Makeup Setting Spray Showdown | Too Faced vs Kat Von D

I don’t know about you, but I only like to apply my makeup one time during the day.  I’m not trying to touch up anything other than the lipstick that was probably eaten off.  This is how I became a setting spray junkie!

With the love of both beauty brands involved in today’s battle, Too Faced and Kat Von D and the already established love for setting sprays, I’m giving you the run down on my two latest additions to my setting spray collection.

Are you ready for this Makeup Setting Spray Showdown?

Makeup Setting Spray Showdown | Too Faced vs Kat Von D

Facial Sprays Vs Setting Sprays | There’s a Difference!

Having dry skin, a facial mist can be a good refresher for instant hydration.  They definitely come in handy during the warmer months to help cool down the skin when you feel you’ve been sweating.

Setting sprays can be tricky for those of us with dryer skin because some tend to leave the skin more on the matte side.  They work well to help keep the oils at bay.  Even though you may have dry skin, once the warmer whether hits, some parts of the face do become more oily especially in the t-zone area.

Now I’ve tried sooo many setting sprays in my day.   It’s a major part of my everyday routine as you can see from this stash of facial mists and setting sprays that I have on deck I’m pretty familiar with many of them.

Makeup Setting Spray Collection

The two latest setting sprays that I’ve added come from two very popular brands here in the beauty community, two brands that I love.  Between the Too Faced Hangover 3 in 1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray and Kat Von D’s Lock It Makeup Setting Mist there’s almost a $10 difference in price for their full sized items.

Don’t get both like I did (I mean unless you want to – who am I to judge right?!) but I’m here to help you make a better decision when it comes to spending your coins.  So let’s take a look into the pros and cons of the two makeup setting sprays.



Kat Von D Lock It Makeup Setting Mist

Kat Von D Lock It Makeup Setting Mist

Available at ($14/$26 for 1 oz/ 4oz) &

A refreshing weightless micro-mist that locks in makeup for up to 24 hours


  • Relaxing Cucumber Scents calms you upon spraying
  • Good For All Skin Types
  • Comes in 2 Sizes so you can try it out before you commit
  • Non-drying, comfortable to wear
  • Doesn’t leave you face feeling sticky
  • Vegan, No parabens, sulfates & phthalates


  • Mist is so lightweight so you have to hold the bottle so close to your face in order to apply it
  • Doesn’t live up to what’s expected from Kat Von D’s “lock it” mindet; doesn’t make the makeup transfer proof


Too Faced Hangover 3 in 1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray

Too Faced Hangover 3 in 1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray

Available at, & ($32, 4oz)

Weightless 3 in 1 coconut water infused mist that primes, sets and refreshes makeup while it helps keep skin hydrated.  Helps hydrate and brighten skin, promote skin’s elasticity and tones while smoothing skin.


  • Awesome Coconut smell
  • Infused with coconut water that keeps the skin hydrated
  • In true Too Faced fashion, the packaging is too cute!
  • Long Lasting Formula sets makeup and keeps it in place all day!
  • No parabens


  • The sprayer is kinda hostile.  You have to hold the bottle kind of far away to avoid wet spots and uneven application
  • Works best as a primer because it can leave your skin with a semi-sticky kind of feel
  • Type expensive!

Makeup Setting Spray Showdown | Kat Von D vs Too Faced

Battle of The Makeup Setting Sprays | Who Wins?

The “Lock It” mentality from Kat Von D Beauty is one I have come to love with both Kat Von D foundation and concealer so I was too excited to check out this setting spray.  Unfortunatly, it didn’t live up to the hype as I was hoping.

In fact, to me the KVD Lock It Makeup Setting Mist kind of does nothing.  It could be the soft ass mist that comes out that makes you have to hold the bottle up to your face as if it was like a breath spray.  Yup, really that close.  Granted, Kat Von D advertises the fine mist to give a “higher concentration of micro-droplets to prevent uneven application and wet spots on the face”.

