Billion Dollar Brows Bestsellers Kit (First Impressions/ Review/ Demo/ + Update)







When I first got into makeup artistry, the first thing I worked hard at was my brows.  So I practiced and practiced until I got to a point where I was comfortable.  Man I don’t go nowhere with my brows now.  I’ve use gels and powders but I tend to reach for pencils the most since they are just easy to draw and go without using extra tools.  Your eyebrows give a frame or shape for your face.  So as important as brows are I was super excited when offered the opportunity to try the new Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit.


Billion Dollar Brows is giving us four of their top selling brow products all in this cute little kit.  If you were to buy each of these pieces individually it would run you $68.  But because Kohl’s and Billion Dollar Brows are so awesome, they are offering it for damn near half price!  

The Kohl’s exclusive Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit is a four piece set.  It includes their:

Universal Brow Pencil
One pencil fits all!  The BDB brown pencil will match any color hair from blonde to brunette.  And to top that, it’s mechanical! Yes, no wasting time looking for a sharpener everyday.

Brow Duo Pencil

While one side of this pencil highlights, the other will conceal.  This duo will allow you sculpt your brows for a more defined look.    


Smudge Brush
This brush will help the products from the duo pencil to blend right in to your skin and be your go to tool to define those brows.


Brow Gel
The BDB brow gel will lock those brows in place and make sure you stay looking fabulous all day long!

Yup, all four of the top selling items from Billion Dollar Brows for only $34.99. It’s like getting 2 products for free!!  The Bestsellers Kit is available now here on the Kohl’s website and will be stocked on Kohl’s shelves within the next few weeks.  With the affordability and quality of this kit I know you’ll be picking one up.  Hell for this price, get two the holidays are coming that way you and your makeup bff can both have Billion Dollar Brows!

The Billion Dollar Brows gives you everything you need to have nice natural brows.  Want to see the Billion Dollar Brows Bestsellers Kit in action?  Be sure to click here to see Kay’s Ways with Billion Dollar Brows!  

Update:  So I made use of these products all last week so of course I had to give you guys an update.  I was drawn more to only using the brow pencil and brow gel.  If you watched the demo you know I recently got threaded so it is not necessary for me to conceal and highlight everyday.  (I’m always pressed for time in the morning anyway!!!)





I like to extend the tail of my brow; yes I’m guilty of the urban brows, but of course do what fits your face shape.   For me, using this pencil to achieve the look I was going for kind of threw my color off.  When looking at them close up, it just didn’t seem to get it dark enough and left like a waxy grey cast.  If you look closely enough in the pictures, you can kind of tell what I mean.  I would say this is geared toward people who are looking for a natural brow and enhancing what brow hairs they already have.  I don’t necessarily see the brow pencil as a great product for someone who doesn’t have a lot of hair on their brows. 

As for the other 3 products in the set, the value that you get by receiving all these products still can’t be beat.  I still think it’s worth a try.  I will definitely be making use of the concealer/ highlighter duo, the smudge brush and the brow gel.   I will probably only be reaching for the Universal Brow Pencil when I am just doing a quick run somewhere but not on a daily basis.   



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  • Great review. My brows are just plain difficult. I had a MUA tell me that the skin on my brows reject color. Go figure. This sounds like something I should try so thanks. Visiting via BLM.

    • Thank you! You can try pencils, gel liners or powders. It’s best to play around with different things and see what works for you.


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