IKEA Alex Drawer Dupe from Michael’s??? [+ Video]

When I moved into my first studio apartment, me and my bestie went out to Jersey’s IKEA and furnished it up.  Back then IKEA was more affordable, did the job and looked good doing it.  Well when you end up adding all the stuff you want up in there it adds up really quickly and becomes not so cheap anymore.  So today we’re talking a more affordable option (dare I say a dupe??) for the widely popular in the beauty community IKEA Alex Drawers that 1. you can don’t have to go out of state to get and 2. you can get right from your local Michael’s stores.

Fast forward 15 years (and many apartments) later, me & the family has moved again last year.  I had to get a whole new setup since we no longer had the extra space where I housed my desk area and makeup collection. Bee hated the way I would leave the desk (you know come towards the end of the week you’re makeup area is a mess too!) but then it was easy to just close the door and keep it moving.  Now that my vanity setup is in our bedroom he said he wanted it more aesthetically appealing.

When researching makeup storage and organization videos on YouTube you’re bound to see the well loved IKEA Alex Drawers.   Beauty  gurus who have that all white background with drawers and drawers full of makeup have usually purchased their setup from IKEA.  The Alex drawers have tons of space to organize everything so it’s easy to find and doesn’t clutter your vanity table.  One problem is not everyone has a convenient IKEA location near them and I don’t know if y’all checked their shipping rates but it’s usually more than what the item you are purchasing costs.

Seriously IKEA???


If you’re anything like me you’re down for saving some coins and getting the look for less. I believe Platinum D was the first person who I saw with the IKEA Alex Drawer dupes from Michael’s and I knew those would be a perfect fit for my new vanity setup.  Michael’s either always has a coupon or a good sale going on so I just had to go check them out for myself.  I was able to pull up a 40% off coupon right on my phone from the Michael’s website during the first visit and paid about $35 for each piece.  So I basically got 2 for the price of one set from IKEA which would run you $80.

Even after all the stuff I gave away and donated before moving I still  underestimated how much of a makeup and hair stash I had so we ended up going to pick up the other 2 sets of the Recollections 5 Drawer Letterpress Cube about a week or so later when Michael’s had a 40% off sale (no coupon needed!).  See what I mean you stay saving at Michael’s stores!  That’s where I get my MAMBI Happy Planner stuff too!

The boxes themselves are heavy as hell but I’m glad babe was there with me to help me out (he’s the best, he even paid.  I love me some him!).  Putting them together took about an hour or so a piece (which is why I am glad I purchased the 2 sets at 2 different times actually since I assembled them myself) but once they was up the fun part began; setting everything up to how you want them.

Having proper storage and organization for your makeup and hair collection is soothing.  You know everything is pretty much put away where it belongs and more importantly where you can find it when you want it.  You can check out my 2016 Beauty Room Tour video at the end of this post and get even more tips on saving (I’m talking Dollar Tree savings!!) for your makeup collection’s storage and organization needs.


So is the Recollections 5 Drawer Letterpress Cube an IKEA Alex Drawer dupe???

Not really but close enough.  As you can see the IKEA 5 drawer set has the 3 bottom drawers that are deeper and would hold some of your items standing up.  I can see how that would come in handy especially for the bottles of hair products and things like concealer or foundation that you may want upright to make it easier to get the product out.

The Recollections Letterpress Cube has the option to put on caster wheels so you can roll them around to use where you need it.  That’s pretty cool if you happen to do hair and keep your supplies in there and can have handy next to you when you are services a client.  Now that I think about it same goes for the makeup artists and crafters too.

While the IKEA Alex Drawers are made up of a stronger material (so I’ve heard) as long as you don’t overstuff your drawers on the Michael’s cube with heavy things you will be fine.

So as you can see there are definitely some differences between the IKEA Alex drawers vs the Recollections 5 Drawer Letterpress Cubes.  While I can’t officially call it a dupe it’s pretty darn close, don’t you think???

As promised, here’s my tour of my vanity.  You’ll get tips for even more savings and ideas for your diva space from the Dollar Tree to customize your makeup storage and organization collection to make it your own!!

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