big Sean’s flows but is it award worthy or just something to pass the time by.  I can’t be the judge because I guess I’m still giving him the side eye for acting as a catalyst to break up a marriage so I might be biased.

Key Tracks: Light, Bounce Back, No Favors, Moves, Owe Me, Halfway Off The Balcony



Ever since BET hit us with the best biopic I’ve ever seen with The New Edition story, I’ve been all in my feelings about New Edition.  Yeah you’ll find me bumping “You’re Not My Kind of Girl” or “If It Isn’t Love” going to and from work.  Most recently I’ve been trying to get into the latest release from Bell, Biv, DeVoe entitled Three Stripes.

Seems like BBD is still going for your mental with their single”Run” which gives us Biggie Hypnotize beat.  It’s just what I thought it’d be but for me I feel this album should’ve came out a long time ago.  I mean years ago especially with the collaboration with SWV.  Mike is still over there pimpin’ Boyz II Men by getting them on a track too.  Maybe in like 2000 I would’ve had this album in heavier rotation but I’m still glad to see the guys together, healthy and happy.

Key Tracks: Run, All That There, Finally, One More Try & Incredible



Bruno Mars has definitely solidified his spot in the music game by putting out classic albums since 2010.  His songs are always on heavy rotation on the radio and his third project, 24K Magic is no different.  The title track is my anthem getting me hype for the day as I’m getting ready.

The album only has 9 tracks on it leaving you craving more; it’s definitely one I can play from beginning to end (even though I may skip a track or 2 sometimes).  I’m gonna need to get me some tickets when he comes to NYC later this year because Bruno is a true entertainer; he can play instruments, sing and dance his butt off.  His performance of 24K Magic with the Jabawacki’s, The Grammys or even what he served at the Super Bowl is something I definitely need to see live!

Key Tracks: 24K Magic, That’s What I Like, Versace On The Floor, Calling All My Lovelies

So as you can see I’m a Hip Hop, R&B kinda girl (I mean I’m from the Bronx, of course).  What have you been listening to since the year started?  Give me some ideas of new music to check out down in the comments and as always

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7 albums for 2017 music monday

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