Muji Acrylic Storage Now 15% off

Hey beauties!!!

Really quickly just wanted to share this great deal with you guys.  The Muji Acrylic Storage units are now 15% off on the Muji website.  I’m not sure if the sale is going on in stores but if you’ve been thinking about getting some Muji drawers now is the time!!!  Even though the sale is on from 3/5 – 3/22/2015, grab them while you can because they sell out even when they’re not on sale!!!  No discount code needed just click here to go to the Muji website.

The Muji Acrylic Storage units can be used to store your jewelry, watches, stationary but of course I use it to store my cosmetics and beauty items.  It’s common to see these drawers featured in many beauty vanity organization videos and pictures.

Have you been thinking about purchasing acrylic storage?  If you’re still on the fence about it, check out my Unboxing and SetUp video that I recorded back when I got my second set of the 2 and 5 drawer Muji Acrylic Storage units below.  You’ll see what they how they come packaged and shipped to you, how I set them up and also what size items they can or can not hold.

How do you currently store your beauty items???

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  • Thanks for sharing Kara! I have a few smaller acrylic storage units but I thought about getting something larger to house everything. Then again, I’m trying to downsize so I don’t think that’s a good idea lol.

    • Kay’s Ways

      LOL that’s always the struggle. I said I will not buy anymore storage if it don’t fit I have to make room. that’s why I’m constantly purging stuff out and giving them to friends and family. I can’t fool myself into believing I won’t buy nothing lol

  • MY daughter is about to become a makeup maven so I need all of the ideas I can get! We use a box but I would like tog et her something a little nicer.

    • Kay’s Ways

      There are plenty of companies now who have different designs. I also have a 5 drawer chest that was a little under $200 that I purchase off of ebay. I think I showed it in that video too, it’s huge and handy

  • I could really use something like this for all of my lipsticks. I just end up throwing them in a bag. I need to do better!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Oh yes it’s so good to be organized and able to find that perfect pout you’re looking for. Check out the sale, shoot I wish mine were on sale when I purchased them

  • Caroline Barnes

    I’d love to have my make-up all organized like this. This is a great idea!

    • Kay’s Ways

      It’d be nice to get on sale. As you see I started with 2 and I became addicted lol

  • sweet set up. i have a lot of these types of holders but not one cohesive look. gonna check this out

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thank you, I love how they look, especially filled lol

  • naturalsara

    Nice! Thanks for sharing. I am sure that these will work better than my ol’ caboodles makeup case that is practically falling apart now.

    -Sara @

    • Kay’s Ways

      I still wish I had my purple caboodle from back in the days! I’m talking about the originals lol


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