Deep Conditioning Relaxed Hair | 5 Months Post Texlaxing

It’s no secret having thick textured hair requires moisture.  One way to lock moisture into the hair is to give it a good deep conditioning treatment.  When it comes to deep conditioning relaxed or texlaxed hair, the extra moisture is definitely necessary.   Now I’m not one to keep going in and out of the shower after shampooing then conditioning so deep conditioning after my hair has been in a towel is not really my fortay.  My laziness is why I choose to do my deep conditioning on my dry texlaxed hair.  (What is texlaxed you ask?  Read all about it in the suggested posts down below).  I like for my hair to be saturated by conditioner instead of water anyway so doing it this way makes me feel like my hair is just soaking up the good stuff.

I’ve been trying new deep conditioners lately and nothing has really wowed me.  That is until two weeks ago when I was in the beauty supply store and ran into an update on a classic haircare product.  Queen Helene has released Cholesterol with Argan Oil Hair Conditioning Cream and it is the bomb!!!  I’ve used it two weekends in a row and it has my hair soft, manageable and truly conditioned.

Image of Deep Conditioning DIY on Dry Hair

If you followed my hair journey over on the Kay’s Ways YouTube channel, you know I’m no stranger to mixing up concoctions when it comes to deep conditioning.  Since Queen Helene Cholestorol products is a brand that I can trust, I was comfortable enough just adding oils.  In this case, I used my holy grail hair care oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, 100% Pure Argan Oil and a new oil I’ve been using, Almond Oil that I’ve purchased from Mielle Organics.  I’ve been using this Almond Oil for about a month or so now and I can say I’m really digging how soft it makes my hair so adding it into my deep conditioning mixture was a no brainer.

Image of Deep Conditioning DIY on Black Hair

Before applying my deep conditioning mixture, I went in with my favorite prepoo.  I haven’t really talked about it here on the blog yet, but it’s been featured in plenty of my hair videos over on the YT.  This Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Pimento Hair Growth Oil is the business.  The hair closest to my scalp feel like roots for real, growing in so thick and strong.  When I apply this prepoo oil to my scalp and massage it in, the oil runs down the shaft of my hair just straightening out all that thickness that I’m dealing with.  You’ll get to see exactly what I mean in the deep conditioning demo in the video down below.  The Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Pimento Oil definitely helps to reduce any of the tangles in the roots I used to get.  You can see how thick my hair is in the picture, yeah the fact that you can see none of the nozzle let’s you know this bush is serious in there.  But at 5 months post now, I’m approaching the time to texlax my hair again before the summer kicks in and my hair gets too hot to handle.

Image of Tropic Isle Living Hair Growth Oil for Black Hair


I went in and applied my deep conditioning mixture all throughout my hair using my hands but parting it in between almost as if I was applying a relaxer to it.  I knew I had some things to do around the house so I let my hair sit underneath a plastic cap along with my Thermal Hair Care Hot Head deep conditioning cap for a couple of hours before I rinsed it out and washed my hair in the shower.

(BTW if you was thinking about purchasing your own Hot Head, now’s the time. They are having a Mother’s Day special, 10% of orders now through May 4, 2015.  Check out Thermal Hair Care here)

Image of DIY Deep Conditioner on Black HairAt 5 months post relaxer, my hair is still pretty manageable.  I’m still able to finger detangle for the most part, well except them roots; I told y’all it’s dangerous in there.  It’s only until recently, after that dreaded Winter we had that my ends are feeling dry and needing the extra love of deep conditioning.  Once I relax it next month, I’ll be trimming my hair again to remove alot of this over processed ends that have been growing out.

The pictures from this post were taken last weekend but I loved the outcome of it so I filmed it for the Kay’s Ways YouTube channel this time around.  Feel free to catch my whole Deep Conditioning Relaxed Hair | 5 Months Post Texlax video down below.


The cost of the Queen Helene Cholestorol with Argan Oil Hair Conditioning Cream and the fact that I’m loving these results will have me wanting to deep condition more often, even if only on my dry hair 😉  Besides this deep conditioner, the ones in my stash haven’t really given me life so I’m down for some suggestions.  What’s your favorite deep conditioner?  Let me know in the comment section down below.

Until next time, Stay Blessed Beauties!!!

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  • I keep getting argan oil samples. They just don’t work on my face but I love to use them on the ends of my hair! It really does moisturize well and stops my hair from being static-y!

    • Kay’s Ways

      That’s right, make it work for you. It’s great to use on the ends of your hair, you can try it on your cuticles too, it’s great!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I used to be such a Queen Helene fan back in college. I need to give it a try again. And argan oil (and Indian oil) is a must.

    • Kay’s Ways

      For real, a classic product with even more added benefits?! I was all for it

  • Tomes Edition

    Queen Helene has been a staple product since i started my hhj. 5 months and no stress, that pretty awesome.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thankfully I’m just now starting to feel the pressure because it’s getting wild in there. You’re one of the reasons I even thought about getting Queen Helene again, I just had to try the one with Argan oil

  • Ursula Ball

    When I first started out with deep conditioners, I did used Queen Helene products in the past! I am HIGHLY curious of the “red pimento” oil ( I just thought Pimento salad instantly!) But thanks for sharing your hair tips!!

    • Kay’s Ways

      LOL I know the Red Pimento oil had me feeling some kinda way (hungry lol) too. Funny thing is you can really smell the spice, my man hates it but my hair loves it. Queen Helene is classic

  • Oh wow, I haven’t picked up Queen Helene in years. My mama used to buy it for me and my sister, too. You make me want to grab up some more. And now I have to have that Red Pimento Oil!

    Your hair is so thick and pretty. And I enjoyed watching your video– you’re so thorough and I love hearing you talk!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Awe thanks so much Dre! Doesn’t Queen Helene just bring back the memories of moms telling us to sit still lol? Can’t go wrong with a classic and the product junkie in me just had to try the update version. If you try them let me know how you like them. I’m so happy these products have been agreeing with my hair!

      • I will be sure to, Kay. And I’m glad your products are agreeing with your hair! There is no greater feeling in your HJ than when you find what works and your hair is healthfully reaping the benefits!

  • Laura

    I don’t have relaxed hair but I do love to deep condition my hair, makes my hair so soft as it tends to be quite brittle on the ends xxx

  • Laila

    I have used Queen Helene forever but didn’t know there was one with Aragon Oil! So awesome, have to check that out. I’m looking for new ways to deep condition my hair. It’s gotten so long.

  • I used to love Queen Helene too. It was one of my Mom’s favorites. I love, love JBCO. It’s the bees knees.

  • Thanks for sharing what deep conditioners you use. I’ll have to keep all of these in mind.


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