I Been Shoppin’ – The Haul of All Hauls

Hey beauties. I usually don’t post hauls over here on the blog but in my Drunk in Love melody, I been shoppin’, I been shoppin’. With birthday’s and holidays occurring at the end of year my makeup shopping had to come in second place. Anything as long as the kids are happy right? Well now it’s my turn.

This past week I uploaded a 3 part Collective haul over on the Kay’s Ways YouTube channel. Even worst, when I was putting everything away I found another bag from the beauty supply store and even the NYX order that I placed back in December.


NYX Transylvania & Coppanhagen Plus LA Girl Lip Paints

What I failed to mention in the collective haul videos was that I had a few more things on the way. Rather than film a whole new video, I figured I’d give my Kay’s Ways readers a little bonus look into more goodies I’m adding to my collection. Of course, if you’d like to see a future video featuring any of these items let me know and I’d be sure to get them up for you.
Perfume Subscription Service

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me post that Too Faced Cosmetics was having a 20% off sale. What better time to get the Chocolate Bar Palette and a couple of the Melted liquid lipsticks from Too Faced that I have wanted for the longest???

Is this packaging not everything!!!


TooFaced.Com haul The Original Chocolate Bar Palette & Melted Violet & Melted Jelly Donut

Next up I finally placed my first order with ColourPop, a fairly new cosmetic line that has taken over Instagram and YouTube. You know me and my #YTmademedoit moments right? At $5 a pop for each of their lip and eyeshadow products, you can literally go crazy ordering makeup on their site.

My first order from ColourPop consists of 13 lippie stix, which is their version of lipsticks of course. They also have matching lip pencils for all of their lippie stix but I felt I didn’t really need too many more lip pencils at this time. Plus the applicator on these look like I can be pretty precise without needing a liner. I ended up only getting 2 pencils (meant to actually order 3 but in the excitement of completing my order I accidentally order 2 lippie stix in the same color rather than getting the matching lip pencil).  You can see my ColourPop collection swatches here.


ColourPop.com Haul – Lippie Stix & Lippie Pencils

The same week I placed my first purchase through Colourpop I also placed my second order from them. They released the new Super Shock Cheek blush collection. They had me stalking the swatches on their IG and Twitter feeds just making my list up of the ones I wanted. I’m sad to say I don’t have this package to share with you guys yet because here we are 9 days after I placed my order and it still says processing. Needless to say the excitement of it is wearing off but I’m sure that’ll change once they get here.

It had been a good couple of months since I’d filmed a haul because I would pick up things here and there but before I knew it this happened. A 3 part Collective haul, if you missed any of the videos, don’t worry this haul is so epic, I have you covered.

If y’all didn’t know I live for couponing at the drugstores. Between Rite Aid and CVS I rack up with rewards and end up getting a lot of stuff for little to no cost. I haven’t been hard core couponing in a while but I did manage to score some savings in the drugstore with some haircare, skincare and makeup of course.

Every beauty blogger loves a trip to Sephora but I’m sure our pockets don’t. With birthdays and holidays occurring over the last few months, my makeup addiction had to take a back seat. Me stepping foot in Sephora was like my kids running through the aisles in Toys R Us. I went in there intentionally to get the correct shade of the new NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation but ended up coming out with that and a few more treats from Buxom, BeautyBlender, Glamglow and my girl Dee hooked me up with some awesome exclusive samples. This Sephora trip is a must watch if I do say so myself.

Speaking of Sephora just a day or so after I hauled those items, they emailed me to tell me the new Tartiste eyeliner from Tarte was back on stock. Let’s just say I just had to order it since I had intended on picking it up during my trip. The other things in the box were on the list too hehe.


My Latest Sephora.com Haul Tarte Tartiest, Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer, BeautyBlender Minis and a few freebies (Gotta love Sephora!!!)

Now this MAC haul is where I went a little buck nutty. You see what happened was I ran out of some necessities. I’m talking some of my Best of MAC Cosmetics items like Fix + and my MSF Natural in Dark.

And you know how MAC does, enticing us with a new collection every other week. Yup, I fell for the hype because you know I’m a sucker for lippies. Here you’ll see my new goodies from MAC Cosmetics Pencilled In collection featuring the Candy Yum Yum and Heroine lip glasses, lip liners and more!!!

Feel free to watch any (or all) of the other goodies I’ve added into my collection. Be sure to comment either here or on the video if you’ve tried any of these items and if not if you plan on doing so. OF course any swatches and review requests are welcomed, I’d love to know what you’re exited about seeing.

Until next time, Stay Blessed Beauties xoxo

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