Japonesque BB/CC Cream Brush Review

A few months back Ulta had a BOGO free sale (you can see the Ulta haul here) on Japonesque makeup brushes and being the true brush fiend that I am I went and snatched two up. This post in particular is on one of their face brushes, the Japonesque BB/CC Cream brush.  Retailing for 30 bucks, I was interested in seeing what the Japonesque BB/CC Cream Brush would do for my makeup application. I must say I am digging this brush and reach for it quite often when I am doing my face routine.





One of the first things I can say I love about this brush is how it fits in my hands; it feels so comfortable. The brush handle is nice and short making it easy to get buff your cream products into your skin flawlessly. it’s nice and lightweight and feels great in the hands.



The ferrule (the metal area that holds the brush hairs together with the handle) is nice and sturdy and feels like it is made to last. This is one of my big testers to makeup brushes.


The dual length bristles makes it so easy to buff into your skin and ends up leaving a nice luminous finish.  Also cleaning is a breeze with this brush and I love that the product doesn’t sink into the middle of the brush.  To the touch, the combination of the synthetic and natural hairs that make up the Japonesque BB/CC Cream Brush feel super soft. But on the face when using a stifling motion, it doesn’t feel that way. The hairs can be kind of scratchy feeling.


Now granted this is not a stippling brush, so why am I stippling on my products? I’m so accustomed to applying my foundation in that manner. No matter what brush I use I tend to stipple my product on and THEN go in to buff out.  I am never prepared when I feel this on my skin so I tend to stipple very lightly just to distribute the product on my face.


Was it worth my $30?   Not necessarily but nonetheless I am happy that I was able to get it as a BOGO deal. The Japonesque BB/ CC Cream brush is a good quality brush that I believe will last a long time in my collection.  I wouldn’t say it is a must have but if you can get a great deal and love makeup brushes like myself you may want to add this to your collection.  Even if only for the pure beauty of it and the ever so flawless yet dewy finish; it will surely leave you glowing!



Have you tried any of the other Japonesque brushes?  Do you have any recommendations or nah??  Let me know in the comments down below and until next time, Stay Blessed!

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