Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip | Review + Swatches

As you should know by now from the previous posts here and here, I am a HUGE fan of the Colourpop brand, particularly their lip products #LipAddictProblems.  Their Ultra Matte Lip liquid lipsticks are no exception and as you can see below, I have collected quite a few so far.

If you’ve been thinking about picking some up now is the time because they are now back in stock on the Colourpop website (well at least they are right now as I’m typing this).  I got the email earlier today and while I haven’t got around to doing an actual lip swatch video, I figured it’s only right to show y’all these babies just in case you wanted to get your Fabolous on and just throw it in the bag!

Image of Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Swatches of Dark Skin
My Quick review on the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip collection

I freaking love them!!!  Sure there are a few shades that may be hit or miss but for $6 a pop you really can’t go wrong. I’ve has more hits than misses personally and if you’ve been here for a while you may have even seen them featured as some of Kay’s Ways Baes (aka my favorites).

They truly are Ultra Matte as their name states (although the latest shades that were released took a little longer to fully dry & does have a little transfer).  They are long lasting but not uncomfortable feeling.  Most importantly (to me anyway) the colors are opaque and just gorgeous! See me rocking some of them for yourself over on my Instagram feed here, here, here, here and here).  And if you clicked any of those be sure to follow while you’re there!!

If you’re new to Colurpop’s website, be sure to use the code THANKSBABE to get $5 off your purchase and in CP money that’s a free lippie or eyeshadow.  Make sure you check out my previous posts with the swatches from their Super Shock Cheek collection as well as swatches (AND possible dupes) from their Lippie Stix collection as well!

Yes my name is Kara and I’m addicted to Colourpop (trust me after your first order you will be too soon!).

Image of Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Dr M, Kapow, Guess, Bad Habit and Chilli Chili

My Latest Colourpop Haul


Be prepared to practice patience when ordering from Colourpop.  In some of the makeup groups I’m in on Facebook, I’ve heard some people who have waited up to two weeks before they received their orders.  I can say since my last complaint about customer service they’ve stepped their game up and either sent a freebie in the long awaited packages or issued a special coupon channeling their inner Lil Wayne, you know as a Sorry For the Wait peace offering.

Yet that’s not always the case.  Please believe I did the happy dance when I placed my most recent order and got shipment notificiation the very next day.  Just thought I’d throw that out there because I’m one of the impatient ones but keep in mind they’re shipping from Cali (yes they’re made in the USA!!!) plus still a fairly new company (they recently celebrated their one year anniversary).  Whenever they do arrive though, you’ll see they’re well worth the wait!

Image of Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Haul

Have you joined the Colourpop movement???

Yes -What are some of your faves???

No – What are you waiting for??  Visit today!

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  • JoAnna Niles

    Girl I’m waiting for Black Friday, but I want them all. Only have 3. Love the price and quality. Can’t wait to do a swatch video for the ones I have

    • Kay’s Ways

      I had to many for a video, I think my lips would hurt LOL. I’m gonna hit you up maybe we can collab in some way!

      • JoAnna Niles

        Sounds good to me!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I just got my first shadow collection from CP & I was blown away! Haven’t tried any lippies yet but I will. I’m not a matte lover but your swatches are stunning! Great review

    • Kay’s Ways

      Oh my goodness, YASSSS! The only reason I haven’t dived into the shadows is I prefer palettes but I sometimes use the blushes for shadows and they are the business! Thanks so much Allison!

  • Tomes Edition

    I have been seeing this brand alot lately and i think i need to purchase some of those lippies. Great review! Btw does the ultra matte have a scent and if yes what can you describe it as?

    • Kay’s Ways

      Nothing that I’ve noticed but you know I’m gonna smell them when I get home lol

  • Nailmattic

    Kay’s Ways Baes lol that’s too cute, love the post :).

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks my love xoxo!

  • I’ve been seeing this brand EVERYWHERE! Well, accept in stores. I hope to try some out one day.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Kinda glad they’re not in stores, I’d really be in trouble lol

  • I feel like I am the only person who hasn’t used color pop. LAX and Limbo look gorgeous!

    On an unrelated note, I’m hosting a 30 day Beauty blogging challenge in November and I wanted to invite you to participate. All details are on my blog @

    • Kay’s Ways

      Oooh yeah, I’m rocking LAX today! I’ll check it out thanks

  • Jonna

    I’ve been hearing about these lippies a lot recently from a few MUA friends. I might have to get a couple even though I don’t need not one more lipstick!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Who you telling?! But they’re so hard to resist

  • Ask Dr. Renee

    I have never heard of Colourpop!! Sounds like something I need to definitely check out. Great colors!! Lord knows I do not need anymore lipsticks but there are many colors I do not have 🙂

    • Kay’s Ways

      They’re soooo tempting right lol!

  • SOLD! I just ordered 5 of them, now I’m pressed for them to arrive.

    • Kay’s Ways

      I know you gonna love them! Can’t wait to see you rocking them

  • iluv2globetrot

    Nice!I like zipper and Avenue. I need to get some of these in my life.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Oh yes, definitely two of my faves

  • Love the colors especially the first five. I may just have to get colorpopped!

    • Kay’s Ways

      YASSSS! We all need a little colourpop in our lives

  • More Better and Avenue are my style.

    • Kay’s Ways

      More Better is gorgeous!!! Another fave of mine

  • Maria-Isabel

    I have not tried these liquid lippies from CP yet – but I am a big fan of their other products that I have tried! These are gorgeous, need to get some!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Oh yes for sure.

  • Valerie Robinson

    Whew – that swatch looks amazing!!!!!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks, they’re gorgeous

  • Holly

    Cool colors, bad habit and avenue are nice.

    • Kay’s Ways

      The colors are gorgeous right?!

  • Katherine Gilbert

    Sounds like a great product. I may give this company a try.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Affordable & quality! Definitely my type of party lol

  • Tee Joe

    I have heard of The Colourpop brand. Those swatches look really great against your skin. I want to grab a few now.

    • Kay’s Ways

      yes Tee Joe, join the Colourpop cult lol

  • Camesha

    I haven’t tried this brand before. I really like the “Kapow” color! I love a pretty pale shade.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Kapow is actually a gorgeous greige color, I have to wear with a liner but done right, it’s bomb dot com!

  • Ursula Ball

    I have tried the brand (yet…) but I love the colors!! I would chose those colors in formula that is not matte (I got dry skin/lips)!!


    • Kay’s Ways

      Oh you may like the lippie stix then, they’re awesome too!

  • LaQuisha Hall

    Girl, you set me up! I’ve already got my shopping cart stacked, lol!

    • Kay’s Ways

      It’s soooo easy to rack up on the site LOL


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