Mind Right Monday

I came into the New Year with this determination of building my brand and getting Kay’s Ways known out there.  I had my blog planner ready with a running list of topics I’d like to cover from beauty, hair and technology.  I even have my first collaboration scheduled with my blogging bestie Tamika.

Well the first week I came out strong but since then I can’t front, not so much.  Let’s see, new blog posts went up on 1/2, 1/5 and 1/6 then in true Kara fashion I didn’t post on the blog again until the 15th.  And let’s not even talk about the Kay’s Ways YouTube channel.  Man, I put out like three or four videos within the first two weeks of the year.  I still have some to edit but there’s something about having on the same outfit for so many videos that just gets to me.  Maybe it was the glitter on my eyes lol.  (It was hot though if I do say so myself, you can catch the face of the day details over on this post.)

My inconsistency with blogging and vlogging is something I really intend to improve on.  The fact that I work full time (sometimes working 12 hour shifts), a mom to 3 beautiful kids, a supportive fiance (you can even see my procrastination with that, I’ve been engaged for damn near 5 years #dontjudgeme).  Man I tell you I don’t know time just goes so fast.  I swear there’s never enough time in the day for everything.  The key is to make the time, not excuses.

So now it’s time to get my mind right!!!!

Goals for this week:

  1. I’m not one to stress stuff but sometimes life just gets to you.  I know I have to be the strong and positive one in our family so I try to tell everyone #KeepCalm, Mommy’s here!
  2. Stay on top of the housework, I never come into the New Year with a messy house; It’s just something i’ve always believed.  I’ve done a pretty good job at maintaining the cleanliness so far.  (because if I step on one more Lego; shoot them things hurt)
  3. Plan out this week’s posts. (Check, I just did this in between composing this post!!!) Using my blog planner I was able to map out the posts I want to accomplish this week.
  4. Get to drafting those posts
  5. POST!!!  I want to stick with my original blogging goal of having at least 3 posts up per week.  Thankfully this one helps with Monday
  6. At least edit the remaining videos I filmed and determine whether they will make the cut and actually get posted on YouTube.
  7. Do my marathon filming, for me that’s the best way to ensure videos.  I usually film anywhere from 3-5 videos and edit over a course of time to schedule them to go live.

What I’m grateful for:

  1. First and foremost my family.  Everything I do, I definitely do it for them.  I love to enjoy my time with them.   Even though having a 9 year old who always wants something, a 2 year old who should be the poster child for terrible twos and my mean little 1 year old Khloe (she’s cute but mean lol), I often have to remind myself I was a kid once too and this is the norm.  The fact that they’re healthy, playful and smart, I couldn’t be happier.  I’m also grateful for my man who I’ve been with for the last 11 years.  Although we are not officially married (YET!) he is my husband.  We’ve had various ups and downs through the years but there’s no one who I’d rather had experience it with.  Though he’s not always understanding as to why I’m always online (duh my business is online right?!) he is proud of my accomplishments and my number one supporter.
  2. Now as much as I complain about my job, I’m comfortable there.  This October will make 15 years at my place of business and while it can get to you we really do have it kind of easy there.  Hell, I’ve even composed and posted a few blog posts there (shhh don’t tell nobody).  Yeah the phone calls and people asking the same questions over and over again (whoever said there’s no such thing as a stupid question never had to deal with our customers I guess).  Besides that I can choose not to do nothing for a day or two (why you think you always see me on social media all day 😉 but then I know my job so well that i can bust my work out in a matter of hours once I get into that work mindset.
  3. I started a hair journey in September 2012 (click here for the backstory), which babe even doubted the fact that a black girl could have long healthy hair.  I sure showed him!  My texlax methods are the best thing that has happened to my hair so I am definitely grateful I am able to learn what works for my tresses whether it’s products or methods, I have seen lots of improvement with the thickness, length and overall health of my hair.
  4. I’m also grateful for the connections I’ve made now that I’ve decided to take this blogging/ vlogging thing a little more seriously.  I mentioned my blogging bestie Mika, she really is a Godsend.  We text damn near everyday about every damn thang.  We don’t just talk makeup, we talk about life.  It’s great to have someone who understands my perspective in this beauty blogging world.  She’s actually the one who told me to join the BLM girls and for that I am eternally grateful.  I was opened up to this wealth of knowledge and inspiration that shows me my goals are possible if I have the determination to get there.  The lovely ladies who invited me to this link up; Danielle (OKDani.com) and Darrica (DearDarrica.com) are also members of BLM.  I am grateful for this opportunity with #MindRightMonday to not only admit my faults but more importantly work at improving them.

Sharing is Caring!!
  • Holly

    Good luck! Life happens so it is understandable. Congrats to all of your accomplishments as well.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thank you!!! It’s true but I gotta do better.

  • Janeane Davis

    In order for us to achieve what we desire we must work and accept no excuses from ourselves. It is important to remember we must keep our word to ourselves just as we must keep our words to others. I wish you every success with your desire to be consistent and active in what you do.

    • Kay’s Ways

      So true! Thanks for the encouraging words


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