ColourPop Super Shock Cheek

Ok so I’m kind of late to the ColourPop club.  This company took over YouTube and Instagram sometime last year with a wide variety of lip products (pencils and lippie stix as they call them) that were only $5 each.  By enlisting some of our favorite makeup artists and IG beauties to promote and have products named after them, what makeup lover could resist forever?

The same week I placed my first order for some ColourPop lip products I had been eyeing, was the same week they released the Colour Pop Super Shock Cheek blushes.   This collection debuted 20 shades for us to drool over.  Each blush is priced at $8 and come in a range of finishes from matte to shimmer.  Needless to say my card came out again and placed my second Colour Pop order off their website in a matter of days.

I was a little concerned with the delay in shipping, in total it took about 11 days to be processed and received here in New York from California.  It seems their ordering process was not streamlined because there were plenty of people who placed orders after me but their orders were shipped first.  I’m more of an instant gratification kind of girl so the delay had me ready to cancel the order.

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BUT I’m glad I didn’t.  These blushes are gorgeous.  From these swatches alone I have already picked 4 favorites out of the 8 I purchased that I will be testing out to see the longevity, blend ability and all that other good stuff we look for in a blush.  If you’d like to see how they appear on me, be sure to look out for pics over on my Instagram page as I will be working my way through these blushes on various days.  For now let’s enjoy these swatches, shall we?


ColourPop Super Shock Cheek Blushes (Left to Right: Cheerio, Prenup, Quarters, Swift)


ColourPop Super Shock Cheek Blushes (Left to Right: Homie, Pie, Early Bird, Pegacorn)


Have you tried any items from the ColourPop cosmetics line?  What are your faves?  Let me know down in the comments.

Until Next Time, Stay Blessed Beauties


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  • Seanell Walkes


    • Kay’s Ways

      Oh yeah I can definitely see you rocking that!

  • Laura

    This looks so pretty, such gorgeous colours. I love wearing pink blush! xxx

    • Kay’s Ways

      Oh yes, I can definitely see you working these Laura!

  • Never heard of Colourpop before but I really like how Cheerio and Swift looks! When I read the color Pegacorn it made me laugh. Is that the baby of a Pegasus and Unicorn? Thats what came to my mind haha. XD

    x Carol

    • Kay’s Ways

      LOL a Pegacorn baby, that would be cute! Colourpop has a great selection of products for a great price!

  • naturalsara

    Never tried Colourpop. Your post made me want to check out the line.


    • Kay’s Ways

      They’re definitely worth a try, the price is right!

  • Kasi Perkins

    Those blushes are gorgeous! Can’t wait to hear your reviews on them. Pie and Early Bird stick out the most to me!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Pie is gorgeous, I wore it. Love how they blend with my beauty blender. The consistency is a little weird but they are really pigmented so a little goes a long way.

  • Nancy Laws

    I have never hear about this brand, until today that is!! They look great though #brownbloglove

    • Kay’s Ways

      They’re really nice, especially the price lol!

  • Everyone has been going crazy over these things. I don’t own any but I love how pigmented they are. They remind me of LaFemme Palettes.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Once I knew they were coming out I knew I had to have them!


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