ASUS Chi T300 Review (w/ Blog Exclusive Unboxing Video)

We was going to buy our oldest son Daejon a laptop this past Christmas but after the Xbox One and all the other goodies we got for the kids over the holidays it just wasn’t in the stars for him.  He’s 9 now so the 4th grade schoolwork is more intense and he’d have do some online research or type up some documents.  So when offered the chance to review the new ASUS Chi T300 2 in 1 computer I was sure all there for it!!!


ASUS Chi T300 | It’s Easy to Get Attached


The ASUS Chi T300 is one of the thinnest computer devices on the market right now making it super portable for you to take on the go with you.  I can so see this laptop going on the road with us and keeping the kids occupied and distracted from the fast food restaurants on every 5 blocks.  The battery lasts for about 8 hours so it doesn’t have you confined to an outlet, so you can rest assured the computer will last through most of your trips.

You can feel secure transporting your device whether as just the tablet or the with the keyboard dock that makes it into a full computer system for all your needs.  The hinges that connect the tablet portion to the rest of the system is very sturdy so no need to worry if it’s going to detach and drop on you or even feel wobbly as your carry it.


Fully Customizable Vibrant Start Menu | ASUS Chi T300



I was quite surprised at how bright the screen was giving crystal clear resolution making for enjoyable viewing of videos and images.  You know I’m a YouTube girl (oh you didn’t know, check out my channel here!) so it was a must for me to put that to the test.  The ASUS Chi T300 has 4x HD resolution so everything just looks so realistic on screen.  The kids will sure love to view their videos and play their game applications on this gorgeous screen.  Even babe was loving the clarity while he was watching some movies.

And wait, while we’re talking about the screen can I say this 12.5 ” screen will be great for all 3 kids to view altogether without somebody trying to push the others head out the way.  The huge screen makes the Facebook and Pinterest applications look absolutely amazing!!!  Since Daejon’s Xbox One is also Microsoft affiliated, I know he’ll have a ball being able to sync his gaming info on the device and I’m sure everything will look so cool while doing it.


If you’re looking to use the ASUS T300 for business on go, you can definitely get the job done on this device.  The fact that it can be used as a tablet or a full on computer is perfect for creating documents, to do lists and blog posts on the go.  You can even purchase an additional stylist that would help your navigation even easier.  I personally like to use the ASUS Chi T3oo connected to its dock,  the touch screen and full sized keyboard being used simultaneously makes exploration online effortless.


Easy On Screen Set-Up | ASUS Chi T300



Now when it’s time to really get down to business, the ASUS T300 allows up to 4 applications to run on screen at the same time.  In one you can have your calendar open to schedule your meetings, then in the next reviewing your important documents, reading your favorite news site then have a little fun with social media on the side.  With the Intel Core M processor, speed is not an issue and you can bounce back and forth between your apps with a swipe of the screen.

I love how you can completely customize your start up area.  I even made columns of Social Media apps (of course), and my frequently visited websites.  Downloading applications was really quick and the Microsoft stores has plenty to offer.  I’ll definitely be setting up some areas for the kids on the Start screen for their games and educational apps, better yet they can each have their own section!

As I always say with all good must come some bad

Now I just raved about all the good things so y’all know this is a Kay’s Ways review and I keep it all the way 100.  Here’s the cons I encountered during my week of using the ASUS Chi T300

1 – The sound isn’t loud enough for me.  I have 3 kids so that alone will kill your whole vibe when you’re trying to hear something.  Not to mention the background noise of televisions and stuff in the house, even when turned all the way at its loudest it was hard to hear what was going on onscreen.  I usually only use my headphones when I’m talking on the phone so that was different for me.  Good thing there’s an audio jack port that allowed me to hear what I needed to.

2 – For some reason I had to pair the keyboard dock to the tablet on more than one occasion throughout the week.  I would have to remove the device through the Bluetooth connection then re-pair the device using a numeral code on the keyboard.  I believe there should be a way for the keyboard to recognize that this is my dock and automatically connect.

3- It doesn’t have a camera on the back.  I was walking around using the T300 with just the tablet portion.  As a blogger I’m always taking pictures on the go so thought I’d do one for a post I was working on earlier in the week only to be disappointed I couldn’t take the picture with that device.  It does have a 2 MP camera for your  business Skype sessions though.

4 – It did freeze up on me just yesterday but doesn’t all computers do that at some point???  I’m sure I had like 12 internet tabs open and a few applications running in the background.  At some point the computer is going to be like what do you want me to do here?


Sleek Packaging | ASUS Chi T300

Now we all know I’m a sucker for good packaging!!!!  I definitely appreciated the packaging of the device which you can check out in this quick blog exclusive unboxing video (well exclusive until I make live on YouTube for Techie Tuesday).  The design of the computer itself is very sleek since it’s so thin.  Out the box the Asus T300 provided easy on screen setup that walked you through making your language, wireless connectivity and Microsoft email account (I have a Hotmail account so after verification I was right in).  Even with 128GB of internal storage AsusWeb offers an additional 100GB of online storage for free!  No need to worry about running out of space for your most important files.


The performance and mobility of the Asus T300 is a welcome addition to our household.  Although I’m a Apple girl (mainly because all my blogging devices sync up to my phone which I always have with me) it’s good to have a Windows device in the home again.  I’ve always been a tech geek so it’s cool seeing the new features available in the latest 8.0 version.    With Bluetooth connectivity, micro USB, micro HDMI and micro SD along with all the other bomb dot com features I told you about earlier I can sure see myself having my share of fun on the Asus Chi T300 and I know the rest of our family will enjoy it too.

Are you looking for a new computer???

The Asus Chi T300 retails for $699.  For more information be sure to visit their website here!


Transforms to fit your needs | ASUS Chi T300

I participated in the ASUS campaign as a member of bLink Marketing Network. I was provided a free computer from ASUS to review but all opinions are my own.

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  • My son is also headed to the 4th grade and I am in search of a great computer option for him, as I’m tired of sharing mine.

    I’ve been eyeing this and thank you for your honesty, the pros certainly seem to outweigh the cons when it comes to our needs. I suppose if I purchase one it will be mine and he will get my old laptop!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Absolutely, those cons were not deal breakers at all, I’m loving its features. I was actually thinking of giving my son my Macbook Air to get a pro so glad that money can go to somewhere else, like a new pair of glasses for him or something.
      Thanks for reading/commenting Mimi!

  • Ursula Ball

    Love your Tech review and my son is going to middle school in the Fall (mommy moment cause he completed it despite living with Autism) !! Nice to know in the future! 🙂

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

    • Kay’s Ways

      That’s beautiful Ursula, best of success for your son’s future!

  • Priyanka

    Thanks for your in depth review! I’m actually in the market for a new computer since I wanted something lighter to take to class and travel! I will definitely keep this one in mind!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Oh yeah Priyanka, this is a perfect laptop for on the go!

  • Christine St.Vil

    Thanks for sharing this detailed review. Hubby and I were looking for laptop/tablets for each of the kiddos because we homeschool and a lot of their curriculum is online. I’ll have to take a closer look at this one.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Hey Christine! The ASUS is perfect for those online projects and workflow.


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