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Bdellium Tools Purple Bambu Precision 17pc. Brush Set with Roll Up Pouch

That moment when two of my favorite things come together…. The color purple + makeup brushes!!!!

When I saw the Bdellium Tools Purple Bambu Precision 17pc. Brush Set with Roll Up Pouch I just knew I had to have it. I’ve been a fan of the makeup brushes from Bdellium Tools since my first visit to IMATS NYC back in 2012 when I picked up some individual brushes from their Yellow Bambu, Pink Bambu and Green Bambu brush lines . Bdellium Tools (pronounced with a silent B so del-lee-um) Purple Bambu Precision 17pc. Brush Set, like the other bambu sets are made of vegan synthetic brushes, ecofriendly bamboo handles and an anodized aluminum ferrule.

Image of Bdellium Tools Purple Makeup Brushes

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The brushes from Bdellium Tools are created with a mixture of super soft natural and synthetics hairs that have yet to shed on me. The quality of the Bdellium Tools brushes are amazing and I can see them being in my collection for years to come. You can see how soft the brushes really are which makes for an enjoyable makeup application experience.

If you’ve seen my last few makeup application demonstration videos, you’ve definitely already seen these brushes in action (missed any? Catch them HERE). As a matter of fact my most recent collaboration video with a fellow YouTuber also includeS me using my the Bdellium Tools Purple Bambu Precision 17pc. Brush Set so be sure to subscribe HERE to be notified when that goes live later on this evening.

You’ll find that with the Bdellium Tools Purple Bambu Precision 17pc. Brush Set you can get many different uses out of a single brush making them so versatile and easy to use in your makeup collection. The additional roll up pouch makes it great for a makeup artist to keep in their kit making it easy to apply eye, face and lip products for their clients and even has space for you to add more of the brushes in your collection. With all the usage I’ve been getting from these brushes, I wanted to give you a full breakdown of how I’ve been using each of these brushes.

Image of Bdellium Tools 17 piece Purple Makeup Brush Set

Source | Bdellium Tools Website

Mixed Powder #975
I love this brush for applying my bronzer, it’s tapered along the sides not rounded like your traditional rounded powder brush. I like the option of adding definition to my face by bronzing on most days when I’m not going for that full on contoured beat.  I have tried to use it as an all over brush but it doesn’t cover enough surface area for me so I definitely prefer it’s tapered edges for bronzing up my face.

Tapered Powder #974
Now I know I just said the other brush was tapered but this one here is more of a tulip shaped brush head. This could also be used to apply contour or bronzer but I’ve actually enjoyed using this brush to dust the powder away after I set my concealer. Either that or to apply my powder highlighter my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and to my chin & forehead areas; basically wherever I’d like to draw light to my face for highlighting.

Slanted Blusher #962
Can’t go wrong with a good blush brush right? I especially like this blush brush because it grabs just enough product to ensure you’re not walking around looking like a clown. When you apply your blush it’s best to build up the pigmentation because you can always add but it’s soooo hard to take away and when you’re rushing in the morning who has time for blending your cheeks for a whole 3 minutes – I know I don’t.  The Slanted Blusher helps you apply the right amount of blush right how you want it.

Duet Fiber Slanted Kabuki #954
Another one of my favorite brushes in the set, this dual fiber brush makes blending your concealer under your eyes and other areas of your face you’d like to conceal super easy. The fact that it’s slanted helps you fit into those areas of your face making concealing a breeze.

Slanted Foundation #948.1
Now normally I am not a fan of these traditional type foundation brushes but with Bdellium Tools making this slanted, I actually reach for this brush for applying a cream contour. The firmness and density of this brush makes it easy to draw a straight line yet It’s thin enough to fit into those hollowed areas along the sides of your nose and under your jawbone to add definition to your face.

Slanted Detailer #939
Now this brush has been my go to brush for blending out my nose contour. Even when I’m not using a cream contour product, I apply my darker contouring or bronzing powder along the sides of my nose using the Slanted Detailer brush. It has the perfect density to make the product show up but still be blended for a more natural looking nose contour.

Concealer #936
Just as it’s titled, I use this brush to apply concealer. You can use it to spot conceal or like me, use with concealer to clean up around your brows to get them all the way on fleek.

Duet Fiber Face Fan #925
2015 definitely was the year for highlighting (or strobing) and this brush came right in handy for the movement. I love to use the Duet Fiber Fan Brush to apply powder highlight products. With this one being so thin, it makes you feel confident that you’re not shining like a disco ball so I like to use it to apply my more potent highlighters like MAC’s Global Glow or Becca Cosmetic’s Champagne Pop.

