Benefit Ka-Brow Review + Updated Brow Routine Video

If you was here last week for The Finale of my Best in Beauty for 2016 you already know Benefit’s Ka-Brow made the cut.  Once I used this brow product there was no turning back!  For about 3 months straight it was rare that any other item was being used for my brows.  So it’s only right that I give you guys my full review and demo of this golden item.  But first here’s a look at my updated brow routine featuring Benefit Ka-brow.


benefit ka-brow

Benefit Ka-brow $24.00

* Available in 6 shades at Ulta, Sephora, Macy’s  and Benefit’s Website

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Brows are such a personal thing.  In my Brows 101 post, you can see there’s different options for your brows; you can use powder, pencil or gel products.  Some days I’ll go for a more dramatic, sculpted brow but on most days (aka work days) I go for a pretty natural look.  One of the reasons I love the Benefit Ka-brow is that it allows the versatility to achieve both without the need to mix and match products.


benefit ka-brow pomade


Don’t let the 0.1 oz fool you; a little of Benefit Ka-Brow will take you a long way.  The gel cream formula glides smoothly across without skipping and depending on the pressure you apply it can give you that defined look you are going for.

One of my favorite features of the product is that it has a brush built into the cap!  Not just any brush either, it’s like the perfect brush!  You just flip it over and insert it into the handle for a good length and weight to hold in your hand to apply your brows.


ka-brow brush in cap


The brush head on the Benefit Ka-brow is very slim so it gives you the precision you need to shape and fill your brows.  Although I didn’t use the brush in the demo below I wanted to include the photos so you can see how it compares to my favorite brow brush, the MAC 266.

Benefit released a whole brow collection last year but I’ve been so stuck on this product that I still haven’t had a chance to dip into the kit that I purchased during my Fall Beauty haul.  No worries though, that just means more products to try out and more reviews to come in the future.  Be sure to sign up here and stay tuned for more demos & reviews to come!

Benefit Brow Product Review | Ka-Brow

What’s your favorite brow product?  Have you tried any from Benefit Cosmetics?  Let’s talk about it in the comments down below and as always

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