Mind Right Monday

Ok y’all so it’s been a few weeks since my first Mind Right Monday.  Since we’ve moved into the next month of the year I thought I’d come in and update you guys on my progress through the year so far.

Now we all know procrastination sometimes gets the better of me so that’s why I’m here right now at my desk binge writing. I mean I have all these lists and ideas of what I want to do so now the next step is to put my Nike’s on and Just Do It (corny I know lol).


Seriously, there’s so much I want to share so I have vowed tonight to put together a couple of posts that I can either expand on and set to schedule for this upcoming week. Hey when the writing bug bites you take advantage of it!

So let’s see what my goals were for my last Mind Right Monday and if I’ve accomplished them. For the full breakdown check out my first MRM here.

1 – Operation #KeepCalm mommy’s here
For the most part when my kids are up it’s always turn up time in my house. With the little ones running around it’s not always so easy keeping the house in order and our heads not aching. They are a handful but almost always we enjoy watching their interaction and growing up together.


2- Operation can these kids not bring their toys in every room?
I’ve enlisted the kids in helping to collect their toys and put them back where they belong. It never ends up in the right bin of their toy organizer but as long as I’m not stepping on Legos or kicking something when I’m walking I’m good.


3 – Plan, Draft, Post
Well I did keep up with posting, maybe not on a scheduled day in particular but whether it was a YouTube video or a blog post I was active so for me that’s an accomplishment. And here I am tonight (my Saturday night turn up here) creating posts. I am passionate about blogging so I want to be sure I’m putting out the quality content that will make you guy’s want to return to Kay’s Ways and see what’s going on.

FYI. I’m everywhere Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and of course here so be sure you follow me on all accounts because if I’m missing from one, I’m sure I’m on another.

Now for what I’m grateful for:

1 – I’m grateful for my family. I know it’s cliche but they’re always the first thing that come to mind when I think of what to be appreciative of. To have a man that I’ve been with over 10 years now and to see the beautiful family we’ve built together, I truly am amazed. Who wouldv’e known I’d be so domestic lol.


2 – Right now I’m grateful for this little corner of heaven that I’m sitting at my desk/ vanity where all the magic happens. (Would you like a tour???? Click here to my whole setup). When I sit here then it’s going down. I’m way more productive when I’m sitting here just typing away. I may take my laptop to the room with the intention of writing, but what really happens is I lay down and end up getting majorly sidetracked with other sites, social media or just straight passing out with the laptop. Babe works nights so it’s easy for that to happen.

3 – The networking I’ve been doing. From various Facebook groups I’m a member of to making connections on my many social media outlets. Speaking with various brands and companies that I could learn from and explore; this all keep me inspired to keep going. I mentioned my place of business in my last post and I am starting to feel as if I’m outgrowing the position I have held for the last 14 years of my professional career. By networking, I see various different opportunities and I know if I keep at what I’m doing hopefully I won’t be too unhappy in my career for too much longer.

4 – The Kay’s Ways audience. By no means am I a big time blogger or YouTuber but the audience that I have now is the best!!! I love talking to you guys around social media so keep the comments coming, they’re definitely appreciated. All your input and suggestions all play a part in me wanting to continue to put out quality content and knowing what you’d like to see. All the support from my online family means everything to me! If you’re new here be sure to join the family! You see those social icons at the top right of the page?? Click them and be sure to Keep Up With Kay!!!  I have my planner scheduled and there is definitely more fun to come so stay tuned!!!

Until Next time, Stay Blessed Beauties!
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Sharing is Caring!!
  • It feel good when we stay on track with our blogs and such doesn’t it? Great job! I’m also grateful for family, readers aka friends I have met while networking.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks Stacie! Yes the gratification knowing there’s new content out is only something we would understand 😉

  • I feel you on not letting toys take over every room. I’m on a mission to cut down on a bunch of the toy clutter that’s happening around these parts. It’s kind of hard though, but I’m determined to have at least one room that is toy free by summer!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Man I’m so glad my oldest is more into video games, its the little indecisive ones that want a new toy every 6 minutes lol. Good luck on the declutter I know that’s like pulling teeth.

  • Tomes Edition

    I love the direction of your blog. I don’t have kids yet but family is everything.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Hey lady, thank so much. No rush for kids but they’re definitely a blessing.

  • Nadeen

    That is great! Glad you are in a good space and I agree about the networking and conversations in Facebook groups!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thank you!!! The FB love is most definitely a plus

  • Christine St.Vil

    Love it! I was nodding my head when you discussed the house being “turned up” and kids dragging the toys to every room. #MyLife LOL But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Congrats on all the progress you’re making. I’ve learned the importance of celebrating all of the successes, big or small.

    • Kay’s Ways

      You got that right, the turn up is appreciated lol. So true, I’m definitely enjoying all the moments in this journey.

  • Great post Kay! Your family is beautiful! I remember when you first joined BLM and I’m excited to see all the progress you’ve made. Keep it up:)

    • Kay’s Ways

      Awe thanks so much Vee!! I’m just trying to soak all the great knowledge you ladies be sharing.

  • Thanks for linking up with us this week! There’s nothing cliche about being grateful for your family. We all need to appreciate them while we have them 🙂

    • Kay’s Ways

      Most definitely, family always comes first. No problem, love linking up with you ladies. We all need to get our mind right every now and then


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