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Image of City Color Perfecting Palette Color Correcting for Hyperpigmentation with Black Women
City Color Cosmetics Perfecting Palette is your answer to conceal and correct any problem areas you may have on your face.  City Color offers 3 color choices to purchase this palette.; light to medium, medium and medium to tan.  Each palette comes with 5 pans of product; 2 concealers and 3 color correctors.

Being a woman with a deeper skin tone, I bought the medium to tan palette.   I knew it would be great to help me correct the areas of discoloration I have as a result of having exczema.  It acts as a neutralizer and allows for an even canvas to apply your powder of foundation over.  The Perfecting Palette retails for $4.99 but if you go to the City Color website, you can sign up to get a discount code to use.  
From Their Website
Our Perfecting Palette provides maximize coverage and a flawless finish. Its enhanced formula allows an easy blendable application with a creamy smooth consistency. Each palette is set with 5 color correcting shades to help conceal and neutralize any facial discoloration or blemishes. Perfect for all skin types.
Paraben Free
Image of City Color Perfecting Palette Color Correcting for Hyperpigmentation with Black Women
As previously mentioned, the palette comes with 2 concealers.  Using the medium to tan palette, I could use to match my tone almost perfectly and the other I could use as a highlight color.  
What I was most excited for was the three color correcting shades in the palette.  Green color correctors reduces redness in the skin.  This is perfect to use to when you have a pimple or blemish that looks irritated and red.  Also people with rosacea and other skin conditions can benefit from this as a relief and make the redness almost unnoticeable.  
Image of City Color Perfecting Palette Color Correcting Swatches on Dark Skin
The yellow corrector is used to cancel out purple and blue tones, so mainly should be used under the eye area where this discoloration would appear.  Yellow brightens so this shade as a corrector helps to neutralize the darkness and prepare for that highlighted effect that everyone wants under the eyes. 
Lastly, the orange corrector can also be used to brighten dark circles under the eye.  It neutralizes dark areas so people with hyper pigmentation and other problem areas can dab this orange corrector on to brighten those areas of darkness.  I personally choose to use the orange corrector to neutralize the area of darkness I have above my mouth as a result of my eczema.  Also with me having allergies, I have this line across my nose so I used this to neutralize that dark line.  You can get a better look of how I use this palette in my demo from my YouTube channel.

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