Fighting Stains and Living Life | Mind Right Monday [Giveaway w 3 Winners]

Thanks to Purex & Social Insiders for providing me with a sample of Purex plus Clorox 2 in exchange for a product review.  As always all opinions expressed are 100% my own; we don’t call it Kay’s Ways for nothing!

For the whole month of April I think I put up one blog post and one YouTube video.  Now we all know I struggle with consistency (I’m still working on it but just make sure you’re subscribed to be notified when something new is released!) but only one of each for the entire month that’s really not like me but with good reason.  Yet it’s time to get my mind right y’all and I’m here to tell y’all what I’ve been up to in my absence.  I’m usually pretty private about my life online but in the spirit of Mother’s Day and because it’s Mind Right Monday it is what it is.  And you guys should know by now when I’m gone for some time I always come back bearing gifts so umm yeah, make sure you read the whole post to find out what you could get!

So, What I’ve Been Up To???

For starters, these kids keep me pretty darn busy.  Having a 2 and 3 year old to chase after is no joke; Jreu pretty much entertains himself by running from room to room giving everyone in the house their turn of terror.  He’ll be entering Pre K this September; and he’s ready for it too!  He can’t wait even though I told him he’s gonna have to sit still and actually listen.  Ms Khloe is attached to her momma but independent at the same time.  Having two older brothers, she’s pretty rough but yet still loves being a girl.  From me doing her hair or nails she’s always down for a little pampering then will go smudge the damn polish playing with the boys.  The struggle is real!

Khloe Diva in The Making

Hair Done, Nails Done, Everything Did

peanuts at Texas Roadhouse New Rochelle

At least the peanuts kept them entertained during the wait | Texas Roadhouse

My oldest, Daejon is pretty cool, calm and collected (just like his mom & dad LOL).  He’s the oldest so as I’m typing this he’s a little upset that he has to clean up the room that apparently he didn’t dirty.  The hazard of being the oldest I guess (trust I used to hear it from my older siblings as well).  I’m so proud of him though; he helps out a lot with his brother and sister – reading to them, playing with them, giving them a snack, he takes good care of them and watches out for them as a big brother should.  I can’t believe Daejon is in the double digit age range and will be graduating next month. No more elementary school for him – I’M NOT READY!!!

 Daejon is graduating into junior high school

Middle school already?!?!

Me and babe was actually supposed to go out of town to celebrate our 13 year anniversary but we changed our plans since his mom was sick.  My mother in law’s health hasn’t been the greatest but we’ve been dealing.  Constantly praying and hoping for the best (Prayer warriors if you’re reading send some this way).  It’s the only way I know to deal with things.  As someone who lost their mother at 22 years old who wasn’t ill, it’s hard for me to watch babe suffer with his mom so I’ve been here to be his rock.

It was actually his idea to stop at Dunkin Donuts one day (he lives for Apple Crumb pastry they have) and I couldn’t pass up my French Vanilla Iced Coffee.  What I didn’t expect was this new donut!  Y’all if you make it to DD anytime soon trust me you NEED to try this Blueberry Cobbler Croissant Donut!!!  Hell I may go back tomorrow to get me one myself.  It was seriously that good and actually has real blueberries inside, need I say more?!

Dunkin Donuts Blueberry Cobbler Croissant Donut


And of course I had to squeeze in some time for my love of beauty


The Makeup Light | Lighting on Fleek

Here in NYC it was the season of trade shows.  I was fortunate enough to not only attend IMATS on pro night (peep my haul video HERE) with my girl Dana from DMarieBeauty824 . I also had the opportunity to work with the lovely ladies from LA Splash Cosmetics for the rest of the weekend!  Even got the opportunity to meet the gorgeous Laura G who recently collaborated with them on the Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks.  And  you should already know about my love for liquid lipsticks so of course I picked up a few from the collection!  I had a blast and everyone was so nice, it definitely was an amazing experience.





Just a few weeks later came The Makeup Show and unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the actual show but I did get to go to the Press Preview Event the night before. Just like last year we got a bag of goodies, many of which I will reviewing for you beauties in the upcoming weeks.  Also got to hang out with my girls Lisa of Lisa a La Mode and Brandi aka PrettyPRChick as well as a few other beautiful beauty bloggers.  All this melanin tho!

At The Makeup Show Press Event w/ The Glamorous Gleam & Lisa A La Mode


So what have I been up to?

You know the usual, being a wife, mother, employee, entrepreneur, running errands, grocery shopping.  I even got to test out the new 2016 Madza CX3 for a week (more details coming in a full review next week!).  Oh and how could I forget LAUNDRY!

