Denman Brush | D4 All Black 9 Row Classic Styling Brush [Review + Video]

Hey beauties. it’s time to share another Holy Grail Hair Care item!!!

If you follow any natural or relaxed hair gurus on YouTube, you know the must have brush for your hair is a Denman Brush.  Back in May, I took the almost $15 plunge and invested in what has become a staple product in my hair care regime.  Yup, I got me a Denman Brush and have been loving it!  Even more so now that I was able to customize it to fit my particular hair needs.  (Make sure you stay tuned to the end of the post for the video to see how quick and easy this is to do!)


As a person who normally stretches their relaxers for about 6 months, you can imagine detangling is not always my favorite thing to do.  With that being said, you gotta do what you gotta do right?  Now I’m an advocate for finger detangling most of the time but during styling, it’s easy to run into those tangles that just need a little something other than your hands.

Enter the Denman D4 All Black 9 Row Classic Styling Brush!

Image of Modified Denman Brush for Hair

The Denman Brush has easy to clean rubber padding to prevent static while smoothing and polishing your hair.  It is also ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hands for maximum grip and control.  The rows  of bristles on the Denman brush makes it easy to detangle both wet and dry hair.

It also helps you to make sure you distribute any products you apply onto your hair evenly.  For my curly girls, this brush will also makes those curls pop!  Known for it’s durability, the Denman brush will last you for years to come so I believe it to be a great investment with a retail price of $13.99 (but it’s actually cheaper here in the Kay’s Ways Baes Amazon AStore)!  It’s also available at your nearest Sally’s Beauty stores as well.

I will say with my hair being already 6 months post now, it was getting a little harder for all 9 rows of teeth to glide through my hair.  You can only imagine how thick the middle of my hair was so at one point it seemed my Denman brush was pulling out more hair than anything.  That was until I altered my Denman brush!

Denman brushes are easily customizable, allowing you to modify your denman brush and have it fit your hair needs.  Having 9 rows of bristles was a bit too dense for my hair and I felt like it was taking out too much hair.  Now that I removed 4 rows, my Denman brush is perfect and provides the perfect amount of tension to detangle by 6 month post relaxed hair!  Click the video below to see how quick and easy it was to do!

Do you have a holy grail hair tool that your hair just loves?  Let’s talk about it down in the comments below and as always….

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Sharing is Caring!!
  • Patrice M Foster

    This was a great video that makes sense to me. I taught I was loose hair way too much. Denman brushes customize and modify teach me…I did not know I could modify my brush.

  • I’ve been natural for 10 years and I’ve never owned one. Natural hair fail, in my defense I’ve been at brush length most of the time. I need to order one to manage my daughters hair. I think four rows is perfect.

  • Tyra

    This seems like it would be great for kids with natural hair. Always great to learn about new tools.


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