Image of Bdellium Tools Purple Face Brushes

Tapered Blending #785
I have a few 785s in my collection as I love to use this brush to apply that first transition color all over my eye to prepare it for the eye look I want to create. This brush blends and diffuses the color amazingly and I reach for them quite frequently.

Crease #781
Perfect for defining the crease of your eyes. If you’re like me and have hooded eyelids, this brush makes it easy to place your eyeshadow where you want it to add definition to your eye look.

Shadow #777
Another brush that I have several versions of, the 777 eyeshadow brush helps to pack on your eyelid color to ensure vibrancy and pigmentation.

Duet Fiber Shader #775
This shader brush has two sets of hairs that helps to apply and blend out creamy products. I prefer to use this brush when applying my eyeshadow primer and/or base that gives my powder eyeshadow products something to stick on to and make the eyeshadow look last throughout the day.

Round Dome Blender #767
The roundness of this blending brush fits perfectly into the socket of my outer portion of the eyes. Again, when trying to add definition and smoke out an eye look, this brush helps my hooded lids so much. When working with such small lid space, you require tools such as these to offer that precision you need to tailor a look to your own eye shape.

Liner/Brow #760
I don’t know but I have yet to try this brush out for my brows but I am fond of both the liner brushes in this set. Nice and thin, it provides a precise look for your eyeliner without making it too thick and messy looking.

Pointed Tip Liner #711
It wasn’t until just now that I’m realizing this is a eyeliner brush as well. I have been using this small tipped brush to apply a shimmery pop of color into my inner eye (tear duct area).

Eye Liner #710
This is actually the other eyeliner brush I was referencing when I said above I liked them both. I actually prefer this one over the other as its pointed tip allows you to get really close to the lash line. It also helps me to make a precise winged liner and yall know the deal, When in doubt, Wing it Out!

Bold Lip #542
The Bold Lip can be used to apply your lip color precisely but I’m more of a straight from the tube kinda gal. I do however get use out of this brush by using concealer or foundation to clean up the outer edges of my lips to get that nice crisp defined line around my mouth and clean up any mistakes or bleeding that may occur.

Image of Bdellium Tools Purple Eye Makeup Brushes

The Bdellium Tools 17 piece Precision Purple Bambu Brush Set with Roll Up Pouch has made life with hooded eye lids so much more easier for me.  Having the ability to get a precise application when working in such a small area with quality and affordable tools makes this brush set a necessity in any makeup artist or makeup enthusiasts arsenal.

Image of Bdellium Tools Roll Up Pouch

Only need a few?  These brushes can be purchased individually as well as in the entire set as shown here.  For more information on Bdellium Tools brushes check out their website.  Shop now and get Free Shipping with any orders $20 and over.

Have you tried any brushes Bdellium Tools?  Let chat about it in the comments and as always…


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  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Thank you for the detailed review and description of each brush. I’ve heard such great things from everyone who first got introduced to the Bdellium brushes at the makeup shows. I need to try them one of these days, and I’ll come back and refer to your descriptions

    • Kay’s Ways

      Awe thanks Allison, appreciate that. Definitely check them out if you get a chance to catch them at the shows, one touch you’ll be hooked

  • Laura

    What a fabulous review, I love how much detail you went into, very helpful. I have to say that these are some of the most beautiful brushes I’ve ever seen! xxx

    • Kay’s Ways

      The color got me immediately. I hate for them to even be dirty lol

  • I LOVE the Bdellium brushes – I first discovered them at our IMATS a few years back and they are STILL some of my favourite brushes. Fabulous review!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Right?! Once I saw their booth and felt the Bdellium brushes I scooped up a few and been hooked since

  • I haven’t tried Bdellium brushes but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them! Add the fact that these are purple, and they sounds absolutely perfect 😉

    • Kay’s Ways

      Isn’t that just a fabulous combination!

  • Ursula Ball

    I enjoyed your review on these brushes and I can relate to getting something that has your favorite color!


    • Kay’s Ways

      Girl I saw these and was like what?!?! Thanks so much for your support Ursula!

  • I haven’t tried the Bdellium brand before, but it sounds like these brushes are awesome. Plus, I love that they come with a roll up pouch. This is so much better than one of those makeup purses where your brushes get all mixed up.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Yes! For real I love the roll up pouch, keeps the dust away and you know you’re set is clean and ready to go.


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