Stain Fighting with Purex plus Clorox 2


Purex plus Clorox 2 Stain Fighting Detergent

I’m sure you can imagine with a family of 5 the laundry is no joke!  See in NYC a lot of the apartment rentals don’t allow you to have a washing machine in your space so I usually do laundry bi-weekly.  Luckily this time around I was able to try out the new Purex plus Clorox 2 stain fighting detergent.  From paint and markers to pizza and barbecue sauce if it’s around my kids will get it on their clothes (even Daejon!).  There’s been countless times I’ve just tossed an item or cut it up into a rag since it was forever destined to be stained.

purex plus clorox 2 review and giveaway


That’s what I like about the Purex plus Clorox 2, got a stain? No problem, just pretreat the spot with some of the detergent and then throw it in the laundry as normal.  This detergent is built to take on 100 stains including chocolate, tomato sauce (a la that pizza I told y’all about), ice cream, even grass and blood y’all!  You can even use Purex plus Clorox 2 on your whites and it’s also safe for colors taking the guess work out or need for lugging additional supplies to the laundromat (I mean as if laundry for 5 isn’t enough?!).

So Remember Earlier I Said I Have Something For You Too!

Not only was the good people over at Purex kind enough to send me my bottle to try but there’s also 3 coupons for 3 Lucky Winners to ship to beauties so you can pick up your own bottle of Purex plus Clorox 2 for FREE!  That’s right y’all, click the link down below for your chance to win!  I enjoyed my experience with Purex plus Clorox 2 and I hope one of you also get the chance to do so as well!  Got Twitter, then you have even more chances to win so whatcha waitin’ on???

Check out the full details and ENTER HERE a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Ursula Ball

    I hope your Mom is recovering and being on the mend!! My kid just finished 6th grade & will go on to 7th with being on honor roll in his specialize Autism classes!! I can’t wait to give Purex a try with Clorox in it!! 🙂



    • Kay’s Ways

      That’s awesome that he made the honor roll! You must be a proud mom

  • Kemkem

    It sucks to be the oldest kid. Every so often my oldest sister will still smack me in the head and when l ask why, she replies it’s for something that happened like 40 years ago 🙂 . I love anything with Clorox. Awesome for stains 🙂

    • Kay’s Ways

      No the flashback slap LOL
      Yes Clorox always comes through!

  • OhNikka

    I see you had a blast at the makeup show! That looks like a great event! I’ve also used Purex in the past and it took at the stains!!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Oh word? So Purex was always on point, the Clorox 2 is more of an added bonus now.

  • Laurajj

    We have been busy planting our garden and milkweed for the monarchs

    • Kay’s Ways

      Oh wow gardening always seems so peaceful. Thanks for stopping by & sharing!

  • You have your hands full honey-child. Sorry to hear about your Mother-in-law, that can’t be easy. Life can get the best of us sometimes, keep keeping on. I am here for all of this melanin at the Press event. Okay girls!

    • Kay’s Ways

      You already know this journey of life aint easy but we can still be fab while living it 😉

  • Tia Chambers

    Praying for your mother in law. Sounds like you’ve been extremely busy lately.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks so much for your prayers Tia!

  • WOW! You’ve been super busy! Your mother in law will definitely be in my prayers! I love LA Splash and it’s so cool that you got to be a part of their event.


    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks Allison, I appreciate the prayers.
      The ladies were a blast I was happy to be a part of it

  • Tia

    You have had your hands full it seems. Family is first so caring for them is more than an acceptable reason to be a little being in blogging. I’ll pray that you can continue to be a strength for your husband.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Absolutely, gotta do what you gotta do right?! Thanks so much Tia

  • I entered. You have your hands full. I totally understand that not having a washing machine, it suck in these Brooklyn apartments. But anyway I’ll move on from that. Did you have to pretreat the stain or just did a normal wash?

    • Kay’s Ways

      I only pretreat if I know it’s going to be a stubborn stain. It did good on the boys white tees without it which can always be a bit dingy (you know boys smh). Same with the socks

  • JoAnna Niles

    Girl you have been busy! Glad you’re back on board. I hate doing laundry since I don’t have one at home. I can only imagine how it’d be if I had to do it for a full family. >_<

    • Kay’s Ways

      Man the struggle is real and I swear the kids add stuff in the basket that don’t even be dirty sometimes. I’m like really?!

  • That doughnut loos soooo good, and I don’t like anything with filling! Your makeup was so pretty!

  • Hey pretty lady! Swinging by to say what’s up. You all look so pretty on the photos.

  • Holly

    Never used this. You look really pretty.

  • Jonna

    Kudos to you for working IMATS. and that donut looks and sounds amazing!

  • 1froglegs

    Given the time of year, I have been spending a lot of time getting my lawn and gardens ready for summer.

  • Amber Dorsey

    I love IMATS and the Makeup Show! I went years ago in L.A. and scored big time! Love that blue liner on you!!

  • We all struggle with consistency. I’m currently finally blogging again. The struggle is real. It looks like you’ve been doing cool stuff and going to fun events. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your future posts.

  • Crafts onthego

    i am learning to knit.

    – craftyone

  • I have yet to make it to an IMATS but I love The Makeup Show. I loved catching up with your life through this post xo

  • Ali Celestino

    Getting ready for summer and planning Vacation.


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