Another Sunday, Another Wash Day

I’m known for rocking my units and keeping my braids in for about 3 weeks at a time but lately it seems I’ve been washing my hair way more often.  Lately I’ve started to wash my hair at least once every two weeks if not more.  I don’t always share my wash day shenanigans with you guys because sometimes wash day can turn into wash weekend with me prepooing on Friday, washing, deep conditioning and air drying on Saturday then finally detangling and styling on the Sunday.  Today I actually accomplished the majority of my regime in one day so I figured it was about time I broke it down here on the blog.

Image of Relaxed Texlaxed Hair Wash Day

The Prepoo

Sometimes I allow the prepoo to stay in overnight but today it was more like 4 or 5 hours while I did some cleaning and stuff around the house.  Prepooing prepares your hair for the shampooing process so your hair isn’t totally dried out with washing.  You can use conditioners or oils to do your prepoo.  I usually do both.

For starters I use the Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Growth Oil, which is a product made just for prepooing.  It contains one of my favorite oils Jamaican Black Castor Oil which is originally what I used to prepoo with.  It’s great to have this product with added benefits thats made especially for this step in my wash day process.  I’m so happy to have won this product in a testimonial contest from Tropic Isle Living.   (To see the other products I won from Tropic Isle check out my video here of me putting their products to the test here.)

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After applying the Red Pimento Oil only to my scalp using the handy nozzle applicator it has I then add my Pura d’or conditioner that I reviewed for you guys a couple of weeks back.  I truly believe that using this product in conjunction with my ApHogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor has reduced the shedding I was experiencing in my hair tremendously.  I ditched the shampoo (since it dried my hair out) for now and found a way to incorporate this conditioner into my regime.

I always add some kind of oil on top of the conditioner just to lock the moisture a bit more.  Since I’m all out of my extra virgin coconut oil I’ve been using Argan Oil as a substitute.  I am not too strict about which oil I use as it varies from Jamaican Black Castor Oil (usually only if I am doing a clarifying shampoo since it is so thick).  In the recent video I posted over on the Kay’s Ways YouTube channel I even used my African Pride growth oil.  To see my prepoo process in action feel free to check out that video here.

For the last 3 washes I have done this prepoo process and even added heat using my HotHead, a microwavable conditioning cap that allows the product to penetrate my hair even more.  I’ll have more to come about the Hot Head in an upcoming post.

Image of Thermal Hair Care Hot Head Conditioning Cap

Prepooing under my Hot Head

The Wash

Now when it comes to shampooing my hair, you may already know I consider the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner to be my go to shampoo.  Today, I chose to use another shampoo that my hair really likes, the Creme of Nature with Argan Oil from Morocco Sulfate Free Moisture & Shine Shampoo.  I like this shampoo because it is really moisturizing.  You know me, I can’t stand to have a shampoo remove all the oils from my hair because I have to do that much more work to get that moisture back into my hair.  Using the Creme of Nature shampoo left me with no worries there.  It gently cleanses the hair without stripping it from its natural oils.

Perfume Subscription Service

Since my last texlax was back in November, you can imagine I am dealing with a lot of new growth and a few different textures of hair may I add.  With my hair being so thick I choose to wash my hair in two different sections.  I forgot to mention for the prepoo as well, I usually just split my hair down the center and deal with the left and right side separately,  Just makes for easier detangling and product application.


Image of how to wash hair

I wash one side of my hair then apply another one of my Holy Grail Hair Care products, the ApHogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor then go on to wash the other side of my hair.  This helps me let the time pass by while ApHogee light protein treatment is working its magic in my hair.  After I rinse that out I go in with my conditioner of choice.  Today I used two actually and they’re both from the same company Aussie.

I like to use the Aussie moist line, it definitely adds the moisture back into your hair.  After rinsing my light protein treatment I went in with the Aussie Moist instant conditioner and began to finger detangle under water with my hair still in the 2 sections.  To finish up I held my head back in the shower and made it one whole section again then applied the 3 Minute Miracle Moist conditioner which they classify as a deeeeeeeeeep conditioning.  I used it because I knew it was late and wasn’t going to follow up with a deep conditioning treatment this time around.

