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Last week Apple released the new Apple Music subscription based music streaming service along with an update to iOS 8.4.  Apple is here to compete with Spotify, Tidal and other online music streaming services (which I’ve never personally used either).  And come on it’s supported by my boo Drake, you know I’m here for it!

I think it was wise for them to do it in this manner because for starters, if you have an iPhone device, it’s already on your phone (if you’ve updated) so you’re just ultimately tempted to at least try it.  (Right now they’re offering the first three months of the service for free).  If you’re willing to commit, the subscription will run you either $9.99 a month or $14.99 for iCloud Family Sharing for up to 6 users .  The low cost will open up access to the over 30 million songs from Apple’s music library and let you stream it at your convenience.

Another plus is you get all this music streaming but no commercials!!!  That’s right, there are no ads to interrupt your groove so you’re comfortable enough to ride around with the music bumping and nobody talking through your speakers.



#NowPlaying | Miguel – Wildheart


As any other subscription service, you first start off with a quick survey so they can get a feel for the type of music you like to listen to.  This gives them a way of knowing which selections to offer you to stream on your “For You” page.  My selections are bomb by the way from Lil Wayne and Rihanna, to Kanye West and Whitney Houston.  Apple Music offers all genres and eras of music so everyone should be able to find their favorite tunes.

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The Radio section called “Beats 1” has mixes of stations so you can get a variety of your favorite genres.  Beats 1 showcases live broadcasts from around the world where you can enjoy featured DJs spinning the tracks during a jam session.  Today I actually followed The Pharmacy with Dr. Dre, a weekly show from Dr. Dre.   His first broadcast featured tracks from Nas, Jay-Z, Future and Puff Daddy (did you catch the Bad Boy reunion on the 2015 BET Awards???).  Those few names alone I knew this would be a station I’d want to tune in to.

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You can follow your favorite artists and stations and have playlists there for you to enjoy.  There’s also an option for Apple Music to automatically save some of your favorite artist as well so I was happy to see I was already following Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Drake and more of my faves.

For now Apple Music is only available for those who have iPhone, iPad and iPods running iOS 8.4 (update if needed!) as well as computers running iTunes 12.2 but don’t you worry Android users, Apple Music will be available to you before 2015 is over!!!  Apple Music will also be expanded to the Apple TV devices as well later in the Fall.

Apple Music Devices

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As a iPhone 6 Plus user who did not opt for more memory on their phone, Apple Music is such a blessing because I can remove my own personal playlists and still have access to music that I’d actually want to hear. Like this week, without even purchasing the albums, I’ve been listening to the latest albums like Meek Mill, Dreams Worth More Than Money and Wildheart from Miguel.

Meek Mll - Ambitionz

Meek Mill – DWMTM

Now I’ll have more space on my phone for selfies, screenshots and family photos!  (See the latest family photos in today’s Mind Right Mondays post here)

How do you stream your music?  What tunes are you listening to these days?

Find out more about Apple Music from their website here.

Are you #TeamIphone?  Check out my iPhone videos below.

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  • I’m still trying to feel it out and decide whether or not I like it. I hate the way my music area is now, but I do like the streaming services.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Yeah you have to search to find what you’re looking for but once you do, you’re jamming. Thanks for stopping in & commenting Ashlyn!

  • Albertine

    This sounds fab! I’ve just updated mine and I can’t wait to start using it 🙂

    • Kay’s Ways

      Hope you’re enjoying it! Sorry for the late response smh

  • Josselyne H.

    Thanks for the update. I didnt know what the “hoo-haa” was about. I am an andorid user 🙂

    • Kay’s Ways

      Coming to Android later this year, stay tuned (pun intended lol). sorry for the late response

  • I am so happy for y’all because my friend complains about her space and her music often and I am like what are you talking about lol. I am team android but this is cool the streaming service is sure to be a big hit.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Definitely check it out when it hits Android in the Fall. Sorry for the late response!

  • Holly

    I have heard a lot of different views on apple music. I still haven’t bothered to try it for myself yet. I’m always a fan of not taking space up in my phone. But I prefer to use my iPod as that is what it was intended for. Not sure I wanna pay a monthly fee after the trial.

    • Kay’s Ways

      I’m debating too but I do love not purchasing the latest albums and having access to old school new school and everything in between. Sorry for the late response Holly

  • I’ve been using the free version of Spotify forever, however I have an iPhone and I like the idea of streaming so i can get rid of albums taking up space on my phone. And did you say no commercials, so worth it. I like that there is a family sharing plan too.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Have you updated yet? My late response gave you plenty of time lol. Sorry about that smh

  • I am an avid android user, lol. However, I have always been secretly wishing to be #teamiphone, lol. Shhhh! 😉

    • Kay’s Ways

      I go back and forth myself, I want it all lol. It’s coming to Android too so it’ll be best of both worlds. sorry for my delayed response smh

  • Ursula Ball

    This is great to know about when I finally upgrade my cell phone later…love your latest tech post! 🙂

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

    • Kay’s Ways

      Hey Ursula, are you digging it? Sorry for my delayed response

  • I’m still about that Pandora life (lol), but would strongly consider using this service. I like all of the features it offers – especially no commercials!

    • Kay’s Ways

      I used to live for Pandora but they kill me with “Are you still listening” LOL

  • I’m so old school, I am team android all the way! I’d love to have an iphone though. Maybe one day.

    • Kay’s Ways

      It’s coming to Android too so you’ll have the best of both worlds

  • Very informative. I normally use Spotify for streaming music. The ads can get annoying so the ad-free part of Apple Music is intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kay’s Ways

      No problem. I’m all for ad free too!

  • Camesha

    I’m late. I just jumped on the music streaming wagon. This sounds like a really good service though. No commercials gets my attention.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Right?! That’s definitely one of the strong points

  • I’m pretty devoted to Spotify Premium– I’ve curated a whole bunch of content on the platform over the past few years. However, I’m trying out Apple Music (can’t resist that 3 months free!) but I’m probably not going to switch my allegiances.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Totally understandable since you have your playlists in order already on Spotify but having access to the latest releases are bomb. I’ve never used Spotify is it the same concept?


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