How I Bounced Back from My Worst Wash Day Experience

Sorry for the delay ladies, between Thanksgiving and fighting this cold for the last two weeks, (even losing my voice in the process) and then even the kids being sick (this New York weather has been crazy!) it’s finally time that I came back to tell you how I bounced back from my Worst Wash Day Experience ever!!!

When we left off last time, I just basically slapped deep conditioner into dripping wet hair (again Don’t Drink + Style), put my bonnet on and called it a night.  Well you can probably imaging that no deep conditioning was happening since my hair was already full of water, how could it possibly absorb the product I was applying right?  So when I removed the cap to rinse out the conditioner my hair felt like one big ball.

The Nunaat Magic Garlic hair mask conditioner I used would be a good protein conditioner, I could tell that because my hair felt mighty strong and almost stiff .  Even when the water was running through, I didn’t feel like much of anything was coming out.  Another reason that proves the water prevented the conditioner from penetrating the hair but I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to keep a hair mask on my hair that long either, my bad hair.Image of nuNaat Garlic Magic Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask

My hair was tangled and just one; with my hair being so stiff I could barely run my hands through it or maybe I was just scared to because I didn’t want to risk any more shedding.  I was rinsing my hair in the kitchen sink so instead of panicking I went and grabbed the V05 from my prepoo and also the Aussie Moist Instant Conditioner.  I keep this huge bottle of conditioner in my shower because I’ve been using it like every time I wash my hair.

Image of Black Hair Detangling and Moisturizing Conditioners

I’ve told you guys about how I like to use the Aussie Moist products previously in Another Sunday, Another Wash Day and today even more than ever I was happy to have it in my stash.  I ended up standing there working the two conditioners through my hair small section by small section and finger detangling for at least an hour.  I had a lot of single knot strands and tangles that I had to just take my time to remove to eliminate further damage.  The conditioner helped my fingers glide through my hair easily (but definitely carefully because it was feeling brittle from last night’s betrayal).

At 5 months posts, from here normally I protective style wearing my hair in braids underneath some of my units but apparently I’ve been feeling more adventurous lately and rocking my own hair.  Since it was my birthday I wanted some curls so I went ahead and picked up some smaller flexi rods to get them without using heat on my hair.  Be sure to check out my Heatless Curl with Flexi Rods video that will be up this weekend on YouTube.  If you’re not already, subscribe here to be notified when it’s live!

After having such a thorough detangling session I thought styling my hair would be easy, NOT! With me pushing 6 months post relaxer, I had to go through each section yet again just to detangle it during my styling session as well.  A lot of time and patience was most definitely exercised during this wash day.Image of Modified Denman Brush

Now I’m a trooper so I wasn’t giving up on the NuNaat Garlic Magic products just yet.   Since this wash day, I’ve really been enjoying the Nunaat Garlic Magic Leave in Conditioner for both me and Khloe’s hair. This leave in is a creamy lotion type consistency that helps with detangling.  The smell is very nice and clean, almost like a laundry detergent or soap type scent. I went ahead and modified my Denman brush to make it easier to detangle my hair and distribute the product evenly throughout my tresses.  Tomorrow’s post and featured video will speak more on that process (see told you to subscribe ;-))!

After the detangling that has been going on, I see a noticeable difference in the thickness of my hair.  I definitely had to mix up another batch of oils (see that video here) that will help promote healthy hair growth.  Of course my trusty Jamaican Black Castor Oil is one of the main components because I know for sure, that will definitely get my hair back to being full like it used to be.

Since starting my hair journey, I’m always challenging myself to longer relaxer stretches.  I’ve gone from relaxing every 3 months to building myself all the way up to now 6 months.  At this point, I’m not sure if I’m going to stick it out through the Winter without relaxing.   If I do I’ll be going back to braids during the rest of my relaxer stretch.   I can’t front though, there are those days where I’m just like freak that, i’m going to buy a relaxer but I really wanted to see if I could wait til the cold weather is over.

I have washed my hair twice since that disastrous wash day experience; going back to products I already know and love which made for easier wash days (thank you Jesus!).  For now I’ll just take it one wash day at a time. Actually here’s an FYI my most recent wash day was everything!!!  Since I’m being so adventurous with my hair you know I’ll be sharing lots within the upcoming weeks so be sure you’re signed up so you can hear all about it first.  I even gave a look into some products from Alikay Naturals that I picked up for Black Friday here on my Instagram that I’m hopeful is going to make the next phase of my hair journey a little easier.  Stay tuned beauties, it’s gonna be fun!!

What was your worst wash day experience??  How did you rectify it?  Let’s talk about it in the comments and as always…

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  • Nice job bouncing back chica! My worst #washdayexperience involved throwing my wet-undetangled-over a year post-hair into a bun and leaving it there for a week. *Hangs head* Even with patience and A LOT of conditioner, I lost several chunks of hair to tangles.

    But trust and believe that I learned my lesson there!

    Thanks for sharing how you bounced back too chica!

    KLP @


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