I swear when I look at the ingredients of the two Aussie conditioners I only found one difference, that the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist conditioner had one added component but I could be wrong.  I’ll look further into that and be back with a more in depth review on that conditioner but it a nutshell it is absolutely amazing.  My hair always feels so moisturized and refreshed after using it and this wash was no different.

Right now my hair is up in a t shirt drying as usual; I hardly ever blow dry my hair and if I do it’s on cool.  I have no idea what I am going to do with my hair in the morning because if you saw my protective styling post, my styles are super limited since I’m used to braiding it up, putting it away and rocking a unit on top.  I actually washed one of my units earlier today too, I’m just too lazy to actually braid my hair and sewing it on since it’s only a u-part unit.  More than likely that means I’ll be doing a co-wash by mid week and following up with the deep conditioner that I missed this time around.

Let’s see what this week has in store for my hair, although I may not write about it all the time a lot of you comment over on Instagram about how often I change my hair up so if you aren’t already be sure to check me out over there and join the conversation!  I love engaging with you beauties!!!

What’s your wash day routine?  I’d love to hear your regime and some of your Holy Grail Hair Care Products as well because you know the product junkie in me just loves to try new hair care products!

Until next time, Stay Blessed Beauties!!!

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  • S.O.S Hair

    Your hair’s thickness is to DIE for! I adore pre-pooing/deep conditioning over night too!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Awe thanks lady, I appreciate you for having the link up available. Love reading everyone’s hair stories

  • I wish I could get away with washing my hair less but it’s so fine it gets greasy easily. The most I can get out of it is two days. 🙁 I love that Aussie conditioner, especially in the winter when my ends get dry. It works really well and it smells amazing!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Ohh the Pura d’or shampoo I posted about previously may work great for you then. Aussie conditioners are bomb right!!

  • Starkey

    I’ve never tried prepooing, but it is something that I definitely need to try. I’m always looking for new ways to keep my hair hydrated. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Yes you know how badly our hair requires moisture, You should try it!

  • I love the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle! Right now my go-to deep conditioner is the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque, it smells really good and it hydrates so nicely!

    • Kay’s Ways

      OMG I want to try that masque but it’s pretty pricey. I heard Target sells it at a reasonable price. Next time I’m in there I’ll check it out

  • I never tried any Aussie products, I def will check them out! I want to find the perfect mask for my hair but the one I’m currently using and liking is by Beauty Protector!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Never heard of that company. Aussie products are great and very resonably priced so it’s win win

  • Thanks for sharing. I’ve never tried nor heard of the brand Creme of Nature, I’ll have to look into the brand to see if I want anything. Thanks for sharing <3

    xo Brigette from

    • Kay’s Ways

      Creme of Nature has some great moisturizing products that’ll keep your hair healthy and shiny. Let me know if you check anything out from them

  • Joyce Brewer

    I’ve been using Creme of Nature moisturizing shampoos since I was in junior high school.

    • Kay’s Ways

      Yes me and CON go way back too lol.

  • I’ve never tried pre-pooing or any variation on the no-poo method before! I usually can’t go more than two days without washing my hair, but I don’t think I’d have the patience to do anything but wash and condition it anyways. Thank you for showing us your washing routine! It was so interesting!

    • Kay’s Ways

      Jelly of you and your manageable hair lol. It’s a lot of work but I’m happy its healthy! thanks for stopping in Sammi!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I admire you, Kay, for pre-pooing. I try to remember to put Darshana Indian oil on a half hour before washing, but I never remember. I have no patience! And I often use deep conditioner in the shower and leave it on for 5 minutes while I shave my legs etc. I try to wash my color treated hair every 3-5 days, but in summer when I jog outdoors in the heat, I have to do it more often and I don’t go through all the steps though I should

    • Kay’s Ways

      Thanks Allison! Oh yeah color treated hair needs some special attention. Try to add your oils on a day when you’ll be around the house and can just keep it in for a while. Even if you do it once a month I’m sure your hair will love you for it!

  • jasmine

    I really want to try Aussie, I never have! The minute miracle sounds good x

    Jasmine ||

  • Great post! I usually pre-poo for about an hour. One of these days I’m going to try doing it overnight. Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience.

  • Great post! I don’t have any particular hair rutine, mostly because my hair after a month of using the same shampoo get used to it and it doesn’t do anything for me anymore so I have to change it =/
    xoxo, Nyx
    Nyx’s beauty blog


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