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I know, I know it’s been a minute since I’ve been back to blogging but today I’m here and I’m gonna start off this week with not one but two posts!!!  Y’all know when I go on my little hiatuses I always like to come back fresh into the week so it’s time to get my mind right!

So let’s catch up

In the past few weeks my youngest son, Jreu has turned three years old!  He’s becoming such a big boy (now if we can only get him to poop on the toilet we’d be great!).

Daejon is all geared up and ready to start his first day of Summer Camp.  He’s attended for the last 3 years already so he’s all set and just waiting to go have fun with his friends.  Last night he got his beach towel, swimming trunks and rest of his supplies all packed up.  Not to mention his foot size is officially bigger than mine, and he’s only 9!!!

As for Khloe, you may have seen her featured on my Instagram singing her ABCs (mind you she’s only one).  My little mama is showing me the difference between raising the two boys and having this sweet little singing face who loves to try on new shoes.  Meanwhile, I have to bribe Jreu with playing Disney Infinity games before he’ll sing along with Khloe.


#FamilyMatters | Kay’s Ways

The three of them can be stressful for us at times but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  So for the last few weeks, I’ve been just enjoying time with the family and needless to say the blog has taken a major backseat.

Until now….

Saturday morning, I busted out my planner (which sad to say I haven’t really made use out of in the last month or two) and wrote just brainstormed.  From the topics I want to discuss, to reviews I need to get out as well as some back end things to improve your experience with Kay’s Ways.  I now have my on running to-do list and have my posts scheduled to be drafted and released.

Since I’ve been gone for the last few weeks, I figured I’d give you guys a week filled with content.  As I mentioned, there’s two posts today, of course today’s Mind Right Monday and also a Music Monday (dropping this afternoon stay tuned!!!).  Hey why not throw it all the way back huh, haven’t done one of those since probably the beginning of the year… Time just flies when you’re having fun right?!

What’s to come

We’ll be getting down to business through the week you’ll get to see some hair and beauty products along with swatches and reviews.  Also this week long awaited continuation of the #KaysWays1KGiveaway will be jumping off here on the blog as well.  To get an idea of what we’re celebrating check out the original video announcement here!!  Also be sure to sign up on the right side of your screen to get a notification when all new posts go live!!


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Here’s to back to blogging!  What have you beauties been up to??  I know there’s been many of graduations and other milestones in your lives, let me know down in the comments, I’d love to hear all about it!

Until next time, Stay Blessed Beauties!!!

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