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Introducing Cocotique | The Beauty Subscription Box for Black Women

The beauty lover in me just loves to try out new products but the way my pockets is set up….. That’s why I like monthly subscription boxes; they give you the opportunity to try out the latest products in the beauty world without breaking the bank.  Enter Cocotique, the latest beauty subscription box I’ve been hearing talks of in the online…

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How My Skin Survived Winter

If you live in NYC like me you know this Winter was brutal!  This cold dry air not only took a toll on my hair but on my skin as well. I normally have dry skin anyhow with only my T zone (mainly my nose area) that may get oily.  Not only that but being that I’m in my early…

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Evian Facial Spray Giveaway!!!

The Wilkes Group is hosting a giveaway!!!  That’s right, one of you beauties can be one of 20 lucky winners of 2- 5 ounce canisters of the Evian facial spray .  I have personally used these sprays and highly recommend the Evian Facial Sprays to carry on the go to refresh your makeup or even hydrate your face when you’re not…

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