maraih and tanaka split

Mariah Carey & Bryan Tanaka…. Guess They Don’t Belong Together After All

I hate to say it but I saw this one coming from the beginning.

I ain’t mad at Mariah Carey, why wouldn’t she want a cute little boy toy to get over the news that your ex-husband is having a baby AND the cancellation of your own nuptials?


Alex, I’ll take Rebound for 100

Bryan Tanaka was very convenient seeing how he traveled with Mariah as her back up dancer.  From what I saw in her reality show “Mariah’s World” (I’m a reality TV addict and I had to see what it was about #dontjudgeme), he showed his jealous ways even before they weren’t together.


Mariah Carey & Tanaka


In the episode, her then (BILLIONAIRE) fiancé James Packer came to visit Mariah while on tour, and Tanaka was giving the only side eye to every hug and kiss they made.  Fast forward to their engagement being called off Bryan Tanaka was there to make sure it was his shoulder that she leaned on.


“I KNOW YOU LOVE ME, YOU JUST DON’T TRUST ME” – Mariah Carey ft. YG | I Don’t  [Official Video]


That same jealousy is one of the reasons Mariah and Bryan Tanaka split.  As reported by TMZ, “Our sources say Bryan had unbridled fury over Mariah’s relationship with ex-hubby Nick Cannon. She’s been chummy with him for sure, mostly for the benefit of their twins.”

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon at the Kid's Choice Awards 2017

As co-parents should they not be cordial with one another?  Would Tanaka rather the kids witness arguments and bad talk about Nick?  I for one have always loved how Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey manage to remain friends and raise their children together as a family.  The twins are very lucky!

Tanaka’s jealously reportedly had him do some disrespectful ass things like trying to hit on women right in front of Mariah as a way of payback.  Apparently he also had a thing for Balmain and Gucci; especially when she paid for it.


Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka


I can definitely see how Mariah would grow tired of sponsoring all the lavish trips, jewelry and designer clothes for Mr Tanaka.  Let’s face it, Nick got paper and  did you read when I said BILLIONAIRE fiancé?  Come on now, not saying Bryan’s broke but I’m sure he just couldn’t compete.


I think Mariah needs to take some time, enjoy the single life and be the queen diva mom that she is!  Eventually (hopefully) Mariah will find her another one of them Billionaire’s to match her fly.  Don’t you agree?

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