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Brows are a big deal; having a nicely groomed eye brow helps to frame the face. Defining the brow can easily make you more presentable.  There are times when brows and moisturizer is all I need for a quick run.  Now I usually have brushes going up on Tuesday but in today’s post I actually wanted to give you beauties some other tools.  This Guide to Eye Brows will provide you with a wide selection of tools you will need to get that brow fleekage you’ve been wanting.

Image of A Guide to eye brows

I believe I’ve shared with you beauties before but I’ll say it again for those who may have missed it.  When I first got into makeup I was obsessed with eye brows – I mean OBSESSED! I wouldn’t even wear makeup but I always wanted to practice on my brows. Over the years, techniques and products have changed but it still remains I love eye brows.

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In the beginning I would only use powder products for my brows.  I went to my local drugstore and purchased the $2 Wet n Wild Beauty Color Icon Eyeliner in Dark Brown along with their brow kit shown below.  I also tried the Milani Brow Fix kit in Medium Brown.  A lot of people also substitute brow powder for a eyeshadow shade that matches their brows.

Image of Eye Brow Kits from the drugstore

Powder Brow Kits

Once I had my technique down, I then moved on to experimenting with different brow products. You can see from my Muji drawer dedicated to brow products that I am clearly obsessed with brows.  Pencils are the easiest to work with for beginners in my opinion.  Brow pencils make it easy to draw the outline you want to make and also fill in the sparse areas you may have in your brow hairs.

Image of Brow Pencil Swatches on Dark Skin MAC NYX Billion Dollar Brows

My Brow Pencil Collection

Yes, I’ve accumulated many of brow pencils across every price range.  Some of my stand out brow pencils are from MAC Cosmetics; Spiked will forever be my holy grail and the Deep Brunette Veluxe Brow Pencil is also a great option and even comes with a spoolie brush at the end that will help you brush the product you apply through your brows for a more natural and even look.  These are along the more higher end of the price spectrum so I decided to look for a more affordable option.

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I believe I’ve found amazing affordable options with some of the latest brow products from NYX Cosmetics. The NYX Micro Brow Pencil and their Eyebrow gel combination (and sometimes even just the eyebrow gel alone) has become my go to products for an everyday brow.  You can see a full tutorial of how I use these products by clicking the photo right underneath this paragraph.

VistaVapors - Affordable Nicotine Flavors

Now when it comes to true fleekage, you’ll see all the makeup artists and beauty gurus who swear by Anastasia Beverly Hills products.  I’ve tried the ABH Brow Wiz pencil but didn’t fall completely into the hype.  I don’t feel like the pencil lasted long enough to justify the cost.

On the other hand we have Anastasia’s Dip Brow Pomade which was an instant hit for me.  The dip brow pomade has a consistency similar to a gel liner, and lasts on the brow all damn day!  I’ve had mine since it was first released back in November of 2013 so that goes to show you a little goes a long way.  And it is important to just use a little for a more natural effect.  I also have a full video; although it’s on the older side of my channel, it still remains one of my most popular videos on the Kay’s Ways channel.  Of course, you can view it below if you’d like to as well.


Time for Clean up

Cleaning the perimeter of your brows is optional but it’s a good step to take if you want to give off the appearance of a freshly sculpted brow.  I only get my brows threaded about once a month or so, if that (y’all know me I’m a DIY-er, I’ll share my latest method of cleaning up my brows soon!).  Using concealer is a great way to make my brows continue to look freshly done so I definitely take the extra step.

My go to concealers for the job?  My MAC Cosmetics Studio Finish concealers in NC45 and NW45 from their Conceal and Correct Palette.  An affordable option to this is a similar palette from NYX Cosmetics but I don’t think this concealer has the lasting power of the protype.  In my opinion for affordability and effectiveness you can get the Ruby Kisses 3D Face Creator cream foundations.  I think you can tell from the pictures. I absolutely lived for these in the beginning of my brow journey.  I prefer cream products for cleaning up the brow area but I am well aware some people will gear more towards a thinner product choice or liquid for their brows.

Image of How I shape my brows

I like to shape my brows with cream concealers

Tip – Use a concealer a shade or two lighter than your skintone for a natural highlight underneath the brow.  If you choose to also clean up the top try to stick to something in your normal shade, some people just use their foundation for an easier blend.

On Fleek All Day

There’s nothing worst that coming home to see half your damn brow done came off at some point during the day.  Then you try to wonder how many people peeped that your brows done smudged clean off your face.  The horror!

Image of Brow Setting Gels

Eye brow Gels

To avoid this from happening you can use an eyebrow setting gel.  The previously mentioned eyebrow gel from NYX Cosmetics is no joke!  For me to be able to use this by itself and still have your brows on fleek all day is truly amazing for it to only run you about $10.  Ulta Beauty is known for having NYX Cosmetics on sale for a BOGO or 40% deal, if you see it, grab it, trust me you’ll love me for it.  I am also a fan of the Anastasia Beverly Hills gel but you only can use a little of the product or your brows will end up crusty and that ain’t cute.  The Billion Dollar Brows one was cool too but also gives that same effect (but I used it up though as you can see).  I’ve also heard of people using plain old clear mascara to get the job done.

Practice and Preference

Of course preference plays a part in what you ultimately end up using for your brows.  It’s up to you to practice your technique with your brows and see what works for you.  Whether you just lightly fill with a pencil or shadows trust me anything you do to your brows will make a noticeable difference in the appearance or your face.  You’ll too see why I became brow obsessed!

Image of brows for your face shape

Please keep in mind, not all brow shapes are for everyone’s face.  The rule goes your brow should begin at the bridge of your nose, your arch should be around mid pupil and the tail end should run diagnally across from your nose if that makes sense.  Here’s a chart to better explain it for you.

Image of how to do your brows

What do you normally use for your brows?  Do you have a holy grail product or are you pretty low maintenance when it comes to your eyebrows?  Let’s talk about it, feel free to comment below or anywhere across social media.  You already know I’m obsessed so I can go on for days on this topic but until next time….

Stay blessed beauties!!!


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