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It wasn’t too long ago I told y’all you need to sign up for Influenster!  Don’t you want to receive complimentary products to test out?!  If you missed it I’ll put the video down below where I tell YOU, yeah YOU how you can get free stuff from brands you either already love or want to try.  You don’t have to be a vlogger, blogger or even have an Instagram.  Just share wherever you share on Facebook at the water cooler at work whatever.  As long as you leave reviews on Influenster’s website and complete their surveys you will score big with Influenster!

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Not too long after I shared that video I got a survey that made me eligible for the #FierceVoxBox; an assortment where I get some cool goodies that has me so excited! From skincare, hair care, personal care and a nail color from the new Kandie Johnson and Sinful Colors collaboration .  Literally all the things I love besides my family, friends and God in a little package sent straight to my mailbox!

I’m gonna start off with the haircare because y’all know we love hair over here on Kay’s Ways.  I know I’ve been neglecting my hair posts but it’s okay I’m gonna share my Best of 2016 in haircare in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned.

Anyhow, Influenster’s #FierceBox gave us not one but 2 hair samples.  I’ve been dying to test out some of Madam CJ Walker’s hair products. If you didn’t know Madam Walker is the mother of all hair care products.  As the first female millionaire, she paved the way for black women in the beauty industry while getting our coils right!




This Brassica Seed Oil is formulated to add moisture and shine to your hair while keeping it nice, smooth and frizz free.  The box even states you can use it as a prepoo and/or in between washes to refresh your hair.  It’s good for all hair types being made with a special essential oil blend and the Brassica Oleracea Italica (aka Broccoli) Oil.  If you like heat styled hair, Madam CJ Walker’s Brassical Seed Oil is a must try!

I know I will be because I’m legit typing this while I deep conditon.  No lie I was just telling my girl how my heat damage from wearing u part wigs made my curls drop real quick.  Now I KNOW I need to blow dry my hair tomorrow just to test out my new goodies and as a protein based product I’m hoping this will help m hair withstand any issues since I rarely heat style these days .  A full size of it is $26 but you don’t want to weigh your hair down anyway so I’m thinking a little will go a long way.

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Speaking of heat styling, I did not know Shea Moisture has a new line geared just towards that!  The NEW Shea Moisture Argan Oil & Almond Milk with Marshallow Root Extract and Chermoya.  First of all can I tell y’all since J Cole said Almond Milk (Fold Clothes) that’s how I hear it in my mind LOL .

Not for nothing, Influester’s #FierceVoxBox came right on time because I’ve been wanting to straighten my hair to put my Big Chop Hair Clip Ins in so the Shea Moisture samples of their shampoo and blow out creme in this line will definitely come in handy!  Y’all already know Shea Moisture has a line for everything so be on the look out for this line and other products for your specific hair care needs.

I honestly don’t even know what I was most excited about because when going from product to product in this Influenster #FierceVoxbox that’s exactly the word I keep thinking of.  Before blogging I started my journey for the love of beauty over on YouTube so it makes me so happy to see content creators who I’ve watched for years be able to take their brands to the next level by coming out with their own collaborations with other major brands.




Kandee Johnson’s collaboration with Sinful Colors is a reflection of her fun personality with 12 shades of iridescent finishes and some glam with glittah!  Click here to check out the store finders where you can get your hands on them because I know I definitely want more.  Watch her video where she shows you all the colors of the full collection the story behind it then head to your nearest Walgreen’s to pick up a few because these babies are $3 or less!




I’m no stranger to sharing some tidbits of personal hygiene here on the blog, I mean I shared this for Pete’s sake but no worries I’ve been doing my keegals.  As a woman, we all need some pantyliners.  Ain’t nothing worst than it being the last days of Aunt Flow’s visit where you don’t want to where a full maxi pad or tampon but still want protection.  If you know like I know Carefree always comes through for that so getting this 20 pack was definitely a win.  Been hiding under a rock much, no worries learn more here and even get some savings over on Carefree’s website.

Black Radiance Beauty

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Now you’re going to see in my upcoming Skincare Sunday post this weekend, my skin has been suffering from this cold snowy New York weather.  So getting this 3.75 oz travel size of Vaseline was definitely a good look.




I know there’s been lots of controversy of whether or not Vaseline causes cancer but according to dermatogist experts all around (trust me I’ve done my research because I have 3 kids who I love to slather this on but feel free to consult your physician or google yourself away); when it was first made yes it did contain byproduct that did contain hazordous chemicals.  But worry no more, Vaseline is 100% petroleum jelly that will not clog your pores or cause any health concerns.

In fact I’m sure I’ve shared with y’all in previous Skincare Sunday’s that I have eczema but so does my 4 year old son Jreu.  Well Vaseline is backed by the Natural Eczema Association so I love to use this to lock in whatever medication we are using for treatment.  For some reason I swear it seems as if the kids are always ashy so to have this to rub up on them on the go, I am hype!  This will be perfect to turn my my dry liquid lipstick to a comfortable gloss during the day at work too.  Even on the runway the makeup artists are adding Vaseline to the eyelid for that glossy effect.

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Bdellium I AM First Brush Set

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I’ve taken a break on subscription services because it’s very rare that you get a box of items where you are excited to use every product included.  Influenter’s #FierceVoxBox has come through and everything was FREE!  Now y’all see why I said Influenster has hooked me up again?!  Come on now, brands I either already love or have been wanting to get my hands on;  who wouldn’t love this box of goodies?  Want in on the Influenster action?  Sign up HERE today and be sure to follow my social media to stay up to date.

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