I mean, I get it but come on!  I just don’t find this to go along with anything that locks or sets any of my makeup and the proof is in the amount of transfer I get on my iPhone when I use it.

Now f you’re looking to try something from Kat Von D Beauty I totally recommend the liquid lipsticks as well as the aforementioned Lock It Foundation (remember when I rocked it to IMATS?) and the accompanying concealer from the line.  This Makeup Setting Mist, not so much honestly.

One good thing about the Kat Von D Lock It Makeup Setting Mist though is it comes in a 1 ounce bottle so you can try it before you fully commit to the full sized bottle.

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Kendo - Kat Von D Beauty


So that leaves my favorite of these two setting sprays being the champion of this here battle, the Too Faced Hangover 3 in 1 Replenishing Primer and Setting Spray.  Could that name be any longer though?!  I’ll just be calling it the hangover spray though because I just can’t!

Surprisingly, being the more higher priced item (because y’all already know I love to save a coin, but I sure did get my 5X points from Ulta when purchasing this baby!) I can say this is well worth the coins spent.  Trust me, as I said in the haul, if it didn’t do the damned thang, it was going back!

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Yet, I’m so glad I haven’t had to return it, in fact I’ve been using it EVERY SINGLE DAY since I got it!

You know when you love something you try not to use so much of it?  I mean that and the price combined, I’m not trying to run through this setting spray too quick.  The 3 in 1 properties has you using the spray in multiple steps throughout your makeup application.

I truthfully haven’t really been bothering to prime my face unless I’m trying to hide some pores that day.  The Hangover spray takes care of the primer aspect perfectly because when you spray it on your face, it kind of leaves a tackiness that will grab the makeup you apply on top of it and hold on to it.

While that may be a good trait as a primer, no one really wants to have that sticky feeling while refreshing or setting their makeup.  How I combat that is taking the left over powder that’s on the brush that I’ve applied while doing my makeup and setting the spray and makeup at the same time.  (Hope that makes sense.)

See it in action over on the Kay’s Ways YouTube Channel in my latest Get Ready With Me 95% drugstore makeup | testing out new makeup video!

Lilumia Makeup Brush Cleaning Device

Having dry/combo skin I always appreciate Too Faced infusion on coconut water into their products; one of the many reasons why I live for their Born This Way Foundation.  I even picked up the concealer from the same line along with their newly released Loose Ethereal Setting Powder so be on the lookout for updates on those products as well.

And y’all know I’m a sucker for packaging so Too Faced always comes through on that end.

This Hangover Spray now holds a place in my Top 3 setting sprays, coming in 3rd behind the Skindinavia Makeup Setting Mist & Urban Decay’s All Nighter (who are both made by the same company if you didn’t know).

Do you have a favorite setting spray?  I’d love to hear all about it down in the comments below & of course you can always

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  • Galen Harris

    I have tried the urban Decay I’m not quite sure which one it is but I’m not a fan. Maybe I should try the Too Faced one though. thank you for the review!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Urban Decay has 2 one for dry skin & one for oily skin, I like the All Nighter for my dry skin but this TF has been bae! Thanks for stopping by

  • Court S

    UD All Nighter will always be my number 1! Haven’t found a cheaper alternative that works as well for me. With these though, I’m really surprised the KVD spray didn’t hold up! I feel like most of the other products in this line have really been hits.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Have you tried the Milani one? It’s the truth too and way cheaper than there. I was rooting for KVD girl.

  • I have been using Urban Decay All Nighter since I started wearing makeup heavy (with a stint of using model in a bottle but that’s another story) and once I fell in love with it, I kind of stuck with it. But I swear I didn’t know Too Faced had a Hangover Setting Spray! I love the Hangover primer, but had no clue about the primer & spray combo. Now you make me want to go try it.

    • Kay’s Ways

      All Nighter is bae! Funny enough I never tried the hangover primer but this definitely has me wanting to, thanks for the recommendation Dre

      • You’re welcome, Kay! I think you would really like it!


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