KISS True Volume Lashes & Singles Lash Adhesive

I don’t always rock lashes but when I do, I prefer a pair with a nice thin band that’s flexible enough to stick to the shape of my eyes. One of the reasons why I love lashes from the KISS brand.  I’ve been using KISS lashes for years now so when offered the opportunity to showcase their latest additions to their True Volume line I was definitely all for it!

KISS True volume lashes are made with 100% human hair and have a tapered end technology that allows the lashes to blend seamlessly with your natural lashes.   Even though the KISS True Volume lashes pack on the volume, they are very lightweight & comfortable to wear and come in a variety of styles.  The best part?? The price of course, for only $3.99 you get full beauty on a budget so you can rack up on your favorite KISS lashes at your nearest drugstore.
So far of the two style I was sent, I’ve rocked the Spicy style from KISS  True Volume lashes and I was in love! I’m not the best at application but the flexible band makes it simple enough to employ onto your lash line.   My hooded eyes never let me be great so I usually end up having to trim my lashes to fit.  Another little trick I like to use when applying my lashes, I’ll use my liquid liner to give a guide so I know where I want to apply the lash.  Just like that, lashes will give you a full on glam look.

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I already had the i-Envy by KISS Professional strip lash adhesive but since it’s in the shade Jet Black (and like I said not really the best at applying lashes) I would get some black on my eyes and mess up my whole makeup application trying to put on lashes. But not this time!

KISS has thought of everything with the release of the new single one time use lash adhesives (although I definitely got more than one use with the tube). The glue itself in the tube is white but dries to a clear finish so for the clumpsies like me we no longer have to worry about ruining our eye makeup. Oh and for my fellow contact lens wearers, no worries it’s safe for us to use this adhesive.  It’s super convenient to carry around with you just in case you need a little fixer up later on in the day (great gift to include in for your bride on her wedding day).

Image of Kiss Singles Lash Adhesive

The KISS singles are convenient for makeup artists who must always practice sanitization too! Use one tube and toss the rest so each of your clients will know you care about their health (as you should). Each of your clients can see you pop open a fresh new tube of lash glue, how’s that for service?  For only $3.50 you get a 12 pack so it’ll last you a good amount of times until you need to restock.

No worries about skin sensitivities either since the KISS singles lash adhesive is also hypoallergenic and latex free. It even has the added benefit of Aloe so the lash glue won’t dry out or irritate the area when applied. See didn’t I say KISS thought of everything?

Image of KISS Lashes and Adhesive Glue

KISS offers a wide selection of styles of their lashes from natural to dramatic so their is something for everyone. The price range is super affordable and can be easily attainable at your local drugstores and beauty supply stores. They even have multi packs so you can have your favorite lashes in the stash. From the lashes to the adhesives and applicators, KISS has everything you need to turn your look from drab to fab in no time.

For more information, be sure to check out KISS products:

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  • oh I really like the individual glue bottles, I need to get some and see if they work with my super sensitive to glue skin.

  • I recently went to press event for these and they’re pretty impressive! And you certainly can’t beat the price of KISS lashes 😉

  • Color Me So Crazy

    These are gorgeous! They look so great on you. I usually only wear lashes when I go out since I have super long lashes to begin with but I love the singles for fillers, too!

  • Kylie Wenn

    Wow! Your eye lashes is really long.. gorgeous..

  • Robin Rue

    Your lashes look AWESOME. I have decently long lashes naturally, but sometimes I want ones that really stand out like yours do!

  • Karneisha Cummings

    Those look great on you! I’m not a big lash person, but I’ll keep these in mind the next time I want to get all dolled up!

  • TheNewClassy

    I am going to share this with my daughter. We both love the look of fake lashes.

  • Ursula Ball

    Love your kiss review on these lashes…I am serious considering fake lashes after a bad allergy attack made “crusty buildup” on my eyelids which caused me to loose several lashes! Still do research by reading post like these before I buy!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  • What a great review. I love the look of these lashes. You look amazing!

  • Great review and I also love the look of these lashes ….although fake lashes not my cup of tea.

  • Those are really nice, they definitely create a classy look. These will be great for date nights and girls nights!

  • Tyra

    Wow those lashes look really natural. Most time I see people in fake lashes and they look fake but those look great!

  • Awesome lashes! This is so cool.Looks great on you!

  • Aio Kona

    Great looking lashes! They really look good on you. I love the quality, not like the others that look like spiders on your eyes.

  • Those are great. The lashes still look natural but thicker.

  • Nikki

    I love the lashes it looks really natural and it’s looks easy to apply.

  • Your lashes look so good. I’ve been wanting to try some false eyelashes and you have inspired me.

  • Wow! Super gorgeous eye lashes. They look so natural and so beautiful!

  • Karlyn Flores

    I want this, love the lashes it looks very natural

  • I love the lashes! I love when lashes look natural.

  • Those lashes look great on you. I’m still learning how to put on lashes, but when I get it right I love how long my lashes are. I’ll have to find these the next time I’m out shopping.

  • Oh my goodness, your lashes are ao gorgeous! My daughter would love to have this.

  • Val

    They look so pretty on you! I never learned how to put lashes on, but now I want to!

  • Stephanie Pass

    Watching makeup tutorials has made me so want to try lashes. This looks great and I love how it comes in a pack as single use only.

  • They look really good, I’ve only worn lashes and a few times and it takes something getting used to. I’ve never tried to put them on myself though but they made me feel so fab.

  • Camesha

    Those look gorgeous! I’ve only worn lashes for photo shoots. I could use some in my everyday life. My lashes are like, invisible.

  • I always have a problem with trying to get the lashes on but I also wear glasses. They look so beautiful!

  • Laura

    Love the look of these lashes, I’ve used them myself and they’re great for those that love natural lashes. I haven’t tried the glue yet but its a good idea! xxx

  • Dorota Gornicka

    I rarely use lashes but I’m planning to pick up lashes launched recently by our youtube Fleur 🙂 I like your review and lashes look lush !! Love

  • Chrissy Hme

    I have never put on lashes before but yours look so good, I need to try! I love Kiss products, so these are right up my alley. I will be looking for the Spicy lashes.

  • Jonna

    I’ve been having the individual lashes installed for a few months now by a local lash specialist. I love them! But she’ll be moving away soon so I’ll be back to mascara I guess. I have some lashes by Kiss so I guess I’ll try those too.

  • RattlesandHeels

    I have Never tried lashes but I think I’m going to get them for the Hollidays. I like these they look very pretty on you and not over done.

  • I have never done the lashes, I have an awesome mascara that I love but no lashes yet, maybe it’s time to try?


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