Khloe’s New Hair Regime with Johnson’s No More Tangles

My little Khloe is a true girl, she loves little dolls, trimming her nails and yes even getting her hair done!!!  Her most recent wash day was done using the new Johnson’s No More Tangles products that I was given complimentary from Influenster.  When I tell you this stuff says No More Tangles, it means it.

Khloe has thick hair so her fro is usually hard to detangle.  I started off as normal with her prepoo, the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.  When it was time to wash her hair, I found that after applying the paraben free Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and Conditioner the knots loosened up with just finger combing it.  I still followed up with her little paddle brush to get out any that I may have missed with my hands.  Even though the bottle says the shampoo & conditioner was formulated for thin and straight hair, I had no issues using it in Khloe’s thick and curly hair.  
After bath time her hair was wrapped up to towel dry and when it was time for styling, I went in with the detangling spray.  I have even since used it in between washes as a refresher.  The Johnson’s No More Tangles Detangling spray can be used on both wet and dry hair.  It works great and allows me to brush out her hair without pulling at her hair.  This has truly made my life easier when it’s time to style her hair.  I have implemented this as the “L” in the LOC method (liquid, oil, cream method) that I am currently using for Khloe’s hair. 
Lastly I ended off her wash day (and refresh styling as well) with the Johnson’s No More Tangles Leave in Conditioner.  The cream is very lightweight  and absorbs into her hair without weighing down her little tresses.  Her hair is super manageable, shiny and feels nice and soft.  I was able to do her ponytail with minimal hair coming out the sides as normal.  I won’t say it slicked it back like gel but it was definitely easier to brush up into her style.  The ponytail lasted all day so I was sold!
As a product junkie myself, I am glad to have found a hair system for my little one to enjoy.  It has made caring for her hair more manageable and an enjoyable experience all around.  Her hair stays moisturized for about 2 or 3 days using these products and that’s with her not being braided.  It has cut down the time it takes for me to detangle her hair.  Now Khloe has her own wash day routine!  Thank you to Johnson’s & Influenster for allowing me test out another amazing product!!!  
Johnson’s No More Tangles Shampoo & Conditioner (13oz, retail $3.29)
Johnson’s No More Tangles Leave In Conditioner (5 oz, retail $3.49)
Johnson’s No More Tangles Detngling Spray (10 oz,retail $3.29)
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  • This is helpful. It’s so hard to find ladies who blog about their daughter’s hair care. My sister is looking for some tips, so I’m definitely going to pass this on!


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