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Ok so maybe this is not such a throwback but it is Thursday so you see where I’m going with this right?   It was actually only a couple of weeks ago that I was able to #DriveMazda for the week. Initially me and babe was going away to PA to celebrate our anniversary but as I told you guys in the last Mind Right Monday, with my mom in law being ill we figured its best to postpone our trip.

That didn’t stop us from enjoying the 2016 Madza CX-3 Grand Touring AWD so this is one of those rare appearances that he will make on the blog.  Shoot, I already had the days off from work and the kids were in school (or daycare for the little ones) so we was out!  Keep reading for the recap of that time I got to #DriveMazda.

gucci guccissima handbag and mazda cx 3 keyless entry

The first thing I noticed upon delivery of the ride was its gorgeous red exterior. My first car some years back was nicknamed “Red” so this was definitely fitting. If red is not your color no worries because this baby comes in 8 different colors.  Now I’m a simple girl when it comes to cars so all I really need is a sunroof, GPS and bluetooth (to listen to my Beyonce Lemonade through the Tidal app of course). The Mazda CX-3 Grand Touring delivered that and more!



When you start the car’s engine this cute little futuristic screen comes up out the dashboard that displays your speedometer. This is also used for turn by turn directions so you don’t have to turn to the actual navigation display to see where you’re going.

The Mazda CX-3 also alerts you when there’s a car in your blind spot so you don’t change lanes too quickly and have an accident. One thing I will say is all the alerts kind of startled me but I’m sure there’s a way to turn them off. It didn’t bother me enough to try though so don’t quote me on that.



The Bluetooth connectivity through Mazda Connect is awesome! I didn’t have to go through a long drawn out process of entering a pin needed to pair my iPhone to the car. Once you select the Bluetooth settings on the Mazda CX-3, you can literally open up the Bluetooth connections on your phone, select Mazda Connect then you’re good to go. As long as you have the Bluetooth option on your smartphone you should have no issues.  Just in case you do need a little assistance on the matter here’s the full demo from Mazda.

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Even after I left the car and restarted it, my tunes picked up right where I left off. You are also able to use the Bluetooth settings to make and receive phone calls and texts hand free just by using the controls mounted on the steering wheel. No need to be distracted trying to reach for your phone, everything is right in front of you where your focus should be while driving.

The display itself allows the driver to see the rear camera when in reverse. This definitely comes in handy when you’re parking or coming out of a spot in a parking lot. As a matter of fact, those alerts I mentioned earlier? Yeah if there’s a car coming across while you’re trying to reverse you’ll get another one so the Mazda CX-3 definitely has tons of features to ensure your safety. There’s even little yellow indicators that light up on the mirrors of the side where the traffic is coming from so you know where to look out.

When you’re not actually in motion, you also have the ability to use touch screen on the display to make your selections for the Bluetooth, music, navigation or just to change the general settings that the Mazda CX-3 has to offer. There’s also a knob in the center console for whoever’s riding shotgun (in my case, babe helped me out) to change the radio station or whatever. There’s also a slot for your CDs if you still use those but if you’re a millennial like myself you’d much rather your Pandora or mp3s direct from your phone.

Stop & Shop grocery trip #DriveMazda


In the words of Elroy Preston (aka the mechanic on Martin), “the only thing I know is my cars and my music – Don’t you know no good!!”.  

About those tunes though!  The Mazda CX-3 is equipped with a Bose® 7-speaker Sound System that was sweet to ride (and badly sing) to. When I say the music sounded so crisp and clear I almost didn’t mind not getting those Formation tickets but as you can see  we opt for groceries instead.  FYI – If we were going to one of the big box stores the back seats would fold down giving more room for storage, this was just a quick trip to the grocery store.  If you’re a parent you already know the difference between shopping with and without the kids.  Even if you’re not a parent, I’m sure you remember your own parents giving you that pre shopping prep talk not to ask for nothing once you get inside.

ME and babe riding #DriveMazda


There’s a designated spot for you to stash your cell phone in the center console. It’s close enough to allow you to charge your phone during your ride but perfect not to be disturbed by its lit up display if a notification comes through or sliding all around the place.  I did think the cupholders were in a weird spot; right underneath where the phone holder was so if I lifted it up I’d have a long wire stretched across and if not I could only fit one drink comfortably.  Luckily there are also holders in the doors and i believe 2 in the back seat as well.
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As a New Yorker it’s usually hard (and stressful) to find a parking spot but having this nice compact crossover helped me get into spots with ease so that’s definitely a plus in my book.  All in all I enjoyed the time that I was able to #DriveMazda. Even though our anniversary didn’t go as planned I still got to spend some QT with babe and drove a sweet new ride while enjoying it.

Starting at less than $20,000 the Mazda CX-3 Grand Touring AWD is a great option for a mom like myself or a first time driver who puts safety first when selecting a ride. Trust me this baby has tons of features that I’m sure I didn’t even touch on so if you’re into the all the techs and specs be sure to visit Mazda’s website here.

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Shopping for a new ride?  Are you ready to #DriveMazda???

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  • Jenny Austin Finney

    Wow! you did an awesome job of describing every aspect of this Mazda! I love all the new technology that the newer cars have now days. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ursula Ball

    Great review about this mazda care!! 🙂



  • So cute, love the red color. The Mazda CX 3 is the perfect ride to zip around town.

  • Tia @ financiallyfitandfab

    I love there technology in the car especially! Looks like the truck was roomie too!

  • OhNikka

    I loved driving this car for a week too. I didn’t want to give it back! The color is fire!!!

  • Tia

    You made me want to go test drive this vehicle. I am amazed with the trunk space. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Don’t you know no good is so stuck in my head now. lol

  • Kasi Perkins

    Very cute! Looks like a nice car, and very spacious!

  • Such a cute car!!! I am amazed at how much trunk space there is! Wow!

  • Jonna

    Red is my favorite, and this car is super cute. Mazda is definitely killing the car game.


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